Survival Ball is one of three special games in Survival Mode of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It is playable with up to four players and are always played with four characters, with the computer controlling the remaining characters.


In Survival Ball, the player starts off via a normal gameplay countdown and will approach a ball. The player must then grab a hold of the ball using Gravity Control and throw it through one of the numbered goal hoops that hovers on the field. Hoops that give a lot of points tend to be located at tricky sections that requires very accurate aiming. The player will get points based on the number displayed (10, 30 or 50) on the said hoop. The player's opponents will also be attempting the same thing and they will mainly pursue for the ball.

The criteria to win is determined by the rule settings the player chooses prior to the game; Time Limit determines the duration of each game, with the player having the highest points when the times runs out wins, and Match Points determine how many points one competitor needs to earn in order to win; otherwise Time Limit rules apply if none are able to reach the required number of points.

There are Item Boxes collected here only contain GP Boost which is essential for maintaining enough Gravity Points in order to use Gravity Control.


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