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This transformation exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the version of this form after the Super Genesis Wave, see Super Sonic (Archie).

Hey, ugly! That's my planet! No touchie!

— Super Sonic, Sonic Universe #2

Super Sonic is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is a super form of Sonic the Hedgehog, achieved by harnessing the power of seven Chaos Emeralds (or something of equivalent power), and sometimes with the Power Rings. It is Sonic's ultimate transformation and has helped him save the world on multiple occasions.


When transformed, Sonic's blue fur most noticeably turns into a brilliant gold color. Additionally, his green eyes become ruby red and his quills turn upward instead of hanging down, almost lifted entirely over his head. He also possesses a golden aura that varies in size and can be anything from smooth to flame-like in shape. His aura also sometimes displays faint sparkles.

In the early issues of the comics, Sonic's eyes would remain black and his quills would retain their shape when he transformed.


First Transformation

Super Sonic's first appearance, from Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

Sonic the Hedgehog first transformed into Super Sonic when a rampaging robot known as the Universalamander ran havoc across Robotropolis and into the Great Forest. Realizing he was outmatched, Sonic quickly gathered the seven Chaos Emeralds and fifty Power Rings needed to transform into Super Sonic. He quickly made short work of the roboticized beast, having quickly taken a shrinking device Rotor Walrus devised and shrank him to the point where he was not a threat anymore.[1]

Epic Battles

Super Sonic facing Knuckles, from Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles.

When discovering a hidden Zone near a special lake, Knuckles, who had learned of this Zone through a special book, dove into it to find replacement Chaos Emeralds and rings for the Floating Island. Not wanting to be outdone, Sonic went into the zone and fought Knuckles, both of them turning into their super forms, Super Sonic and Hyper Knuckles, and destroying the Zone in their fight.[2]

When Mammoth Mogul stole Enerjak's power and became Master Mogul, it was Athair who allowed the two former rivals to draw Chaos energy from Mogul's attack, as well as Tails, to take their Super forms to defeat the would-be tyrant and seal him within the Master Emerald.[3]

When a weapon by Dr. Eggman, still as Robo Robotnik, used a weapon to throw the citizens of Knothole in reverse due being caught in the 3-hour zone shift, Sonic strapped on a Super Emerald and raced across Mobius, taking his various transformed states, including Super Sonic, until the beam struck him, the Super Emerald turning his quills dark blue and longer, giving him green eyes and adding buckles and soles to his shoes.[4]

Super Sonic about to fight Perfect Chaos, from Sonic the Hedgehog #83.

During the Chaos incident in Station Square, when Chaos absorbed the Chaos Emeralds to become Perfect Chaos, Sonic took the remains of that energy to become Super Sonic, using the positive aura of the Chaos energy to soothe the beast and keep it distracted while Knuckles and the Freedom Fighters fought to help save the citizens of Station Square. Super Sonic's attacks combined with Knuckles using the city's power generator to shock Chaos defeated him.[5][6]

Not long after, Sonic used his super form (along with the help of Super Shadow) to defeat the Finalhazard and stop the Space Colony ARK from crashing into Mobius.[7]

Order from Chaos

Super Sonic going to fight A.D.A.M., from Sonic the Hedgehog #169.

Super Sonic was not summoned again until the Great Harmony, when A.D.A.M. gathered all of the Chaos Emeralds from the universe. Sonic and A.D.A.M both decided to utilize their super forms to stop each other, with Sonic becoming Super Sonic and A.D.A.M. becoming Super A.D.A.M.. While they fought, Super Shadow and Turbo Tails sent all of the Emeralds into the Zone of Silence. Then Tommy Turtle, whom A.D.A.M. had possessed, sacrificed himself to destroy A.D.A.M. despite Super Sonic's protests.[8]

Enerjak Reborn

Super Sonic fighting Enerjak, from Sonic the Hedgehog #184.

Sonic transformed once again into Super Sonic during the return of Enerjak, this time using the Master Emerald. Although this could have been prevented, Dr. Finitevus let Sonic transform as he expected the Hex he placed on the Master Emerald to corrupt Super Sonic as well, though, for unknown reasons, the Hex had no effect on him.[9] Super Sonic fought Enerjak in a battle that could tear the planet apart, but rather than beating Enerjak, Super Sonic toyed around with Knuckles, planning to have his positive aura cleanse him of Finitevus's dark magic. However, Finitevus' Hex kept Sonic's aura from having any noticeable effect until Locke sacrificed his life to remove the Hex, allowing Super Sonic to purge Knuckles of Enerjak's influence.[10]


Super Sonic during Operation: Clean Sweep, from Sonic the Hedgehog #229.

When Mobius was rewritten with Dr. Eggman's first Genesis Wave, Sonic was able to turn Super Sonic once again on the Death Egg Mark 2 using the power of the Chaos Emeralds flowing through a power cord right before he was crushed by the Egg Destroyer Battlesuit. After defeating the robot, Sonic used the power cords to tap into the Chaos Force and induced Chaos Control, supposedly returning the world to normal.[11]

Worlds Collide

Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man, from Sonic the Hedgehog #251.

When Mobius was rewritten along with Mega Man's reality, Sonic had the idea to turn Super after Mega Man used the Rush Adaptor to turn into Super Mega Man, and the two used the Chaos Emeralds to turn Super. Together, they stopped the ambitions of Drs Eggman and Wily in their Egg-Wily Machine X. He taught Super Armor Mega Man how to manipulate Chaos Control in order to bring their respective realities back to normal, but when Super Sonic attempted to use it on his reality, Dr. Eggman interrupted him, resulting in their multiverse undergoing a heavy alteration.[12]

Note: From this point, Super Sonic's history continues from his new existence in the altered timeline.

Powers and abilities

Super Sonic and Super Shadow using Chaos Control, from Sonic Universe #2.

While in his super form, Sonic's innate talents are vastly increased.[13] Easily one of the strongest beings on Mobius in this form, he could fight evenly with Enerjak without trying too hard (albeit he was drained of most of his power) and caused a dimension to explode when clashing with Hyper Knuckles.[2][10]

In this form, Sonic's speed is increased a thousand times over, at one point stated to be incalculable,[2] and he has improved reflexes to match his enhanced movements. His physical strength has also been enhanced to the point where he can lift massive robots such as the Egg Destroyer Battlesuit without any effort, cleave clean through metal and smash through buildings.[11] In addition, he is capable of flight and is invulnerable to virtually any harm, making him nearly invincible.[10]

Super Sonic possesses a direct link to the Chaos Force, allowing him to manipulate Chaos energy into a variety of forms; he can form golden energy barriers, project energy blasts and surges with enough power to blow up entire moons, and perform Chaos Control, allowing him to bend the fabric of time and space of an entire Multiverse to his will.[12] He also possesses an aura Chaos energy that helps him overwhelm beings powered by "negative" energy.[10]

During his battle with the Universalamander, Super Sonic demonstrated the ability to turn himself intangible, allowing him to pass through solid objects.[1]


  • Interestingly, the reactions of the other Knothole Freedom Fighters upon seeing Sonic in his transformed state in Sonic the Hedgehog #4 suggests that they were accustomed to seeing him undergo the transformation, hinting at possible prior transformations not covered in the comic.
  • Sonic's first transformation into Super Sonic was seen as a special cheat for fans playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This can be seen due to the use of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 variation of the Special Stage and Sonic saying that he needed seven Chaos Emeralds and fifty Rings to do so (this issue also marked the first appearance of the Chaos Emeralds in the series).

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