Super Sonic Spinning[1] is a Chaos Power used by Classic Super Sonic in Sonic Generations. It is an enhanced version of the Spin Attack, empowered by pure chaos energy.


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Classic Super Sonic using Super Sonic Spinning.

When performing Super Sonic Spinning, Classic Super Sonic draws up to Modern Super Sonic and starts spinning next to him while charging chaos energy in a form similar to the atomic structure. Once charged, he shoots himself forward as a powerful project and rams into nearby targets, destroying them (similar to the Light Speed Attack), before moving back to his position.

In gameplay, Super Sonic Spinning is used to clear out floating debris during the fight with the Time Eater. When used, Classic Super Sonic randomly breaks apart the debris in front of the player, eliminating the threat of being unwillingly pushed off-course. However, the move cannot harm the Time Eater, nor can it target all obstacles or the Time Eater's Homing Shots. To use it in gameplay, the player has to hold XboxA/PSXButton and release it. It can also only be performed when Modern Super Sonic is taking the control.


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