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The Super Claw[1] (スーパークロウ[2] Sūpākurou?) is a power-up that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. When obtained, Sonic the Werehog's attack power will be increased for a short time.


The Super Claw closely resemble a metallic grey brass knuckle with four long and thin, but sharp, blades on the outward section.


When touching the Super Claw in gameplay, Sonic the Werehog will glow with an orange aura and his attack power will be doubled, meaning his attacks will deal twice the amount of damage to enemies.

The Super Claws can only be found in the game's Nighttime Action Stages, where they are hidden inside specific breakable objects. To expose them, the player has to destroy these breakable objects.


  • The Super Claws are very similar to the war talons from Vexx which deal the same amount of damage.


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