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"Super Sonic" is the fifth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the fifth episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the sixth episode of the series. It first aired on 16 October 1993.








The episode begins in Knothole Village, with Bunnie bringing Rotor a set of mechanical tools to work on Knothole's waterwheel. However, Bunnie is tired and unkept, and her look in her in mirror frightens her. Sally then arrives with the biggest wrench she could find for Rotor. Rotor then begins to ponder that if they use a bigger gear for the waterwheel, they would be able to double their power output. Sally likes the idea and pulls out Nicole, asking her to search the databanks for "Waterwheel". Upon finding a match however, Nicole shows Sally a hologram of a rose instead. Surprised, Sally tries to have Nicole search for "Waterwheel" again, only for Nicole to show a hologram of a chili dog instead, which lures in Sonic the Hedgehog. Sally breaks up Sonic's slurping however, and tells him that Nicole is malfunctioning. Sally thus has Nicole ruin a diagnostic scan of herself, and she reveals that one of her chips has a fatal error.

In order to get spare parts for Nicole, Sonic and Sally travel to Robotropolis. There, after a Surveillance Orb passes by, Sonic and Sally emerges from a manhole, and sneak towards one of the gates into a factory, which is guarded by two Hover Unit-based Swat-Bots. These two Swat-Bots greets another robot, who enters the factory. After doing their special handshake, Sonic and Sally begin their mission, with Sonic running up the Swat-Bots quickly and luring them away from the gate. Sally then makes her move by running into the factory before the gate closes. Inside the factory, Sally sneaks past the worker robots, who are working at the conveyor belts and transporting the chips away, and snatches two chips from the conveyor belt. However, one of the robots notices her and activates the alarm, prompting Sally to run away while Sonic arrives outside the closed gate. Sonic, both impatient and worried, waits for Sally to return, but is forced to run away as the Swat-Bots return to shoot him with assistance from Hover Units. Meanwhile, Sally takes advantage of the confusion and manages to escape the factory through a partially opened gate. As she flees however, she is pursued by a Surveillance Orb and Swat-Bots. Eventually, she arrives at a wall with an entrance in it and a sign above it saying "Forbidden Zone". Having no other choice, Sally flees into the Forbidden Zone, which she discover is a ruin of a city, while a Swat-Bot pursues her.

Observing Sally's escape through the Surveillance Orb, Dr. Robotnik has Snively sent more Hover Units after the princess. Back in the Forbidden Zone, Sally suddenly stumbles upon a msyterious figure who frightens her. As the Swat-Bot catches up to her however, the figure disintegrates the Swat-bit with red lasers from his eyes. The figure then walks past a stunned Sally. Having seen this figure, Robotnik demands information on him from, which Snively gets to work on despite not knowing who that figure was. Meanwhile, a tired Sally comes across Sonic, whom she escapes Robotropolis with.

Back in Knothole during the day, Sally tells about her encounter with the mysterious figure to Sonic, Bunnie and Rotor while working on Nicole. Sally identifies the figure as Lazaar's Guardian. Sally then explains that the guardian watches over the resting place of Lazaar, which Sonic does not get. Meanwhile, back in Robotnik's headquarters, Snively explains to Robotnik that Lazaar is an evil wizard who has been resting inside the Forbidden Zone for centuries, and that many have tried to get to his computer with magic spells, but all have failed. Snively also adds that according to legend, Lazaar is awaiting for someone vile enough to awaken him. Upon hearing this, Robotnik gets an idea. Meanwhile, at the Lake of Rings, Sonic discusses the possibility that Lazaar's spells could help them defeat Robotnik with Sally. Sally is not keen on this idea, however, as she worries that he might awaken Lazaar, but Sonic insists that his speed will carry him through this task. Although Sally warns him that he cannot use his speed to solve everything, Sonic disregards Sally's warning and runs off.

Back at the entrance to the Forbidden Zone, Snively emerges from the entrance and approaches Robotnik, revealing that he has found Lazaar's Guardian. As if one que, the guardian then emerges from the Forbidden Zone and asks Robotnik of why he has summoned him. Robotnik tells the guardian that he has a business proposition for him, but the guardian reveals that he has no interest in riches and prepares to leave. This makes Robotnik come up with another deal: he wants the location of Lazaar's resting place. The makes the guardian question Robotnik if he wishes to bring harm to his master, but Robotnik insists that he only wants to awaken Lazaar and pay homage to his evil since they have so much in common. Seeing the evil in Robotnik, the guardian shows Robotnik's Lazaar's resting place, which is a fortress strewn with traps. He also warns Robotnik that he must go to Lazaar's resting place alone, as only his metallic hearts can survive the tests.

Arriving at the entrance to Lazaar's fortress in a Hover Unit, Robotnik sends a Swat-Bot towards the fortress first. On the way there, the Swat-Bot is caught by a claw emerging from a bobbling puddle, but it manages to shake it loose. As the Swat-Bot then enters the entrance to the fortress however, the gate falls on top of it. Taking the steps himself then, Robotnik arrives at the lair's entrance, just as the gate reopens. Meanwhile, as Robotnik passes through the cave-like corridors of the fortress, Sonic arrives at the entrance to the Forbidden Zone. Entering the Forbidden Zone, Sonic arrives at Lazaar's fortress and manages to run past the pools with the claws residing in them. However, he is forced to accelerate when the gate begins falling don on him. Slipping into the fortress in the last second, Sonic runs through the corridors until he arrives at a split in the road that divides it into three paths, each one with its own traps: the first is a path with spiky rotating poles, the second is filled with flamethrowers, and the third is filled with mechanical claws. As Sonic wonders which path to take, the guardian appears behind him. Upon noticing him, Sonic is forced to run away as the guardian begins firing eye laser beams at him. Running through all the traps before turning back, Sonic manages to trip the guardian with a Super Spin and begins shredding through the stone wall.

Meanwhile, Robotnik has managed to find Lazaar, who is sleeping in a capsule. Upon spotting Lazaar's Computer, Robotnik's takes it, only to set off the alarm. With Lazaar not walking up however, Robotnik bids farewell to the old wizard and leaves. At the same time, Sonic has to cross over a chasm which only has a dilapidated rope bridge stretched across it. To make matters worse, there are maces, spiked clubs and axes swinging above it. In response, Sonic uses the dangling weapons to swing across the chasm. As he is about to get to the other side however, one of the clubs falls off, with Sonic hanging on to it. Fortunately, Sonic manages to jump to the other side and get up the cliff. However, the bridge is destroyed by the falling club.

Back in Knothole, Sally, Rotor and Bunnie are working on the waterwheel together. Sally, however, is distracted by thoughts of how Sonic could awake Lazaar. However, Bunnie assures Sally that Sonic is too fast for any wizard to get. Meanwhile, Back in Lazaar's fortress, Sonic arrives in a room whose floor is covered in lasers. To test the laser grid, Sonic throws a rock at the laser, which disintegrate the rock immediately. However, Sonic easily gets past the lasers by running along the wall and into the next room. Meanwhile, Robotnik and Snively have already returned to Robotropolis with Lazaar's computer. On Robotnik's orders, Snively activates the computer, which gives Robotnik's access to a variety of spells which Robotnik finds "lovely". Meanwhile, Sonic arrives in Lazaar's room, where it is revealed that Lazaar's sleeping capsule is open and empty. As Sonic looks around, Lazaar suddenly appears behind him, and the wizard suspects that Sonic is a thief who is here to steal his computer. Sonic feigns ignorance however, and tries to sneak away, but Lazaar traps him in a magical bubble.

Back in Robotropolis, Robotnik has found the perfect spell to use: teleportation. He asks the computer to teleport Sonic to his location, but the computer reveals that he is out of range. As such, Robotnik asks for princess Sally instead, prompting the computer to project a hologram of Sally that turns into the real thing. Surprised at her sudden arrival in Robotnik's headquarters, Sally tries to escape as Robotnik's sends a Swat-Bot after her. However, Cluck distracts her long enough for the Swat-Bot to restrain her. As Sally asks Robotnik how he did this, Robotnik replies "it's magic", making Sally realize that the doctor has found Lazaar's computer. Robotnik then has Sally retrained with shackles emerging from the floor before using Lazaar's computer to teleport Bunnie to his headquarters. However, the Swat-Bot fail to catch Bunnie, who proceeded to knock it down with a martial art move. Bunnie then tries to free Sally, but is stunned by a Swat-Bot weapon.

Back in Lazaar's fortress, Sonic is still captured. Meanwhile, Lazaar senses that someone is using his computer, whom he identifies as "pure evil", prompting Sonic to guess that it is Robotnik. Lazaar then admits that he was evil once, but after having been dreaming for centuries, he has come to regret the evil he has done. Sonic then attempts to persuaded Lazaar to let him go by promising that he will stop Robotnik and get his computer back. After thinking, Lazaar removes the bubble around Sonic with a press of the button on his belt. Sonic then prepares to take off, only for Lazaar to take away his speed with his belt, as the ancient wizards still believes Sonic is a thief and that he wants to make sure Sonic retrieves his computer; only then would he return Sonic's speed. Sonic wonders how he is going to keep his promise with his speed gone, only for Lazaar to tell him to use his smarts.

Meanwhile, Robotnik is using a submission spell to take control of Bunnie, much to Sally's worry. Meanwhile, Sonic is going on foot towards Robotnik's base. Eventually, he manages to latch onto the bottom of a bypassing Hover Unit, allowing him to fly into Robotnik's headquarters unnoticed. Back in Robotnik's control room, Robotnik frees Sally, who tries to convince Bunnie to fight the magic. However, it is no use, and Robotnik uses the subjugation spell on Sally, enslaving Sally as well. At the same time, Sonic is walking through the corridors, only to be stopped by two Swat-Bots. As Sonic runs down a staircase, he leaves a bomb that blows up as the Swat-Bots arrive, destroying the robots and the staircase. Immediately after, Sonic is teleported straight to Robotnik, and he notices Sally and Bunnie, who proceed to restrain him. With Sonic in hand, Robotnik decides to roboticize Sonic first out of the group. Sally and Bunnie proceed to drag Sonic towards the Roboticizer while Sonic desperately tries to shake his friends of the subjugation spell, but to no avail. Snively then begins to activate the roboticization process, just as Sonic's notices Lazaar's computer. Upon seeing it, Sonic breaks free of Bunnie and Sally's grip and steals the computer. Sonic proceeds to run away, with Sally and Bunnie chasing him. A Swat-Bot tries to fire at Sonic, but Robotnik tries to stop it, telling it that it could hit the computer. As Robotnik struggles against the Swat-Bot, it fires a laser that releases several drums, keeping Sally and Bunnie from getting to Sonic, who has hidden under a table. As Sally and Bunnie try to pave their way through the drums, Robotnik calls for reinforcement. During the chaos, Sonic remembers how Lazaar used his belt to cast and reacted spells as he looks at the computer. Sonic then tries to run away from Sally and Bunnie, only for Cluck to swoop in and nap Lazaar's computer. Fortunately, Sonic gets it back in time before Robotnik gets his mitts on it. Sonic then activates Lazaar's computer by pressing one of its buttons, thereby freeing Sally and Bunnie from the subjugation spell. All three of them then try to escape from the control center, only to find their exit barred by Swat-Bots. However, Bunnie is able to knock all the Swat-Bots down using her martial arts, allowing the trio to escape. As the heroes flee, Robotnik expresses his hatred for Sonic.

Later, outside Lazaar's fortress, Sonic hands Lazaar's computer back to him. Sonic offers Lazaar to join the Freedom Fighters, but Lazaar insists that he must stay and guard his computer, which he cannot destroy upon Sally and Bunnie's inquire without releasing all the evil inside it. As promised, Lazaar proceeds to return Sonic's speed to him, before wishing him good luck. Lazaar and his guardian then enters Lazaar's fortress, which subsequently shrinks down until it disappears. Sonic, Bunnie and Sally then return to Knothole where Rotor is waiting for them to show them the village's water wheel which is providing them with electricity.


  • When Robotnik teleports Bunnie to his fortress and she starts asking what happened, despite the teleportation being completed, Bunnie is still a little transparent.
  • When Sally says "Sonic? What is going on?" Bunnie's eyeshadow disappears. Then a couple of seconds later Bunnie's eyeshadow reappears.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Супер Соник Super Sonic
Ukrainian Супер Сонік Super Sonic

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