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Sonic Rivals 2
Sunset Forest Zone

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Sunset Forest Zone is the second Zone in Sonic Rivals 2. A dense woodland area, the Zone contains three Acts plus a boss fight at the end.


Unusually, it is this second level which is the most Green-Hill-esque, in Sonic Rivals 2 however Sunset Forest diverges significantly from the Tropical Island cliché. While the region does sport the characteristic checkered soil (and grass), it is very much a forest rather than a beach, with the thick canopy causing problems for Shadow and Metal Sonic, as it blocks out radio transmissions rendering them unable to communicate with Eggman. Giant trees studded with man-sized mushrooms abound, as well as swing-able vines and cascading waterfalls. Unique gimmicks in this level include ivy-covered walls the racers have to climb up, and giant, pirate-style cannons that the characters must jump in to be fired over obstacles - reminiscent of Carnival Night Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.


Sonic and Tails

Sonic and Tails chase Eggman Nega (disguised as Eggman) into the forest, where they lose sight of him. Tails finds that the Doctor has dropped a page of his book. It reads, "The all powerful Ifrit...." Unknown to them, they are being followed by certain hedgehog and his ninja friend.

Shadow and Metal Sonic

Shadow and Metal Sonic chase Eggman Nega to the forest but lose him. Shadow then finds Knuckles and tries to stop him on collecting the emeralds while Metal Sonic chases Rouge who keeps telling him to stop stalking her but then he gets challenged to a battle of Tag.

Silver and Espio

Espio decides to hide himself from Silver so he can observe Silver's actions undetected whether it has any connection to the Chao disappearances. Silver finds a Chao and looks throughout the forest for more Chao only to encounter Sonic who seems to be obstructing Silver as usual while Espio questions Tails about the heroic duo's presence and ask if they have any knowledge about the Chao disappearances.

Knuckles and Rouge

Knuckles gets annoyed with "Eggman" escaping and Rouge suggests that Eggman has an Emerald detector. Knuckles proceeds to finding the Master Emerald while Shadow intercepts, saying that he and Rouge can't get the Emeralds after mentioning that he would use an Emerald detector while Rouge asks Metal Sonic to "stop stalking" her.





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