The Superstar Meter is a game mechanic that appears in Sega Superstars Tennis. It allows the player to measure when the Superstar States for the playable characters become available.


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Eggman's Superstar Meter when full.

The Superstar Meter is presented as the golden frame of a five-pointed star on the ground beneath the playable characters' feet. Within these frames is a smaller golden five-pointed star that appears after an amount of good performance.

As the Superstar Meter is filled, the inner star will eclipse the bigger star and glow continuously.


In gameplay, the Superstar Meter's inner star will grow for each good performance on the tennis court, especially after winning a point or perfect counterattacking. Once this star fills out the frame, it will start blinking, indicating the playable character's Superstar State can be activated, which enables special strikes and other abilities. After the Superstar State ends, the Superstar Meter will reset.

While depend on the playable character, if the opponent gets a point, the playable character loses one level of his Meter, even after entering the Superstar State. To activate the Superstar Meter once filled, press Xbox-Button-LT/WiiDSA+WiiB.

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