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World Tour
Sunshine Coast

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The Sunshine Coast gate

Sunshine Coast is the first Tour in the World Tour mode of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The Tour contains a total of 24 stars to collect through events and 32 stars in total if the Expert mode is unlocked when unlocking Superstar Showdown.

Characters unlockable in Sunshine Coast

Image Name
Smabaunlock.png Amigo


Map icon Course Type Name Event
Sunshinemission1.png Ocean View
Coastal Cruise Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Sunshinemission2.png Dragon Canyon
Canyon Carnage Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Sunshinemission3.png Shibuya Downtown
Drift Challenge
Downtown Drift Drift inside zones to earn time. Pass every checkpoint to win!
Sunshinemission4.png Carrier Zone
Battlezone Blast Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Sunshinemission5.png Samba Studios
Studio Scrapes Eliminate Rivals in a series of Showdown Races!
Sunshine6.png Temple Trouble
Monkey Mayhem Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Sunshine7.png Roulette Road
Boost Challenge
Roulette Rush Boost to stop the clock. Pass every checkpoint to win!
Sunshine8.png Galactic Parade
Starry Speedway Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!

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