The Super Glove is an object that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is a Pickup item and an enhanced version of the Glove.


The Super Glove looks like a frozen version of the Glove, albeit with some crystal-shaped sparkles.


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Metal Sonic using the Super Glove.

In gameplay, the Super Glove has the same effects as a regular Glove, except it allows the racer to block hits from projectiles and obstacles and grab other racers' projectiles an unlimited number of times for about seventeen seconds. It also offers better protection against All-Star Moves than a regular Glove. Additionally, if the player gets and activates a Glove while a Super Glove is still in effect, it lengthens the Super Glove's duration, especially when activated if the said Super Glove is about to disappear.

The Super Glove can be collected via the Super Pickup item, though it will only give one Super Glove. To activate it in gameplay, press the Weapon button.


  • There is a bonus in the Bonus Chance machine that can award a power-up similar to the Super Glove, called Glove+. Although it has the same design, it can only block one hit, but it can stay active for an unlimited time.

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