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The Super Eggrobo Z[1] (スーパーエッグロボZ Sūpā Eggurobo Z?) is the penultimate boss of Sonic Advance 2. It is controlled by Dr. Eggman, and the player faces off against it at the end of the XX stage after defeating all of Eggman's recycled boss machines.


The Super Eggrobo Z

The Super Eggrobo Z is a giant robot with large speared eyes and a pointy nose. It has a set of two spikes on both shoulders and two claw-like hands. It has large boots at the bottom and what appears to be a jet-pack, or possibly a battery or power supply on its back. It is mostly gray and orange with black and yellow stripes. It has a red stripe on the back of its head.


Unlike the other boss battles in Sonic Advance 2, this one takes place in an arena with spikes covering the ceiling. Super Eggrobo Z itself stands menacingly (but completely immobile) at the right edge of the arena. Dr. Eggman fires off the mech's rocket arms like projectiles, which can be easily avoided. The player is also able to hit the arms, and after hitting each arm six times, they will be destroyed.

Super Eggrobo Z's most frequently used attack is to summon platforms on pillars that rise up from the middle of the arena, which the player can use to reach its vulnerable head. The player has to time their jump properly, because staying on a platform for too long will cause the player's character to be crushed by the spikes on the ceiling. The player must also time their attacks so as not to leap into Super Eggrobo Z's giant, nearly invisible eye laser. After hitting it four times, Super Eggrobo Z will start increasing the speed of its attack patterns. After another four hits, the machine will be destroyed completely, and the XX Space Station will begin to explode.

If the player hasn't collected all of the Chaos Emeralds from Special Stages, the game ends with ending cutscene and end credits after defeating Super Eggrobo Z and clearing XX stage. However if the player has collected all Chaos Emeralds, the game will open True Area 53 to play after clearing the XX stage. True Area 53 features final boss of the game, with Super Sonic once again being playable.


  • The Super Eggrobo Z is the successor of the original Super Egg Robot that appears in the first Sonic Advance game.
  • This boss was dubbed the Egg Bot in Prima's Strategy guide.
  • Super Eggrobo Z is the only boss in Sonic Advance 2 where the player does not chase it when fighting it (ie, the boss is completely stationary and the screen does not scroll).


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