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This transformation exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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You can't stop me!

— Super Sonic, "Flood Fight"

Super Sonic (スーパーソニック Sūpā Sonikku?) is a transformation that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. It is the super form of Sonic the Hedgehog, achieved by harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds.


In this state, Sonic's fur changes to a bright shade of yellow and his quills turn upwards. Additionally, his skin becomes a light yellow and his green eyes turn an orangish red as well. The corners of his eyes also become more angular, giving him a more aggressive expression. His whole body is also covered in a bright fiery aura that appears as either white or yellow.



Chaos Emerald Saga

After Christopher Thorndyke reclaimed the six Chaos Emeralds from Dr. Eggman, only to drop them into the sea when he struggled with Rouge, they melded together inside of Sonic (who was holding the seventh one he got earlier from E-77 Lucky), who had been tossed aside by the E-99 Eggsterminator after being brutally beaten by it. With his strength fully regained, Super Sonic told Knuckles that his dream came true and warns him to stay out of his way before tearing through the Eggsterminator within a few seconds, reducing it to a fiery ruin, despite its attempts to fight back after being crippled with losing one arm before Super Sonic tore the rest of it apart. After it was destroyed, Chaos Control was induced, and Sonic was seen in the spatial warp with an unconscious Chris. After gently waking him up, Chris pleaded with Sonic to take him with him and that Chris doesn't want to be apart from his best friend. Super Sonic used his powers to heal Chris' wounds and assured that Chris could take care of himself. Super Sonic then disappeared with a smile and thanked him for everything he had done for him. Instead of sending him or his friends home, Sonic brought several parts of his world, such as the Mystic Ruins and Angel Island, to Earth.[1]

Chaos Saga

Super Sonic fighting Perfect Chaos.

In a resort to prevent Perfect Chaos from destroying the world and cleanse it of the rage that had consumed it for so long, Sonic utilized the "positive" chaos energy of the Chaos Emeralds he received from his friends and transformed into Super Sonic to combat Perfect Chaos. Perfect Chaos' attacks were no match for Sonic, as Sonic shattered its shield, deflected its water tentacles with his Super Spin Attack, and even dodged its mouth laser, but it then attempted to attack Sonic's friends. However, Sonic quickly protected them just in time, which only provoked Sonic into deciding to end the fight before Perfect Chaos could attack his friends again. Outmatched by Super Sonic's powers, Perfect Chaos was defeated, purified of its rage and anger when restoring to its base form.[2]

Shadow Saga

Super Sonic is also called forth exactly the same way as he was in Sonic Adventure 2, but before he fights the Final Lizard alongside Super Shadow, he makes a detour to check up on his friends. When he notices that Chris is unconscious from Shadow beating him, he goes over to Chris and heals him causing Chris to stir. Sonic then teleports to outside of the Space Colony ARK with a smile on his face. Together, Super Sonic and Super Shadow destroy the Final Lizard, before using Chaos Control, with Super Shadow removing his Limiters so he could use his full power, to restore the ARK to a stable orbit.

Homebound Saga

Super Sonic returning to his home planet.

Super Sonic next appeared when Dr. Eggman was about to unintentionally kill his best friend Tails with his new tracking missile (although Eggman only wanted to teach Tails a lesson and was planning on recalling it until he learned that such a function has not been installed.) Super Sonic destroyed the missile and Eggman's Grand Egg Imperial. Super Sonic then left Tails and landed in front of Amy's house.

Metarex Saga

Six months later, Super Sonic battled the Metarex leader Dark Oak, along with several other Metarex troops in outer space. For the first time, Super Sonic had a hard time fighting, and it seemed as though the enemy would win. To prevent Dark Oak from obtaining the Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic ejected them from his body and threw them into the outer limits of space. Unfortunately, this made Sonic unable to maintain his super form, so he fell down to the planet, but was thankfully rescued by Dr. Eggman.[3] Super Sonic made his next appearance alongside Super Shadow fighting off Red Pine and his fleet of Metarex battleships while also pushing away the Blue Typhoon and Eggman's spaceship from the black hole.

Super Shadow and Super Sonic after saving the galaxy.

Super Sonic made his last appearance during the final battle against Final Mova alongside Super Shadow. While being able to put Dark Oak on the defensive, they are unable to break through his force-field. Cosmo, however, with her transformation, was able to break through and fuses with Dark Oak, immobilizing him in the process and forcing him to drop his force-field. She then begged Tails to fire the Sonic Power Cannon at the both of them while she keeps him at bay. However, in doing so, it would mean Cosmo would die as well, which is a fate she says she is willing to accept as long as her friends survive. After being encouraged by Eggman and by Cosmo, who says she wants this, Tails, after initially hesitating and almost outright refusing to pull the trigger, tearfully shouted that he loves her and fired the Sonic Power Cannon with both Super Sonic and Super Shadow in it. Afterwards, Super Sonic and Super Shadow used Chaos Regeneration to rescue Cosmo from the fate of death. Super Shadow then punched Super Sonic in the gut to knock him out so he did not sacrifice himself when Shadow used his Chaos Control to teleport everyone away from Final Mova before it could explode, killing Dark Oak once and for all. Meanwhile, while Super Sonic and Super Shadow's Chaos Regeneration did keep Cosmo alive, it turned her into a seed that Sonic found and gave to a grief-stricken Tails.

Archie Comics

Super Sonic vs. Chaosbot, from Sonic X #29.

Sonic achieved this form when going up against Chaosbot who was controlled by Eggman's. Asking Perfect Chaos for help, the monster gave Sonic the Chaos Emeralds and let him become Super Sonic. Eggman regained control and ordered Chaosbot to destroy Super Sonic. The two of them trade blows for a while, but Super Sonic soon found himself at a disadvantage after a few failed attempts. Not only could Chaosbot use Chaos Control, but Super Sonic realized that he had to stop Chaosbot before the Chaos Emeralds wore off and he would change back. He thus destroyed Eggman's remote control which let Perfect Chaos regain control and throw Eggman away. Super Sonic then destroyed the Greenbot shell, allowing Chaos to head back to the Master Emerald while Sonic returned to normal.[4]

Powers and abilities

Super Sonic and Super Shadow holding back the ARK.

Like most Super forms, Super Sonic's innate talents have been multiplied several times over following his transformation. He is strong enough to fight Super Shadow to a standstill,[5] defeat Perfect Chaos with ease,[2] and resist the overwhelming force from the Space Colony ARK falling through the atmosphere.[6]

As Super Sonic, Sonic is said to possess infinite strength.[7] He could effortlessly block the Eggsterminator's punches and Perfect Chaos' tentacle strikes with little effort,[1][2] and slightly move inside Final Mova's gravitational field which was comparable to a black hole.[8] His speed has been enhanced to infinite levels as well,[7] and he has improved reflexes to match his increased movement. Besides his enhanced abilities, Super Sonic has gained new ones as well. He is capable of high-speed flight and possesses near-complete invulnerability, taking no damage from Perfect Chaos' most powerful attack,[2] received only a minor bruise from Dark Oak's sword,[3] and was only temporarily stunned from an uppercut to the gut from Super Shadow.[9]

Super Sonic using Chaos Control.

Thanks to the Chaos Emeralds' power fueling him, Super Sonic can perform chaos energy-related techniques like Chaos Regeneration and Chaos Control, the latter of which is powerful enough to let him travel between dimensions and teleport objects as large as the Space Colony ARK with Super Shadow's help.[6][10] He is even able to heal others of their injuries, like when he healed Chris of his wounds after the battle with the Eggstirminator.[1] He can also project chaos energy as either destructive golden waves that can take out an entire army,[5] invisible eye blasts that can incinerate metal,[1] or as focused power intense enough to evaporate Perfect Chaos' tentacles.[2]

Due to the positive chaos energy which empower Super Sonic, he is able to neutralize negative chaos energy and turn people possessed by pure rage back to normal, like when he reverted Perfect Chaos back to normal while purifying it of its anger and rage that had consumed it for centuries.[2]


Super Sonic's weakness is that his Super Form is only temporarily, as he can only absorb and use the Chaos Emeralds' power for a limited time. If he remains in this form for too long, Sonic will run out of chaos energy and revert back to normal.[4] Sonic can also be reverted back to his normal self if enough gravitational force is applied on him.[5]


An early shot of Super Sonic who would become known as "Nazo" amongst fans.

In the early pilot for Sonic X, an alternate style of Super Sonic in his early form[11][12] appeared in one shot for a couple of seconds. This version of Super Sonic was radically different from his final version, possessing a light blue glow and fur, much more upturned head quills, narrower eyes, and longer back quills. This version did not appear in the anime and no other information of his shot was revealed, leaving fans unable to definitely conclude his identity.

This beta image of Super Sonic also appeared on Sega's official Japanese website[citation needed] and was entitled "Nazo.jpg", which made some fans assume that Nazo was this character's name. This was questionable, however, because the word "Nazo" (?) means "Mystery", "Enigma", "Puzzle" and/or "Riddle" in Japanese, leading others to believe "Nazo" was only used as a file image designation. Much debate soon followed about who "Nazo" was meant to be. Many fans assumed that he was a separate character, a villain, or Hyper Sonic, but nothing conclusive could be determined.

About twelve years later, Sonic Team's current producer Takashi Iizuka responded to some fan questions which revealed "Nazo's" true identity.[11][12] Strangely however, despite Nazo being the early version of Super Sonic, Super Sonic actually appears earlier in the same trailer.


  • As Super Sonic, Sonic is shown having five quills instead of three.
  • In the Japanese version, Super Sonic has a deeper voice than in his regular form.
  • When Super Sonic fought Super Shadow, he threw some spears at Super Shadow that resemble the Chaos Spear.
  • This is the only series where Super Sonic makes his debut.

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