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Super Robotnik

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"Super Robotnik" is the forty-fifth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series.




Sonic costumes

  • Cushion Salesman
  • Chemical Cleaner Guy


While performing his janitorial duties in Dr. Robotnik's lab, Coconuts accidentally spills some chemicals into a tub of other chemicals. The chemicals start bubbling and turning purple. Dr. Robotnik bursts in and slips on a mop, causing him to slide across the room and land head first in the tub. Coconuts throws a life preserver around his rear end, which makes it the only part of his body to not get soaked in the purple substance. When Robotnik gets out he begins to transform and realizes he now has super powers. He calls himself "Super Robotnik". He then promotes Coconuts to Super Lieutenant for his actions and assigns him to recreate the formula. Scratch and Grounder are meanwhile demoted.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are being served Chili Dogs by a man in lederhosen. The man is thanking them for getting back the village's stolen goods. Before the duo can enjoy their reward, they are attacked by Super Robotnik, who freezes them with his breath and throws them in the frozen wastelands of Mobius.

Back at Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Scratch and Grounder are taking inventory of numerous piles of loot that Super Robotnik has stolen. Their boss returns and tells them that Sonic should be escaping the ice soon. Sure enough, Sonic and Tails have broken free from the ice.

Back at Robotnik's lab, Coconuts is having Scratch and Grounder assist him with the formula, but he accidentally creates a green chemical monster. Scratch and Grounder accidentally drop some ingredients into the mix, causing an explosion that blows the chemical monster out of the lab, leaving a large hole in the wall. Super Robotnik flies in and blames Scratch and Grounder, but is quickly distracted, noticing that Mobius' World Leaders are holding a conference, trying to figure out what to do about him.

Robotnik kidnaps the four leaders and finds Sonic. He tells him that the only way to save them is to defeat him in a gladiator battle. Sonic sends Tails to spy on Super Robotnik and find his weakness. Sonic then goes to Professor Von Schlemmer, who creates the "Alter All Purpose Exercise Machine and Juicer" which Sonic uses to get into shape for the match.

Back at Robotnik's fortress, Scratch and Grounder are hanging pictures. They unknowingly leave a nail on a chair which Super Robotnik sits on. He feels the pain and learns that his one weakness is his rear end. Tails sees this and tells Sonic.

Professor Von Schlemmer creates a powder that will penetrate Robotnik's weak spot and slowly neutralize his powers. He pours the powder on a cushion and Sonic dresses as a cushion salesman. He tries to sell it to Robotnik, who ends up stealing it. Super Robotnik sits on the cushion and the powder begins to be absorbed into his body.

At the Gladiator Colosseum, Coconuts has proven unable to recreate the formula, so he gives Super Robotnik a Rump Protector instead. They begin their events. Super Robotnik immediately cheats and brags about it. The final event is a battle over a pit of muck. Sonic jumps over Super Robotnik, removes the rump protector, grabs the dungeon keys and then kicks him in the rear. Super Robotnik falls in the muck and the powder takes effect, causing his powers to fade. Robotnik promotes Scratch and Grounder back to their old positions just so they can pull him out of the muck. However, they end up falling in as well.

The announcer declares Sonic to be the champion and the blue blur quickly frees the Mobius leaders from Robotnik's dungeon. Sonic and Tails run away to get chili dogs. Robotnik declares his hatred of Sonic quietly while an angel from above zaps Robotnik with lightning as revenge for hitting him with Sonic.

Sonic Sez

Coconuts spills chemicals and starts cleaning them up. Sonic stops him and says not to clean up chemicals himself. Sonic puts on a safety mask and cleans up the chemicals. Coconuts doesn't think it was a big deal, but then he falls through a hole in the ground corroded by the chemicals.

Coconuts: "Oops! I did it again!"

Sonic: "Whoa! Don't do that yourself! That could be dangerous! (speeds off, then reappears wearing a safety mask and cleans up the chemicals) Never clean up anything you spill unless you know it's safe! Tell your parents right away, and ask them for help. Toxic chemicals can burn or poison you, even breathing them is dangerous!"

Coconuts: "What's the big deal? That stuff wasn't so powerful!" (falls through a hole in the floor corroded by the chemicals)

Sonic: "Some robots just don't listen!"

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  • Super Robotnik seems to have all the same powers as Superman, the world's most famous superhero.
  • When Robotnik first transforms, he sings "I feel pretty", referencing the song "I Feel Pretty" from the musical, West Side Story.
  • Amongst the piles of loot that Super Robotnik stole are a number of gems that look like Chaos Emeralds.
  • A certain piece of music from this episode that played when Super Robotnik tested his new abilities was later taken and copied into the Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) pilot episode - Heads or Tails.
  • This is the only episode in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series to originally air in the same order that it was produced.
  • Super Robotnik's weakness being his butt is a reference to the Greek hero Achilles, who got his strength when his body was dipped in the river Styx save for his heel.
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