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Surveillance cameras[1] are obstacles that appear in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a type of defense system set up by GUN in the GUN Fortress.


The surveillance camera's point of view.

In gameplay, surveillance cameras only appears in certain areas in the GUN Fortress. When Shadow enters these areas, the camera perspective will change to that of the surveillance camera's as opposed to being behind Shadow. When this happens, the screen takes on a red hue.

The player must avoid the surveillance camera’s line of sight either by getting through these areas quickly or by hiding behind Containers to conceal Shadow’s presence. If the camera spots Shadow, it will fire shots at him before stopping. This process will repeat if it spots Shadow again. Surveillance cameras cannot be destroyed, so the player's only option is to avoid them. Once Shadow gets out of the surveillance camera’s line of sight, the camera perspective turns back to normal.


Reference list

  1. Sonic Team (15 November 2005). Shadow the HedgehogGameCubeSega. Area/Level: GUN Fortress. "Rouge: Take cover! If that surveillance camera spots you, you’ll be shot at!"

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