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Super Egg Robot[1] (スーパーエッグロボ[2] Sūpāeggurobo?) is the boss of The Moon Zone, and the true final boss of Sonic Advance. It is controlled by Dr. Eggman.


The Super Egg Robot is a humanoid mech with a small speared head with one eye larger then the other, and a large body. There are discs on the sides with a set of arms that both end with three spiked clawed hands. In the middle of the body is a large black panel and at the botton is a set of boots. The Super Egg Robot is mostly colored blue with orange stripes. Its head and claws are gray and has a blue jet-pack attached to its back.


As always, Super Sonic begins with fifty Rings that deplete over time. If his Rings reach zero, he de-transforms and dies causing the player has to restart the fight from the beginning. He must dodge his onslaught by jumping and using the Super Sonic Boost onto the robot's head. It has the following attacks:

  • The Super Egg Robot digs into the ground, stirring up giant chunks of lunar rock that fly slowly across the screen. They will knock Super Sonic upon contact but they can be destroyed with the Super Sonic Boost.
  • The Super Egg Robot strafes the arena with a sweeping eye laser. Getting hit will only push Super Sonic back.
    • The Super Egg Robot's eye laser can also causes energy pillars to appear from the ground.
  • The Super Egg Robot fires small orbs that flutter through the air. If Sonic makes contact with it, he will be encapsulated inside, being unable to act for a few moments. If they are smashed with a Super Sonic Boost, however, it will explode into a shower of valuable Rings. These are the only sources of Rings for the player in the fight.




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