Amy activating her Superstar State.

Superstar States are special moves in Sega Superstars Tennis. They are similar to the All-Star Moves from the later games in the Sega Superstars series.

While each state differs from the other, most Superstar States have shared traits, which includes; serving zigzagged tennis balls and summoning different powers on the opponent. Additionally, if the player in this state loses the ball, they will dis-transform and lose a level of his Superstar Meter on the next throw.

List of Superstar States

Character Description Superstar pose Superstar State
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic's Superstar State is "Super Sonic", using the seven Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic, which makes the ball go in different directions. ME0000934665 2 Dolphin 2016-08-08 22-54-11-333
Dr. Eggman Dr. Eggman's Superstar State is "Electric Spike Ball", which hits the ball alongside four Spike-electric balls, which the opponent must dodge while attempting to rebound the real ball. ME0000945418 2 Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-11-44-173
Miles "Tails" Prower Tails' Superstar State is "Whirlwind" a stun-ball, which stuns the opponent when he/she hits the ball back. Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-27-39-546 ATails
Amy Rose Amy's Superstar State is "Lover Heart Stun" it makes the ball runs in a heart outline and dazes the opponent if he/she hits it. Dolphin 2016-08-10 15-15-19-164 Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-05-52-785
Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow's Superstar State is "Super Shadow" which is similar Sonic's, except when hitting the ball, the player is forced into Chaos Control which randomly changes where the player is at on the court. Sega-superstars-tennis-20080228024336592-000 Chaos Control(SST)
Ulala Ulala's Superstar State is "Morolian Invasion", which sends her morolians to the opposite of the court. If the player touches it, they dance. Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-56-47-002 Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-56-56-289
Pudding Pudding's Superstar State is "Guitar Showdown", which sends the ball going left, right and upwards, similar to Ulala's Superstar State. Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-59-58-960 Dolphin 2016-08-09 15-00-07-585
Aiai Aiai's Superstar State is "Banana Blitz", which sends bananas onto the court, and makes the ball fly at a rapid speed past the players. Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-37-29-621 Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-37-35-656
MeeMee MeeMee's Superstar State is "Flower Power", which sends the ball in a flower outline, that stuns the players when hit. Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-40-47-515 Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-40-54-568
Nights NiGHTS' Superstar State is "Nightopian" in which NiGHTS and his/her Nighttopian sends a ball that uses a Praloop Gate to warp the opponent to another location on the court. Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-44-29-463 Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-44-42-193
Reala Reala's Superstar State is "Nightmare", which causes the ball to open a go in 3 circles and dazes the opponent when they hit it. Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-52-21-953 Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-53-17-331
Amigo Amigo's Superstar State is "Maraca Madness" in which the ball flies in erratic patterns when hit and maracas appaer on the other side of the court. ME0000934663 2 Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-51-55-399
Gilius Thunderhead Gilius's Superstar State is "Golden Hit" in which his racket changes into his golden axe, which makes lightning strike the opponent and the ball, until both are gone. Dolphin 2016-08-09 21-24-33-303 Dolphin 2016-08-09 21-24-45-061
Alex Kidd Alex Kidd's Superstar State is "Rock, Paper, Scissors", in which he makes a rock-paper-scissors choice, in which whatever he chooses creates a powerful outcome. Dolphin 2016-08-09 21-21-03-004 Dolphin 2016-08-09 21-21-13-970
Beat Beat's Superstar State is "Graffiti Floor" in which he has fellow GG, Combo, come and spray the side of the court in graffiti, which makes the opponent slip when he/she wants to move. Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-05-04-583 Dolphin 2016-08-09 14-05-09-126
Gum Gum's Superstar State is "Police!!!" sends out the Rokakku Police on the other side of the court. Dolphin 2016-08-09 16-06-21-072 Dolphin 2016-08-09 16-06-30-139
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