The Super Sonic Missile[1] is a chaos power used by Modern Super Sonic in the HD version of Sonic Generations. It is an augmented and manually engaged version of the Super Sonic Boost.


When charging the Super Sonic Missile.

When performing the Super Sonic Missile, Modern Super Sonic pulls back while Classic Super Sonic moves up in front and charges chaos energy in the form of a golden aura surrounding him. Once charged, Classic Super Sonic shoots Modern Super Sonic forward as a powerful missile while the latter uses a bolstered Super Sonic Boost.

In gameplay, the Super Sonic Missile can be used to clear out obstacles during the fight with the Time Eater, such as floating debris and Homing Shots. However, it cannot be used to damage the Time Eater. The strength of the move depends on how long it is charged. To use it in gameplay, the player must control Classic Super Sonic and then hold and release XboxA.png/PSXButton.png to charge and launch this technique.


  • This attack is very similar to the Chaos Spear in Shadow the Hedgehog, in the sense that they both have weaker and more powerful versions of the move depending on their charging time.


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