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Quotation1 Oh man! My video game is going to be so epic! Quotation2
Dr. Eggman, "Eggman: The Video Game Part 1"

Super 'Stache Smash[1] is an object mentioned in the Sonic Boom television series. It was a state of the art video game that Dr. Eggman attempted to develop for the purpose of improving his public image.


Super 'Stache Smash was a 3D video game that used the latest motion capture technology to animate the in-game characters. It was meant to feature Dr. Eggman as the playable character and was intended to include a number of modern video game stables, such as boss battles, in-game dialogues, and cutscenes.[1]


TV series

Season two

When Dr. Eggman discovered that his 'Stache Smash video game, which was meant to improve his public image, was outclassed by modern games, the doctor began developing Super 'Stache Smash whose animation was based on motion capture. Seeking to capture Team Sonic's moves for the game's boss battles, Eggman would record the team while they were in action. When Eggman recorded his own moves for the game's protagonist though, he realized they were not cool-looking. After he was inspired to mo-cap Shadow's moves and then digitally replace Shadow's image with his own however, Eggman would trick Shadow into fighting Team Sonic while he recorded him.[1] After Eggman had gotten what he needed for his game however, all his mo-cap files ended up getting destroyed when lightning struck his lair, effectively ruining his game.[2]


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