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Quotation1 As Eggman's forces continue to lay siege to the city, Sonic darts through the crumbling landscapes in pursuit of a friend-turned-foe. Quotation2
— Theme Trailer description[1]

Sunset Heights[2] (サンセットハイツ Sansettohaitsu?) is the fifteenth stage in Sonic Forces, and the sixth stage in the game to be played as Sonic.

Sunset Heights is a quaint downtown area in the City that has since been besieged and destroyed by Dr. Eggman's robot armies, turning it into an all-out war zone.[1] During the events of the game, Sonic came to Sunset Heights to find Shadow the Hedgehog and get some answers about why the Ultimate Lifeform joined the Eggman Empire.


Sunset Heights is a deserted, Eggman Empire-besieged town area in the City set during a partially clouded sunset that adds to the overall glum mood of the stage. The area's densely-built buildings resemble those found in real-life cities like San Diego. Sunset Heights itself is built in a blocky hill landscape with layered soil in different shades of brown and green grass on top of the hills that favors Green Hill. There is also a long red bridge in the background that stretches across a large portion of Sunset Heights. Also depicted in the background is a coastal area with a green island landscape that is connected to Sunset Heights by small bridge pathways.

Sunset Heights shows a scenario of complete chaos and war, with structures—buildings, monuments and houses, among others—being destroyed by hordes of Death Egg Robot sentinels that roam through the City in the background while Resistance forces shoot at them with artillery fire in an attempt to bring them down before they cause more damage. Air raid sirens can be heard as well, alerting any residents or civilians still in the City to evacuate. As such, much of Sunset Heights lies in ruins, with most of the local structures having suffered heavy damage and/or having been set ablaze. In addition, flaming balls of fire are falling from the sky, causing even more destruction.


Just as Tails has revealed that Dr. Eggman will have a some kind of plan for wiping out the Resistance ready in three days time, Vector reveals that Shadow is tearing through the Resistance's troops in Sunset Heights with support from the Eggman Army and requests reinforcements. Silver suspects Shadow is being controlled by Eggman's new power, but Sonic decides to get on the case and get some answers from the brooding hedgehog as to why he is helping the Eggman Empire.

As Sonic begins traveling throughout Sunset Heights, several characters communicate with him. Vector is surprised with how many Death Egg Robot sentinels are ravaging through the City as Resistance forces try to destroy them with concentrated artillery fire before they can cause any more damage to the already ravaged City; Charmy replies to Vector's revelation, as there are still many robots left to subdue; Silver suggests to Sonic that he should hurry; and Amy informs Sonic that Shadow has been sighted nearby, which prompts Sonic to hurry and find Shadow. Soon enough, Amy informs Sonic of more sightings of Shadow until Sonic eventually comes face-to-face with him. Sonic promptly asks Shadow for his deal, only for the black hedgehog, without saying anything, to charge at him. Right before he can strike however, another Shadow appears and takes the first one out using Chaos Control. As the beaten Shadow fades away, the real Shadow tells a confused Sonic that the Shadow he just faced was a fake; one of many heartless reproductions of familiar faces created by Infinite. Shadow explains the full story to Sonic, who believes they still can win, despite the odds, unaware of Knuckles already planning an attack on Metropolis without them with the full might of the Resistance behind him.


Sunset Heights is a fast-paced stage with destruction to avoid, along with an overwhelming number of enemies and obstacles, such as spikes. There are also a number of pathways in the stage to choose from, whether if the player wants to go along a higher route or a lower route. There are also red platforms that collapse a couple of seconds after the player steps on them.

Being a Sonic stage, Sunset Heights has numerous Wisp Capsules filled exclusively with White Wisps along the way for the player to charge their Boost Gauge with.


The stage starts out in a 3D perspective. First, the player must run down a road, which eventually shows a view of the Death Egg Robot sentinels on the left. After getting a view of the Death Egg Robot sentinels, Sonic will reenter the denser city area. There, the player must make their way through enemies and across stoops, before arriving on a sloping street with Springs at the end. These Springs will launch Sonic to another street that lies across a gap. From there, continue down the street Sonic lands on until he enters a round plaza with several enemies.

In front of the plaza is a shuttle loop which the player must pass through in order to enter a 2.5D section. This section presents several pathways, although the player ultimately has to climb to the rooftops of destroyed buildings and proceed onward from there. After then hitting a Grind Rail, continue down the incoming road until Sonic gets taken up to a higher path by a Pulley. Proceed then down this path to reach the goal.


The following are the suggested clear points for achieving a high enough score to achieve each Rank:

S-Rank A-Rank B-Rank C-rank
850,000 450,000 325,000 Less than 325,000



Name Artist Length Music Track
"Sunset Heights" Tomoya Ohtani 3:23
Sunset Heights


SONIC FORCES - Sunset Heights

SONIC FORCES - Sunset Heights


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