Super Ring (リング Ringu?, lit. "Ring"), also called as Big 10 Ring (ビッグ10リング Biggu 10 Ringu?), Random Ring (ランダムリング?) or Ring Bonus, is a recurring power-up in the Sonic the Hedgehog series that grants several Rings at once. Since their debut in the original Sonic the Hedgehog, the Super Rings have been featured in most games since then. The Super Ring is generally a power-up belonging to Item Boxes, but it is occasionally featured as a separate, collectible item of its own as well. Despite this, they continue to appear regularly on either form, depending on the game featuring them.


When obtaining a Super Ring, the player is instantly granted multiple Rings at once. In the earlier games, it only gave ten rings per monitor. Since then, the amount has been increased, allowing the Super Ring to have several variations, each granting a certain number of Rings. The amount of Rings each Super Ring grants is shown by a number displayed on them. However, there are also Super Rings with question marks on them, which gives variable amounts of Rings.

Rings granted by Super Rings function like regular Rings, as the player is able to lose them after taking damage and then recollect them.


It makes sure that you don't lose them.

Three Super Ring monitors in the original Sonic the Hedgehog, alongside an Invincibility item box.

The Super Ring is a major monitor power-up, and is generally the most common, granting no special effects to the playable characters. Such monitors have a small icon representing a Ring on the screen. When the player breaks the monitor, the iconic Ring sample is heard in the background, and the player has the Rings added to their total Ring count. Like others monitors, Super Rings can be hidden behind walls, palmtrees or in other places. In some cases, the Super Rings monitors can appear in groups of three to five to be picked up. Since their debut, Super Rings have functioned identically in every game, no matter how they appear.

In early Sonic games, there have been cases where Super Rings were featured outside of monitors. When the player destroys a purple-colored UFO in the Special Stages of Sonic the Hedgehog CD, they receive a Special Ring, which is worth twenty Rings. In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, the player can find grey gumballs with yellow Ring symbols on them in both the Gumball machine or the Glowing Sphere types of Bonus Stages that work as Super Rings. The Bonus Stage in Knuckles' Chaotix also has blocks with Super Rings in them

Item Box Heroes

The Super Ring as it appears in Sonic Heroes, with the five Ring bonus.

Since Sonic Adventure, Item Boxes for Super Rings have varied in the number of Rings they can grant to the player, ranging from granting five, ten or twenty Rings when opened. The number of Rings the Super Ring item boxes grant are depicted with a number on their surface. Additionally, certain games since then have featured Super Rings with question mark on them, which can awarded the player with a random amount of Rings, even more so than twenty Rings. These variable Super Rings are also featured in both Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush games as well. In Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Super Rings are featured as randomized power-ups in Item Boxes, and can grant ten, twenty, thirty, or even hundred Rings in both games. However, there have been a few games after Sonic Adventure which have kept the original Super Ring monitors that only grant ten Rings, such as Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure and Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

File:Super ring.jpg

In Sonic Unleashed, Super Rings were introduced as items separate from Item Boxes. In this game, the Super Rings were presented as floating golden Rings that are slightly larger than regular Rings, with a number in the middle that tells how many Rings it will gain to the player, though the number of Rings they grant still only range between five, ten and twenty. A unique sound effect is played when Sonic collects a Super Ring, compared to the regular chime. 

Since their redesign in Sonic Unleashed, the Super Ring's status has been rather inconsistent, with the case depending on the situation and version of the game. In the Wii version of Sonic Colors, Super Rings are their own items, while the Nintendo DS version of the game has them as Item Box power-ups. Also, in the PS3/PC/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Generations, Classic acts have the Super Rings as monitor power-ups, while Modern acts have them as items of their own; the Nintendo 3DS version only features the Super Ring as a monitor power-up. Additionally, Sonic Lost World features them both as items of their own and Item Box power-ups. Getting one as a standalone item, the special chime plays, but when collected in an Item Box, the regular Ring sample plays. In Sonic Runners, Dr. Eggman carries huge pile of Rings in his Egg Mobile, some of which can be Super Rings as separate items. Hitting Eggman once makes him drop regular Rings and Super Rings. Some Companion Buddies like RC Turtle can turn regular Rings into Super Rings after receiving Combos, while Hunk of Meat gives extra amount of Rings for getting each Super Ring and the RC Pirate Spaceship will make more Super Rings appear during boss battles.

The Super Rings re-appear in Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania, with the former featuring them in a similar fashion to Sonic Generations, while the latter retains the original function from the Genesis games.

Types of Super Rings

Picture Title Notes
File:1 Ring Bonus.png
1 Ring Bonus
5 Ring Bonus
  • The second most-commonly used Super Ring type in the series, first time seen in Sonic Adventure.
File:10 Ring Bonus.png
10 Ring Bonus
  • The most commonly used Super Ring type in the series.
  • In earlier games and some others, the amount of Rings this type grants has never been shown.
File:15 Ring Bonus.png
15 Ring Bonus
File:20 Ring Bonus.png
20 Ring Bonus
30 Ring Bonus
File:40 Ring Bonus.png
40 Ring Bonus
50 Ring Bonus
100 Ring Bonus
  • Only appears in Sonic Dash mobile game.
  • Can only be obtained randomly by getting the Random Ring Bonus.
Question Mark Ring Bonus
Random Ring Bonus


In Sonic Chaos, Rings as big as Sonic are found in the first two Special Stages that are worth 10 rings each when collected.

Combine Rings

Main article: Combine Ring

Combine Rings first appeared in Knuckles' Chaotix, where they can be found at monitors with a blue Ring icon on them, much like Super Rings. The first Combine Ring functions differently by combining all collected Rings in the player score to the one large Ring (hence the name). This is noticeable when getting hit by an enemy or obstacle, as the player loses the large Ring and is able to grab it back with all collected Rings in the score. They then appeared in Sonic Mania, with a few minor changes; they are now called Hyper Rings, and rather than a single large Ring, the Rings are combined into a maximum of six large Rings, each with an equal amount.

Rich Rings

Main article: Rich Ring

Rich Rings appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings and the legacy missions in Sonic and the Black Knight. Much like Super Rings, the Rich Rings grant twenty extra Rings, and as well increase the Soul Gauge's energy.




  1. In game-files, there is a graphic for the Random Rings item, but it was ultimately unused in the gameplay of Sonic Adventure 2
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