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This object exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
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The Surveillance Orb,[1] also called a Stealth Orb,[2] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a mass-produced flying camera created and used by Dr. Robotnik. They primarily patrol Robotropolis and the surrounding areas.



The Surveillance Orb bear a resemblance to a primitive-looking mollusk called the nautilus. It is a small, hovering, spheroid observation unit with brown armor and a black, red and yellow camera lens at one end. The lens is protected by four gray metal plates. Sometimes the camera lens glows red when it detects intruders.

Early on, the Surveillance Orbs had a different look. During that time, they had gray armor and a red eye connected to the bottom of what resembled a umbrella-like antenna.

Powers and abilities

The Surveillance Orbs can fly at high speed and can record images and sounds for Dr. Robotnik, which are then transmitted to one of his currently-used monitors. The Surveillance Orb are not equipped with any kind of weaponry, but they allow the doctor to track his enemies and watch their actions.[2] Dr. Robotnik can also communicate with his enemies through the Surveillance Orbs.[3]


TV series

Season one

Sonic and the gang confronted by a Surveillance Orb.

A Surveillance Orb once saw Tails, who was picking flowers in the Great Forest. Having seen the Surveillance Orb's video feed, Dr. Robotnik sent Bomber-One to catch Tails. After Bomber-One was defeated, the Surveillance Orb flew up to Sonic, Tails and Rotor. Through the Surveillance Orb, Dr. Robotnik promised the heroes that they would soon be at his mercy, but the heroes mocked him.[3] Sone time after, a Surveillance Orb flew over Robotropolis. Later, one monitored Sally and Antoine, who roamed the Dark Swamp, for Dr. Robotnik. Also, towards the end of the heroes' adventure, Sonic, Sally and Antoine pulled out a stolen Surveillance Orb to show Robotnik the destruction of his Stealthbots and mock him.[4] While in Maga later on, Snively launched a Surveillance Orb at the behest of Robotnik after Sonic escaped from them. This Surveillance Orb continued to track Sonic who could not lose it. While Sonic hid from the Surveillance Orb for a moment though, he and his friends developed a plan to lure the Surveillance Orb to the Breath of Mobius. Upon arriving there, Robotnik ordered Snively to send the Surveillance Orb into the well to look for Sonic. Soon after, however, a strong wind emerged from the Breath of Mobius that blew the Surveillance Orb, as well as Robotnik and his lackeys, off a cliff.[2] A Surveillance Orb would later patrol the streets of Robotropolis when it began tracking Sally while she ran into the Forbidden Zone in an attempt to escape a Swat-Bot. There, the Surveillance Orb caught a shot of Lazaar's Guardian destroying the Swat-Bot and releasing Sally for Robotnik and Snively to see.[5]

When Robotnik hosted a race that Sonic participated it, a Surveillance Orb would monitor the race between Sonic, the Hover Units and Robotnik's robo-cheetah for Robotnik and Snively. During the race, when Sonic broke free from one of the traps Snively had set, he shouted to the Surveillance Orb that he could not be stopped so easily, much to the frustration of Robotnik.[6] Later, Antoine was detected by a Surveillance Orb when he snuck into Robotropolis. While within the sight of the Surveillance Orb, Antoine offering Robotnik a Power Ring if he came to his location. Robotnik proceeded to order his Swat-Bots to be sent out to collect the Power Ring. As Antoine tried to escape, he dropped the Power Ring, but the Surveillance Orb continued to watch him. After Antoien regained the Power Ring though, he hit the Surveillance Orb and lost it, thus forcing Robotnik to summit to Antoine's demand.[7]

Season two

A Surveillance Orb spying Sonic.

A Surveillance Orb later watched from the shadows as Ari tried to convince Sonic to save his group of Freedom Fighters from Dr. Robotnik's Fortress, which was actually a trap.[8] A Surveillance Orb in Robotropolis later flew over to Sonic when he seemed to have been caught by Charles. A moment later, Dr. Robotnik sent the Shriek-Bot to deal with Sonic.[9] A Surveillance Orb later detected Sally, Dulcy and Bunnie in Robotropolis, but Dulcy destroyed it with her tail.[10] The Surveillance Orbs' history was later slightly altered when Sonic and Sally went back in time in an attempt to stop Robotnik from seizing power over Mobotropolis. In this new timeline, a Surveillance Orb detected Sonic and Sally when they attacked the Destroyer's deck. It later provided Robotnik with a recording of the Derstroyer's destruction.[11]

A Surveillance Orb later caught Dulcy flying around, prompting Robotnik and Snively to send out some Hover Units to catch the dragon. Another Surveillance Orb later detected Sonic, Sally and Dulcy as they flew through the Deep Canyon with a dragon egg. This caught Dr. Robotnik's attention, who wanted to roboticize all dragons. Later, some Surveillance Orbs would guard Dr. Robotnik's convoy, which was transporting a Mother Dragon to the dragon Roboticizer. One of them detected Sally and Dulcy, but before Snively could look at its video feed, Dulcy destroyed it. A second Surveillance Orb later detected Sonic. Although Snively got to see its video feed this time, Sonic was actually hoping for it.[12] Several Surveillance Orbs were later deployed from Dr. Robotnik's Command Ship to observe Sonic as he ran through the Great Unknown. Later, a Surveillance Orb caught Sonic and Naugus on video. The latter then told the Surveillance Orb that he was coming after Robotnik, which frightened the doctor.[13] A Surveillance Orb would later patroll the area around Drood Henge where Robotnik's forces were carrying out an excavation. Upon noticing it, Tails used a branch sticking out from a rock wall to hit the Surveillance Orb. Sonic later picked up the damaged Surveillance Orb and praised Tails. Later, several Surveillance Orb were deployed from Robotnik's Command Ship to find Sonic in Drood Henge, as the doctor had a feeling that Sonic was near. One Surveillance Orb in particular eventually caught Tails carrying a scroll chest and helping Sonic dig up the second Deep Power Stone that Robotnik needed for his Doomsday Project. Robotnik thus sent his robots out to recover the Deep Power Stone.[14] Later, a Surveillance Orb detected Sonic and Sally next to the generator in the Doomsday Machine, with both heroes in possession of the two Deep Power Stones. Snively proceeded to alert Robotnik, who ordered his Swat-Bots to collect both stones.[15]


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