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For the team and its members with the same name, see Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad

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"Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad" is the first episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the first episode, it aired as the twenty-third episode during the show's original run.







Sonic costumes

  • Circus announcer
  • William Tell's son
  • Pumpkin head
  • Dr. Pimento
  • Telephone repair man


The episode begins with Sonic and Tails being captured by Scratch and Grounder. While hanging upside down in a tree, Sonic decides to remind Scratch and Grounder how they all first met.

In a flashback, there is a gathering of Badnik bounty hunters. Dr. Robotnik called this group together to offer them an award of a billion Mobiums for Sonic alive or otherwise. Sonic is in the audience, but it takes everyone a long time to realize it. Robotnik eventually sicks all the robots on him. Sonic runs out and tricks each robot into a path of their own destruction.

Back at his lair, Dr. Robotnik decides to make two new robots for the sole purpose of catching Sonic. He throws many ingredients into a machine to make his robot strong, fearless, supremely rotten like him, and brilliant. As a result, the machine produces Scratch. Thinking Robotnik is his mother, Scratch begins kissing Robotnik and licking his body. Annoyed, but not taking it too seriously, Robotnik clones Scratch with his robot making machine. Scratch pulls one extra lever which was not supposed to be pulled. The machine produces Grounder and right off the bat, the two start bickering about who is Robotnik's favorite. Annoyed and enraged, Robotnik throws a table at the badniks and orders them to capture Sonic.

Coconuts watches from the bathroom, jealous of these new robots because he's been rejected by Robotnik and put on latrine duty. He vows to catch Sonic himself and win Robotnik's love.

Sonic and Tails are out running when they find a chili dog stand which is run by Coconuts in disguise. The stand becomes a large Robot that chases the heroic duo, but is eventually defeated. Similarly Scratch and Grounder try a number of clever plots to catch Sonic. Eventually they succeed in capturing Tails, thus Sonic gives himself up to ensure Tails' safety.

With Sonic and Tails captured, Scratch and Grounder call Robotnik to come and pick them up. Coconuts sneaks up on them and ties up Scratch and Grounder so as to take credit for capturing Sonic and Tails. Sonic convinces Coconuts to put Scratch and Grounder in the cage with him. Coconuts proceeds, but sure enough when he opens the cage, Sonic escapes and traps all three Badniks in the cage. he frees Tails and creates a dust storm making Dr. Robotnik unable to see when he flies in on his Egg-o-Matic. Sonic tricks Robotnik into landing on the cage and smashing up his own henchmen.

Back in modern day, Sonic ends the story and is still hanging from the tree. Scratch and Grounder don't like the story because they don't catch Sonic in the end. Sonic escapes the tree, then he and Tails run away.

Sonic Says

Sonic teaches Tails to call 911 only in the case of a real emergency.


  • In the scene where Sonic and Tails are waiting for the disguised Coconuts to cook their chili dogs, Sonic's arms are miscolored blue.

Scratch's yellow neck error.

  • After an annoyed Robotnik throws a table at Scratch and Grounder to cease their fight, Scratch's neck is colored yellow.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Section spéciale secrète super sabotage Sonic Sonic Super Sabotage Secret Special Section
Deutsch Wer zuletzt lacht Who Laughs Last
Italian Nick contro Sonic Nick versus Sonic
Spanish (Hispanic American) Sonic el escurridizo Sonic the elusive
Spanish (Spain) Super especial, la caza de Sonic y el grupo de ataque Super Special, Sonic Hunt and Strike Group
Portuguese (Brazil) Esquadrão Super Especial de Destruição e Captura do Sonic Sonic Special Destruction and Capture Squad
Portuguese (Portugal) O Nascimento do Scratch e do Grounder Scratch and Grounder's Birth


  • The alternate title of this episode is "Sonic Search and Smash Squad".
  • Sonic's doctor disguise would be re-used in "Best Hedgehog" and in "Boogey-Mania".
  • This episode features all thirteen bosses from the video game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
  • Robotnik's anti-Sonic speech looks similar to the Game Over screen from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
  • After Robotnik announces Sonic's bounty, a parody of a Osamu Tezuka character known as Hyotantsugi a.k.a. Gourdski appears behind him.
  • Overseas animation for this episode was done by Rainbow Animation Group.

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