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The Super Labyrinth[1] (エッグマンランド[2] Eggumarando?, lit. "Eggmanland") is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a fortress located on South Island.


Sonic Labyrinth

In Sonic Labyrinth, Dr. Robotnik started to build the Super Labyrinth on South Island after fooling Sonic into putting on his Speed Down Boots. Having finished the construction of the Super Labyrinth, Robotnik accidentally told Sonic that the only way to get the Speed Down Boots off was by getting the Chaos Emeralds, which were kept in the Super Labyrinth. As such, Sonic headed to the Super Labyrinth to retrieve the Emeralds.[2][1]

As Sonic made his way through the Super Labyrinth, he collected Keys to open doors that let him advance. Along the way, he battled many of Robotnik's robots and collected the Chaos Emeralds. At the end of this, he managed to get the Speed Down Boots off and leave the Super Labyrinth.

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