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Huh. Guess there's a "surprise fourth Titan" after all.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Frontiers

Supreme (stylized as SUPREME) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a colossal Titan created by the Ancients and once piloted by Crane. It ended up being used to bind The End within it and sealed within Cyber Space. Tens of thousands of years later, it is awoken and fought by Super Sonic on Ouranos Island.


Supreme Wings

Supreme's laser wings, from Sonic Frontiers.

Supreme is the tallest of the Titans, constructed primarily of brushed white metal with black and red highlights. It highly resembles Giganto, as a humanoid with a broad upper torso and thinner legs, with holes resembling eyes along its entire body. Its wrists and hands are black, with three fingers ending in pointed red claws. Attached to its shoulders is a cape-like plate featuring ten cylindrical thrusters, and upon its shoulders are laser emitters that can summon magenta ethereal laser wings.

Supreme's head is covered by a red helmet that connects to a spinal cord down its neck. This helmet has multiple lines and lights analogous to eyes. Two horn-like protrusions rise above the back of its head, curving around its face and splitting into three horns pointing downwards on each side. Its chin has four more protrusions similar to a beard, the outer pair longer than the inner pair.

According to Sage, Supreme's wings may refer to one of the five Ancient tribes, who developed wings.[1]

Stored below its shoulders is a giant, collapsible red and black sniper rifle, which it can freely draw to fire yellow energy blasts.

While storing The End, the lights on Supreme's body are colored red. However, while piloted by Sage, the lights on Supreme's body are colored blue, including the fire emitted from its thrusters.

When possessed and transformed by the End in The Final Horizon, Supreme has a purple energy cable attached to its neck and gains five arms from its thrusters, and it moves on all four like an animal.



SonicFrontiers Supreme Absorbs TheEnd

Supreme binding The End, from Sonic Frontiers.

Supreme was the strongest of the four Titans constructed by the Ancients, designed to lead the battle against the End in case it located the Ancients' new home on earth. When the End finally arrived, the pilot Crane boarded Supreme and used the power of the Chaos Emeralds along with Wyvern, Knight and Giganto, to fight it in outer space. Despite their preparations, the four found themselves still outmatched by The End. With no other options, Crane planned to bind the End into Supreme and send them both to Cyber Space, forever trapping the entity. Crane apparently died in the process, so the other pilots finished the mission by sealing The End and Supreme within Cyber Space on Ouranos Island. The seal to the End was locked behind the lives of all four Titans, as well as six towers on Rhea Island. The Supreme remained dormant for tens of thousands of years beyond the fall of the Ancients' civilization.[citation needed]

Sonic Frontiers[]

When Dr. Eggman visited the Starfall Islands and was trapped in Cyber Space, his artificial intelligence Sage began awakening and influencing the dormant Titans. She attempted to manipulate Supreme in the same capacity as the other three, but found herself unable to do so.[citation needed]

As Sonic the Hedgehog began exploring the Starfall Islands, he was commanded by the End's disembodied voice to destroy the Titans and break the seal on Cyber Space - unaware of the voice's malevolent intentions, Sonic complied in order to save his friends. After defeating three of the Titans and traversing the towers of Rhea Island, Sonic saw visions of the history of the Ancients, including Supreme's doomed battle against The End. Though this resulted in Sonic succumbing to cyber corruption and the End exiting Cyber Space, it remained adhered to Supreme.

SonicFrontiers Supreme with Sage

Supreme being used by Sage, from Sonic Frontiers.

Once Sonic recovered from cyber corruption and collected the Chaos Emeralds again, he transformed into Super Sonic to fight the corrupted Supreme. Super Sonic overcame Supreme, leaving its body dormant as The End escaped to assume its own form in outer space and destroy the earth. Supreme was then used by Sage, using its powers alongside Super Sonic to finally defeat The End. As The End threatened to explode and destroy the earth, Sage piloted Supreme directly into the entity, sacrificing herself and the Titan to save the planet.

The Final Horizon[]

Supreme initially has the same role as in the main game, remaining dormant on Ouranos Island with The End trapped within.

After Super Sonic awakens and defeats it, The End is expelled, instead of moving to outer space for Sage to pilot Supreme, it chose to manifest itself in the real world through its "true" physical form and attaches an energy cable to the Supreme's neck, using the Titan as its "Avatar", controlling it like a puppet, granting it cataclysmic new abilities as well as five extra arms from its thrusters.

Despite the mutated Supreme's immense power, Sonic is able to harness his cyber corruption to become Super Sonic 2, disconnecting the cable and its rifle. Super Sonic 2 launches Supreme into the air before teaming up with Dr. Eggman to be shot from the Supreme's rifle, becoming Super Sonic Cyber to instantly destroy both Supreme and The End.

Powers and abilities[]

SonicFrontiers Supreme GunBarrel

Supreme wields its sniper rifle, from Sonic Frontiers.

Like all Titans, Supreme is unbelievably strong and durable, being so powerful that Sonic must become Super Sonic in order to damage it. It shares the immense physical prowess of Giganto, but with additional equipment that gives it long-range capabilities. Its primary weapon is a collapsible sniper rifle, which fires gigantic red or yellow blasts at a steady rate, held in both hands. In battle, Supreme has two large octahedron-shaped sentries above its head and a ring of seven smaller tetrahedron-shaped sentries around its body. The two sentries can fire giant purple lasers and seven tetrahedron sentries can fire waves of yellow octahedral shots. Supreme can also fire seven golden homing shots from its eyes simultaneously. When it activates its laser emitters, they create giant wings of light that give Supreme enhanced mobility, allowing it to glide effortlessly through the air.

When piloted by Sage, Supreme mounts its rifle on its back, turning it into a tank that can fire light or dark energy shots at a rapid-fire rate.

When possessed and transformed by the End, Supreme gained five additional arms from its thrusters. These arms can throw balls of cyber corruption that reduce Super Sonic's max Ring count on hit, and can only be parried by Super Sonic 2. It also has a cable attached to its neck which regenerates its health indefinitely as long as it is connected to The End.


Supreme is the fourth and penultimate boss of Sonic Frontiers, being fought on Ouranos Island. Unlike the other Titans, the player never fights it in Sonic's base form, and Sonic receives the seventh Chaos Emerald from Dr. Eggman beforehand rather than from the Titan's body.

Boss guide[]

First phase[]

Super Sonic flies to the arena and watches as Supreme awakens to equip its rifle and sentries. The fight is initially similar to that of Giganto, as it moves slowly and can swipe at Sonic, which releases projectiles. The player can either Dodge or Parry Supreme's swings while closing in to attack; the latter move will automatically bring Sonic into close range while also stunning the Titan. The real challenge is navigating its sentries, which continuously fire projectiles that push Sonic away. After taking repeated damage, Supreme hits Sonic with two lasers to automatically repel him; this cannot be avoided.

If the player gets too far away, Supreme can also use its rifle to shoot at Super Sonic; complete the Real-Time Interaction to dodge.

The player can also target Supreme's small sentries. Once one is destroyed, Supreme automatically pushes Super Sonic back with a swing, before firing eight homing shots. Sonic can either Dodge or Parry; a successful Parry not only destroys all the small sentries at once, but also opens Supreme for a Grand Slam.

Second phase[]

After depleting half of Supreme's Health Gauge, the second phase starts, the music transitioning from an instrumental variation of "I'm Here" to the vocal version of the track, starting from the second verse. Supreme deploys a pair of laser wings (which never appear in battle) that allow it to quickly glide around the arena. Its attack pattern remains largely the same, but its increased movement and higher firing rate make it more difficult for Super Sonic to get close enough to attack.

If Sonic targets its sentries, it performs the same push and homing shot attack, but with the shots in groups of two instead of all at once, requiring four Parries. Once Supreme's health is down to approximately 15%, destroying the sentries automatically triggers its rifle shot RTI. This RTI must be triggered at least once, otherwise Supreme's health gauge cannot be drained any further.

After emptying its health, Supreme is defeated and falls to its knees. In the base game, The End exits its body and moves to outer space, allowing Sage to pilot Supreme in the final battle. In The Final Horizon, The End exits its body but attaches a cable to Supreme to control it in an alternative final battle.


Title Artist(s) Music Length
"Titan: SUPREME - I'm Here [Re-Edit]" Tomoya Ohtani, Merry Kirk-Holmes 5:44



  • In the game's files, there is an unused red laser attack which would be fired out of two massive sentries and knock Super Sonic far away.
  • Originally, Supreme's QTE would have been longer and it would of fired four bullets from its gun which Super Sonic would need to Parry.
  • In the game's files, there is a scrapped QTE where Supreme would shoot two blackish red bullets, Slide around Super Sonic, and fire before doing a jump shot which Super Sonic would need to parry.
  • In the game's files, Supreme would have used two of Giganto's QTEs where it would clap its hands together and try to crush Super Sonic with his teeth. It would also use Giganto's mouth beam as a QTE but the animation for the beam is unfinished.
    • Supreme's laser wings never appeared in battle for some reason.
  • During the final boss of The Final Horizon, Supreme visually appears to be in pain, likely due to the transformation caused by The End.
  • The fact that in the Supreme's first phase, an instrumental score is playing, and in the second phase, the lyrics are added to the track, is similar to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which employed a similar pattern in most boss battles.
  • It is likely that after defeating The End, Supreme's rifle is now in Eggman's possession.






  1. Sonic Team (28 September 2023). Sonic Frontiers. Xbox One. Sega. "Sage: There used to be five tribes co-existing on the planet of the Ancients. A tribe with big and powerful bodies, a tribe that developed a tail instead of legs, a tribe that walked on four legs, a winged tribe, and a tribe that was the most intelligent of them all."