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World Tour
Superstar Showdown

The gate for Superstar Showdown

Superstar Showdown is the sixth and final chapter in the World Tour of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The tour is unlocked as an extra chapter, once the player has beaten Moonlight Park and has gone through the credits roll. It contains a total of forty stars to collect through events, a gate and a slot machine. It has also every event in mirror mode and the only one in the game.

Characters Unlockable in Superstar Showdown

Image Name Star requirement
SARTSprite3.png Reala
160 Stars1.png
SARTSprite2.png AGES
165 Stars1.png


Track Type Name Event
Star1.jpg Boost Race Volcano Velocity No weapons, just pure driving! Race to the finish line!
Star3.jpg Traffic Attack Mara-car Madness Dodge waves of traffic and reach every checkpoint in time!
Star2.jpg Versus Castle Chaos Eliminate rivals in a series of Showdown races!
Star4.jpg Race Tokyo Takeover Beat your rivals to the finish line!
Star5.jpg Ring Race Nightmare Meander Get through rings to avoid losing time. Pass through every checkpoint to win!
Star6.jpg Battle Race Maraca Melee Survive the race and beat your rivals to the finish line!
Star7.jpg Boost Challenge Rapid Ruins Boost to stop the clock. Pass every checkpoint to win!
Star8.jpg Sprint Ranger Rush Beat AGES' best lap time! (Beating the mission can unlock AGES for 165 stars)
SASRT8.png Boost Race Zombie zoom No Weapons, just pure driving. Boost to the finish.
Moon10.jpg Race Fatal Finale Beat your rivals to the finish line (After this mission and having all 232 stars, the congrats music will play in the loading screen and you can get the AGES mods which ends world tour. This will play the credits for a second time after the mode is unlocked.)

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