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Surfside Seagull Sundries (雑貨屋 波間のかもめ Zakkaya Namima no Kamome?) is one of the Shops that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 versions of Sonic Unleashed. It is located in Apotos and is owned and run by Milos.


In Sonic Unleashed, the player can buy items from Surfside Seagull Sundries with Rings, such as edible items and collectible objects in the game, such as Souvenirs, Records and Videotapes. Records and Videotapes bought from Surfside Seagull Sundries are automatically sent to the Collection Room, while other items are put away in the Inventory.

The shop becomes available after the player defeats the Egg Beetle.

List of Surfside Seagull Sundries' products

Edible items

Name Item Description Price (Rings)
Sundae Supreme Sundae Supreme.png The ultimate chocolate sundae. It's utterly indulgent. 60
Pitch Nuts Pitch Nuts.png A tasty nut in a tough shell. Always crack before you snack! 50
Lemon Lemon.png A lip-puckering fruit that thrives in the year-round warmth of the region. 50
Orange Orange food.png A fruit loved around the world for its tang and fresh scent. 50
Kebabwich Kebabwich.png Stir-fried meat and vegetables on "pane" dough. A local favorite. 60
Chili Dog Chili Dog.png Sonic's favorite, a jumbo frank slathered with spicy chili. 50
Canned Juice Canned Juice.png The solution to your thirst. Shake it for volatile results. 40
Donut Donut.png A squishy treat that leads to a squishy physique. 50
Peach Peach food.png A sweet and juicy fruit that's to die for. Don't bruise it! 30



Name Item Description Price (Rings)
Photo Frame SU Apotos Photo Frame.png A standing frame containing a photo of Apotos. 100
Miniature Flag SU Apotos Miniature Flag.png A replica of the national flag of Apotos. 100
Potpourri SU Potpourri.png A pouch that fills the air with a pleasant scent. 150
Water Jug SU Water Jug.png A rare and valuable archaeological artifact (well, a replica of one). 120


Name Item Description Price (Rings)
Record 17 Record.png vs Titan & Big Mother 100
Record 41 Record.png Apotos - Day 100
Record 42 Record.png Apotos - Night 100

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