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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Suppression Squad, formerly known as the Anti-Freedom Fighters, is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. They are the Anti-Mobius equivalents to the Mobius Prime Freedom Fighters, and are a gang of thugs intent on making life miserable for everyone they meet. With a lack of decent opponents on their own turf, they have occasionally crossed over to Mobius to spark trouble for the real Freedom Fighters.


The Anti-Freedom Fighters live on Anti-Mobius, and can be differentiated by their Prime Zone counterparts by their style of dress, which is akin to a biker gang. The team originally consisted of the evil equivalents of Sally, Antoine, Rotor, Tails, and their leader Sonic, all of whom were evil, of course. After a string of failures, most of them attempts to overthrow the Anti-Mobius version of Dr. Robotnik (a kindly veterinarian in this reality, known as "Kindly old Doc Kintobor"), the cadre of evildoers deposed (Evil) Sonic as leader and lined up under (Anti-) Sally's new beau, (Anti-) Geoffrey St. John.

By the next time the Anti-Freedom Fighters appear, they have made a few more changes to the line-up. Anti-Sally got bored of Anti-Geoffrey and dumped him—-making herself leader, Anti-Bunnie joined the ranks to get revenge on Evil Sonic, and Evil Sonic replaced Anti-Antoine with Antoine Prime to get revenge on both of them; Antoine is impersonating his evil double for fear that the others will turn on him if they find out the truth.

Sonic eventually figured out that the two Antoines have been switched, and undid the change. Currently, the Anti-Freedom Fighters consist of the counterparts of Sonic, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor, Sally and Tails. However, Anti-Sally and Anti-Bunnie fell into a pit containing Octopods and, though both survived, Anti-Bunnie managed to contract N.I.D.S. and Scourge roughly kicked her out, leaving her for dead. She was eventually rescued by Dr. Julian Kintobor, and put into a robotic suit until he can find a cure.

The concept of the Anti-Freedom Fighters is quite possibly inspired by the evil version of the Justice League from the "Anti-Verse" of DC Comics.


The Anti-Freedom Fighters are composed of the Anti-Verse equivalents of the Mobius Prime Freedom Fighters. They possess the same abilities-for the most part-but have negative personalities as part of the package.

Evil Sonic/Scourge the Hedgehog

Main article: Scourge the Hedgehog


Evil Sonic is the Anti-Verse equivalent of Sonic, and originally led the Anti-Freedom Fighters. After repeated failures, he was ejected from the group and forced to migrate to Mobius Prime. Following defeats at the hands of his Mobius Prime counterpart, Zonic the Zone Cop, his counterpart from the Sonic Underground Mobius, Sonia the Hedgehog, Manic the Hedgehog, and Locke and teams up with Robo Robotnik and Rouge the Bat, Scourge was transformed into a more powerful and vastly more dangerous version of himself. This can be proven as he was able to defeat both Sonic and Shadow easily. Even with the combined efforts of the two they were only able to tire him. He joined up with Dr. Finitevus and his Destructix minions until the evil echidna's plan to use Enerjak as a means to take over Mobius failed. Foreseeing this failure, Scourge powered a Warp Ring with energies from the Master Emerald and took Fiona Fox back to his home dimension. In time, he single-handedly defeated his former teammates and forced them to undergo changes in name and appearance. Using the Anti-Freedom Fighters, now called the Suppression Squad, as back-up, Scourge began a hostile take-over of Anti-Mobius, after which Scourge then crowned himself king and renamed the planet "Moebius". Not contented with ruling the Anti-Mobius, he and the Suppression Squad made their way to Mobius Prime, hoping to take over that dimension as well. So far Scourge has only been able to drive the Freedom Fighters out of their base of operations, Freedom HQ, and claim it for himself and the Suppression Squad.

A recurring theme is Scourge's shameless womanizing, another difference between him and Sonic. Despite Sonic's popularity with females, he respects them, while Evil Sonic/Scourge has put the moves on nearly every female Freedom Fighter (in both his world and Mobius Prime) during his career, usually multiple women at once, once coming to Mobius and taking Sonic's place just to fool around with girls and escape the wrath of his female teammates he cheated on. It's something of an Achilles Heel for him; and he's managed to make all of them mad at him as a result.

Anti-Antoine D'Coolette/Patch D'Coolette

Main article: Patch D'Coolette


Originally known only as Anti-Antoine D'Coolette, Patch D'Coolette takes his name from the eye-patch he wears. He is the Anti-Verse equivalent of Antoine D'Coolette. For some time during the series' run, Patch managed to successfully replace and impersonate the real Antoine, and nearly usurped King Acorn.

Anti-Sally Acorn/Alicia Acorn

Main article: Princess Alicia Acorn

Princess Alicia

Sally Acorn's Anti-Verse counterpart, Anti-Sally Alicia Acorn is the current leader of the Anti-Freedom Fighters. Possessing Sally's talent for leadership, but nothing else positive, she is a ruthless leader, and former girlfriend of Evil Sonic. A sadist in every sense that Sally is compassionate, Anti-Sally dresses in leather catsuits and is an especially vicious member of the team.

Unlike on Mobius Prime where Robotnik threw Sally's father into the Void, Anti-Sally comments that she and Evil Sonic performed this ghastly deed themselves and looks back on it as 'good times.' Ultimately breaking up with Evil Sonic for his inability to lead, she hooked up with Anti-St. John, who became leader himself, but she has since dissolved her relationship with him as well and taken direct command herself. She was later thrown into toxic waters inhabited by 'Octopods', along with Anti-Bunnie.

She appeared again preparing for an as-yet unknown mission under "King" Scourge's command, seemingly no worse for wear after her encounter albeit sporting a grey version of her previous outfit and what looks to be some kind of whip-like weapon. She now calls herself queen Alicia Acorn.

Anti-Tails/Miles Prower

Miles Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower's Anti-Verse counterpart, Anti-Tails has Tails' flight ability, but none of the innocence. While the Prime-Tails holds a great admiration for Sonic to the point of seeing him as family, Anti-Tails' 'sidekick' motif with Evil Sonic was nothing more than a performance, which he dropped the moment that Evil Sonic fell out of favor with the rest of the Anti-Freedom Fighters. Anti-Tails sports a leather jacket and a scar on his cheek. In his latest appearance, he has a tuft of grey hair on his forehead and a grey & red outfit with no visible traces of the aforementioned scar.

He was seen working with Anti-Rotor on devices known as "globe posts", which according to dialogue between the two and Fiona Fox, appear to have some sort of transportation ability. Anti-Tails joined the offensive against the Freedom Fighters by attacking Freedom HQ. Confronting his goodly self, he objected vehemently to being referred to as Anti-Tails, and demanded to be addressed by his proper name of Miles Prower.

While Anti-Sally is the figurehead of the Anti-Freedom Fighters, she admits that Miles is the true leader as well as the brains, though he doesn't seem to mind working from the background.

Anti-Rotor Walrus/Boomer Walrus

Main article: Anti-Rotor Walrus


Rotor's Anti-Verse doppelganger, Anti-Rotor is an evil genius on par with Mobius-Prime's Doctor Robotnik. Anti-Rotor has all of Rotor's muscle and intelligence, but the similarities end there. He is responsible for many of the Anti-Freedom Fighters' gizmos, including the device that allowed Evil Sonic to switch himself and Anti-Antoine for their Prime counterparts.

He later appeared again working with Anti-Tails on devices called "globe posts", sporting what appear to be cybernetic prosthetics on his head and arms (dual built-in Sonic Cannons), the reason behind which is as yet unknown. His real name is revealed to be Boomer. Boomer was Rotor Prime's name at the very beginning of the series.

Former Members

Anti-Bunnie Rabbot/Buns Rabbot

Main article: Buns Rabbot

Buns in her Omega Care Unit

Bunnie Rabbot's (formerly) evil double and Anti-Verse counterpart, Anti-Bunnie was one of Evil Sonic's girlfriends who learned of his infidelity and seeks revenge. It's noted that she is not half-roboticized like her Mobius Prime counterpart, due to the lack of a Roboticizer employing villain in their universe. She also seems to lack the southern accent of her kind-natured double. Her dress style is semi-goth, and she has none of Bunnie Prime's ability to feel for others. Anti-Bunnie and Anti Sally were later thrown into highly-polluted water inhabited by presumably hostile creatures called "Octopods" during a fight with Sonic Prime. She is later referred to as "Buns" and is kicked out of the Suppression Squad after she developed N.I.D.S. She remains in stable condition thanks to Dr. Kintobor's Omega-Unit, and even helps Sonic and Amy track down Rosy.

Jeffrey St. Croix

Main article: Jeffrey St. Croix

Geoffrey St. John's Anti-Verse counterpart, Anti-Geoffrey St. John, briefly led the Anti-Freedom Fighters. However, after repeated defeats, the others dumped him and Anti-Sally became the new leader. While he had almost no role, it can be assumed that he possessed all of his Prime version's negative qualities with none of the positive qualities. Anti-St. John is seedier-looking than his good counterpart, and has a spiky punk haircut. He goes by the name Jeffrey St. Croix.


In their dimension, the Anti-Freedom Fighters have free rein over most of the planet; however, they do have some opposition. In the Anti-Verse dimension, Dr. Robotnik's alternate version is the kindly Dr. Kintobor, who is at first helpless against the miscreants. Although he stands alone in opposing them, Kintobor manages to sustain a force field around the perimeter of Mobotropolis, keeping the Anti-Freedom Fighters in the Great Forest where they can do less harm.

After their defeat at the hands of the Freedom Fighters of Mobius Prime, Dr. Kintobor became emboldened and did battle with them, succeeding to the point of pushing the other Anti-Freedom Fighters to dump Evil Sonic as leader.

Though Kintobor is the main opponent the Anti-Freedom Fighters face—apart from each other—one other known enemy fights against them. A version of Knuckles from Anti-Mobius, Anti-Knuckles has all the physical attributes of his counterpart on Mobius Prime. Guardian of the Sunken Island, he was at first a pacifistic bystander; after Evil Sonic tricked him into going to Mobius Prime, he saw that the Anti-Freedom Fighers were evil and helped to defeat them.

Before the Anti-Freedom Fighters rose to power, they had to dethrone King Acorn, the father of Anti-Sally and the Anti-Verse counterpart of Maximillian Acorn. Similar to what happened on Mobius-Prime, the Anti-Freedom Fighters threw the king, who resembled Dr. Robotnik's coup d'état from Mobius-Prime, into the Zone of Silence.

Making her first appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog #193, Anti-Amy is the Moebius counterpart to Mobius Prime's Amy Rose. She is also known as Rosy the Rascal, an homage to Amy's original appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog CD, complete with Amy's original clothing. Unlike the regular Amy, Rosy hates her universe's version of Sonic with a passion, going so far as to stalking him in order to make murder attempts. Like the Amy of the Prime universe, Rosy wished upon the Ring of Acorns in order to age herself and make Scourge take her attacks more seriously. However, the transformation made Rosy go insane. She wields a Piko Piko Hammer like the regular Amy, only Rosy's hammer is green with two large spikes at both ends of the hammer's head. Her psychotic nature and obsession with Scourge's destruction makes her one of the most deadliest of the Suppression Squad's enemies. Her actual name is unknown, but she is known both as Anti-Amy Rose and as Rosy the Rascal.

Other enemies of the Anti-Freedom Fighters are their Mobius Prime counterparts and the zone cop Zonic.

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