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Sonic X
Sunblock Solution (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Sunblock Solution".

[Scene: A cruise ship]

[As the sun rises, the ship is anchored out at sea. Chris and his friends and family, minus Sonic, are celebrating New Year’s Day.]
Chuck: Just a few minutes to go.
Amy: This is the perfect way to start the new year!
Chris: Yeah, much better than celebrating at midnight.
Ella: Celebrating the first sunrise of the new year - great idea, Mr. Tanaka.
[She gently elbows Tanaka.]
Tanaka: Thank you.
Chris: Get ready, guys. As soon as the sun comes up, we use our noisemakers.
[He removes a party popper from a box he is holding. Everyone gathers round Chris to take party poppers except Cream and Cheese.]
Cream: Hold on, Chris! I think we should just wait for the sun instead because if we make too much noise, we might scare the sun away!
Cheese: Chaaoo!
Chris: The sun isn't gonna get scared away, Cream.
Vanilla: Don't you worry one bit, dear. The sun will be happy to get such a nice welcome!
Cream: Okay then. I'll take one.
[She heads over to Chris and claims a party popper for herself.]
Chris: Sonic needs one too.
[He looks around.]
Chris: Huh?
[But Sonic is nowhere to be found. Tails motions to the sky.]
Tails: Try that way.
[But Sonic is nowhere to be found. Tails motions to the sky.]

[Scene Change: An island]

Topaz: [On phone] I'm about to catch the first rays of the new yeay, Rouge.
Rouge: [Over phone] Yuck. When I go on vacation, I'll pick someplace nice, like a dark cave.
Topaz: [On phone] That doesn't sound very appealing to me.

[Scene Change: The White House]

[Rouge has her feet up on the President's desk.]
Rouge: [On phone] I'm a bat. For me, a cave's the perfect place to hang out and chill.
Topaz: [Over phone] Well, hanging out in a hole is just plain depressing. Now I see why your social life's so dull.
[Rouge frowns.]

[Scene Change: Cruise ship]

[Tanaka holds up his own party popper.]
Tanaka: OK. Let's get ready!
[Everyone holds up their party poppers.]
Tanaka: You will pull the strings all together. I will give you a signal as soon as the sun comes over the horizon. A few seconds more...

[Scene Change: The island]

[Topaz slips on her shades and prepares to watch the sunrise.]

[Scene Change: The cruise ship]

Tanaka: The sky is getting lighter... lighter... It's almost here...
[The sun begins to rise.]
Tanaka: Get ready... Go!

[Scene Change: Space]

[The moon moves in front of the sun, creating an unprecedented solar eclipse.]

[Scene Change: The island]

[As the sky darkens, a surprised Topaz sits up in her beach chair.]

[Scene Change: The cruise ship]

[Everyone sweatdrops.]
Chris: No way!
Amy: What's that?
[They can see the moon obscuring the sun.]
Chris: What's going on?
Cream: That doesn't look like the sun.
Cheese: Chao-chao chao chao!
[Sonic sits up.]
Scientist: It looks like a solar eclipse.

[Scene Change: Observatory]

Scientist 1: Something's wrong. There isn't supposed to be an eclipse.
Scientist 2: That's the Egg Moon, sir!
Scientist 1: Contact the President immediately!
Scientist 2: Right!

[Scene Change: The White House]

[The President is seated at his desk, flanked by Christina Cooper and several agents. He is making a video call with an official.]
President: It's the Egg Moon?
Official: Yes, sir. Dr. Eggman changed its orbit. He's credted an artificial eclipse.
President: I want to speak to that lunatic immediately!
[I want to speak to that lunatic immediately! ]
Dr. Eggman: Have no fear, Eggman's here!
[All eyes turn to them.]
Christina: How did you pass security?!
Dr. Eggman: I pretended I was a bar of soap and gave them all the slip.
[He and his hench-bots enter the office. One agent picks up his radio.]
Agent: [On radio] This is a Code Red alert.
[The other agent grab their guns and surround the enemies.]
Agent: Freeze!
Dr. Eggman: Now hold on! I came here peacefully.
President: Wait, men! Let's hear what he has to say.
[The agents stand down, allowing Eggman to approach the President’s desk.]
Dr. Eggman: Mr. President, please believe me. I didn't move the Egg Moon on purpose.
President: You mean you moved it accidentally.
Dr. Eggman: A solar storm affected the Egg Moon's control system. The Egg Moon went into a new orbit by mistake. I give you my solid word that this eclipse wasn't caused by me!
President: I don't believe you.
Dr. Eggman: Please, sir, I beg you to believe me! For I have a plan to make the sunshine return!
President: Well, we do need light desperately...
Dr. Eggman: And I'm the man to deliver it, sir! If I don't, lock me away!
Christina: What should we do, sir?
[The President takes a moment to think about it, while Eggman holds his hands together and puts on his most innocent-looking face.]
President: All right, I'll give you one chance.
[Eggman spreads forth his hands.]
Dr. Eggman: You won't regret this, Mr. President! My sunshine plan will leave you beaming!
[Later, the President and Eggman shake hands in front of the podium as the journalists take pictures.]

[Scene Change: The island]

[Topaz is packing up to leave the beach. She is again on the phone with Rouge.]
Topaz: [On radio] My vacation's been totally ruined now!
Rouge: [Over radio] It's a good thing you're a hothead. You don't need the sun to keep you warm.
[Elsewhere, Rouge is flying freely through the air.]
Rouge: [On radio] What could be better for a bat than a planet that's dark every day? This'll do wonders for my night life. Girlfriend, I'm flying high!

[Scene Change: The cruise ship]

[Cream and Cheese are crying.]
Cream: I told you we shouldn't make all that noise! The sun did get scared and now it's hiding!
Vanilla: Please don't cry, Cream dear. I'm sure the sun will come back soon. This eclipse surely won't last long.
[Sonic watches the eclipse with a grim expression.]

[Scene Change: The White House]

[Eggman is hosting a press conference with three other men.]
Journalist 1: We want some answers!
Journalist 2: How long will it take you to correct the Egg Moon's orbit and end the eclipse?
Dr. Eggman: I have bad news for you. The damage to the Egg Moon will be difficult to repair. For the moment, it will be impossible to move the Egg Moon.
Journalist: Are you telling us this eclipse will continue indefinitely?
[Eggman twiddles his fingers.]
Dr. Eggman: I'm sure I'll come up with a solution eventually, but I'm afraid it's going to take time. I'll have to write new software and run tests. Were I to act in haste, the consequences could be catastrophic.
Journalist: But without sunshine, the planet will freeze!
Dr. Eggman: [Stands up] I won't let it freeze! I can provide you with plenty of heat and light because I've invented an artificial form of sunshine!
Journalist: Artificial sunshine?
Dr. Eggman: Just you wait and see. This is my brightest idea ever.

[Scene Change: Rocket launch site]

[An Eggman-themed rocket is being prepared to launch. Decoe and Bocoe are standing among the personnel.]
Navigator 1: All systems are go.
Decoe: Roger!
Navigator 2: We're alls set for launch.
Bocoe: Prepare for countdown!
Bokkun: [Off-screen] Hold it! You can't start yet!
[Bokkun flies in with his TV.]
Bocoe: This better be important, Bokkun.
Bokkun: I've got a message for ya! Dr. Eggman has something personal to say!
[Eggman appears on the screen.]
Dr. Eggman: I have faith in you two.
Decoe and Bocoe: Thank you!
Bokkun: Why would he have faith in you two? You mess up every time!
Dr. Eggman: But mess up this time, and I'll dismantle you both with my bare hands and sell you piece by piece on the Internet!
Bocoe: He certainly has a unique management style.
Decoe: Yes. If his workers fail, he destroys them.
Bocoe: Do you really think he'll get rid of us?
Decoe: Only if he felt like it.
Bocoe: We will not fail!
Decoe: Is that actually a possibility?
Bocoe: Attention launch groups!
Decoe: Proceed with countdown!
[Decoe and Bocoe count down from five as the rocket prepares to take off.]
Decoe: 5!
Bocoe: 4!
Decoe: 3!
Bocoe: 2!
Decoe: 1!
Bocoe and Decoe: Lift off!
[The rocket takes off and enters the upper atmosphere of Earth. Once there, it ejects its primary thrusters and extends four small fins around its secondary thrusters before continuing on its trajectory towards the moon. Soon, it arrives. The rocket's forward thrusters allow it to slow to a complete stop. An umbrella-like part at the front of the rocket opens and expands. The rocket, now a satellite, tilts until it reflects the sun's light towards the earth. The light beam begins to power a tower that has been set up. A technician begins reading the power level.]
Technician: The system's power storage is now at 10% of full capacity and rising steadily.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Across Station Square, people watch the coverage of the eclipse.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Chuck's Lab, evening]

[Chris and his family and friends are watching the news as well. Scarlet Garcia is reporting the evening news.]
Scarlet: For several days now, the endless eclipse has blocked all sunlight from reaching our planet. But thanks to the work of Dr. Eggman, our world will soon be bathed in a new form of light.
[She is handed a paper.]
Scarlet: And now a brief message from our sponsor.
[The TV cuts to a commercial, which shows the words "Eggman TV Shopping".]
Decoe and Bocoe: [Singing] Are you feeling bad because it's always night? Eggman TV Shopping helps you see the light!
[The commercial then shows Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe in a sunny environment.]
Dr. Eggman: Living in the dark is not only depressing and a public safety hazard, but is bad for your lawn too! The solution...
[Eggman leaves the screen, and Bocoe and Decoe pull the cover off of an object, revealing a spherical object on a pole.]
Bocoe and Decoe: Ta-daa!
[Eggman returns to the screen.]
Dr. Eggman: It's the Sunshine Ball! Thanks to my new invention, even the dingiest darkness can now be filled with luschious luminosity.
[Chris appears surprised, but Sonic impassively looks on.]
Bocoe: If you call within the next twenty minutes, you can take advantage of our special offer. New customers are eligible for free delivery, and installation is half-price.
Dr. Eggman: I wish I could offer installation for free also, but the robot union won't let me. [Bows] Sorry about that.
[Bocoe and Decoe wave.]
Decoe: Hey! We robots have to pay for oil, you know!
Bocoe: Call to order your Sunshine Ball today.
Decoe: Our operators are standing by.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Soon, Eggman is flooded with callers from all over the city.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Chuck's lab.]

Decoe: [On TV] You better call soon.
Bocoe: [On TV] The Sunshine Ball is selling out.
Chris: What'll we do?
Chuck: Well, I miss the sun.
Ella: I ironed out the laundry days ago, and it still isn't dry. A Sunshine Ball will sure be handy.
Tanaka: [Nods] I agree.
Chuck: We should call for one right away.
[Sonic gets up and starts to leave the lab.]
Chris: Hey, Sonic...
[But Sonic leaves without saying a word.]
Tails: Sonic isn't sure this is a good idea. I don't think he trusts Dr. Eggman very much.
Amy: If we don't trust Dr. Eggman, we may have to live in the dark forever.
Chris: Maybe so, but how do we know Eggman is telling us the truth?
Amy: He sounds like he's sincere to me.
Tails: Who else would he make Sunshine Balls?
Chris: I guess you're right.
[Chris looks up to the screen, where he sees Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe swamped with callers.]
Dr. Eggman: Yes sir, your Sunshine Ball will be delivered to you right away. Tired of the dark? Then let the Sunshine Ball light up your day!
[Meanwhile, Sonic is running through a field, clearly determined to do something.]

[Scene Change: Helen's house]

[Decoe and Bocoe are installing a Sunshine Ball on top of the house. They soon finish screwing the device into place.]
Bocoe: Steady now...
Decoe: It is wobbly.
Bocoe: We have to attach it to the base.
Decoe: Roger.
Bocoe: Turn it clockwise... Keep going... A few more turns and we will be done.
Decoe: This certainly is hard work.
Bocoe: We should ask for a raise. ... Your Sunshine Ball is all set!
Decoe: We are ready to test it out now.
[The Sunshine Ball begins to glow brightly, bathing the area in a day-like warmth and glow, aweing Helen and her parents.]
Helen: It feels so warm. And best of all, the light is almost as bright as real sunshine.
[Meanwhile, Knuckles watches from a nearby cliff.]
Knuckles: [To himself] It seems like Eggman is trying to help everybody. Can he really be trusted? I guess we don't have a choice?
[All across Station Square, Sunshine Balls illuminate the otherwise darkened city. Bocoe and Decoe have gotten down from the roof of Helen’s house.]
Helen: Everybody should have a Sunshine Ball. Thank you!
Decoe: Sounds like another glowing recommendation!
[Decoe and Bocoe glance at each other while beaming and laughing. Soon, they drive away.]
Bocoe: You know, it feels wonderful to help others. My circuits are filled with positively-charged energy!
Decoe: We should do this all the time!

[Scene Change: The Mayor's Office]

[Protesters have gathered in the Mayor’s office. They appear to be led by Jerome Wise.]
Jerome: I represent people on the west side of the city. Why don't we have Sunshine Balls yet?
Mayor: It'll take time to light the whole city.
Jerome: Do you expect us to live in the dark forever? We demand our Sunshine Balls now!
[The protesters talk over each other.]
Mayor: Let's discuss this calmly.
Jerome: If we don't get Sunshine Balls in the next twenty-four hours, we'll march to the east side and take 'em!

[Scene Change: The Senate]

[Soon the decision is brought before the Senate.]
Senator 1: Mr. Speaker, my constituents demand their Sunshine Balls immediately!
Senator 2: Now hold on! The big cities have to be taken care of before any rural area.
Chairman: Quiet, please. Order, everybody.
[He bangs his gavel]

[Scene Change: Eggman's base]

[In Eggman’s new base, built into the side of a mountain, Bokkun is answering several phones at once.]
Bokkun: Hello? ... Please hold! ... Yes? ... One moment... We're a little backed up right now! We'll get there as soon as we can! Thanks for calling!
[He drops the phones.]
Bokkun: Hey! Dr. Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Consumer demand is greater than I expected. We'll need another mirror tower to produce more artificial sunshine.
Bokkun: Maybe the President can help us out!
[Eggman dials the President's number.]
President: [Over phone] Yes? This is the President speaking.
Dr. Eggman: [On phone] It's Dr. Eggman calling, Mr. President. Can the government get me some free land to build another Mirror Tower? With all the demand for Sunshine Balls, our business is blazing!
President: [Over phone] Of course, Doctor! Whatever you need.
Dr. Eggman: [On phone] All I can say is "Hail to the Chief!" [He laughs]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Jerome Wise and the protesters have gathered around a Sunshine Ball set up in the park.]
Jerome: Ah... We don't have to live in the dark anymore!
Grandpa: It's not as bright as the real sunlight...
Grandma: ...but it sure beats not being able to see when you go outside.

[Scene Change: Eggman's base]

Dr. Eggman: [On phone] You don't say.
President: [Over phone] A major crisis has been averted thanks to you, Doctor. You're truly a hero!
Dr. Eggman: A hero? You mean just like Sonic?
President: [Over phone] That's right.
[Bokkun is surprised.]
Dr. Eggman: [To himself] I've never been a hero before. Having a squeaky clean image could help me get a lot of dirty work done.
[It is revealed that several more Mirror Towers have been built around the vicinity of the first one. Sonic watches them.]
Sonic: You may have everybody else fooled, Eggman, but not me. You say you've built these towers to make sunshine, but you're keping everybody in the dark about your real plan. But I know what you're up to.
[Sonic runs towards one of the Mirror Towers, then executes a spin-dash, destroying it.]

[Scene Change: Helen's house]

[Helen and her mother are planting flowers under the heat and light of the Sunshine Ball.]
Helen's Mom: Don't forget to water them.
[Suddenly, the Sunshine Ball turns off.]
Helen: Our Sunshine Ball went out. What do we do now?

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[All over Station Square, Sunshine Balls turn off, plunging the city into darkness once again. Knuckles is in the city when this happens.]
Knuckles: What's wrong?

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

[Ella had been hanging her laundry.]
Ella: Without those Sunshine Balls, we're all washed up!

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Chuck’s lab]

[Chris, Chuck, Amy, Tails, Cream, and Cheese are watching the latest report.]
Scarlet: I'm coming to you live from Eggman's emergency press conference. The doctor has prepared a statement on the blackout.
[Eggman is being publicly interviewed.]
Dr. Eggman: Today a Mirror Tower collapsed, which overloaded the power grid and caused the system to shut down. We are doing everything we can to repair the damage quickly, and we hope to turn the lights back on in a few more hours.
Scarlet: Do you know why the Mirror Tower collapsed?
Dr. Eggman: We are investigating now.
Chris: Sonic...
Tails: What did you say?
Chris: Oh, it was nothing... Nothing much... [To himself] He'd never do something like that... would he?

[Scene Change: The White house]

President: I don't believe it!
[The President, the Director of Central Intelligence, Christina, Topaz, Rouge, and a few aides are watching footage of Sonic's rampage.]
President: Are you sure that this isn't a mistake?
Aide: We're positive, sir. I'll zoom in for a close-up.
[He zooms in to Sonic.]
President: It is Sonic. How could he?!
Christina: Sonic can be wild sometimes, but committing sabotage isn't in his character.
Rouge: But Sonic can't stand Dr. Eggman. I'd bet my wings that he knocked down that Mirror Tower out of jealousy.
Topaz: What are you talking about?
Rouge: We have all the proof that we need right on that video. Eggman is trying to help us, but Sonic still thinks of him as the enemy. He resents that we're working with Eggman.
Topaz: That's ridiculous!
President: You're suggesting Sonic caused a worldwide blackout because Eggman's on our side now?
Rouge: Who knows.
Christina: We should release the tape now, sir. The public must be informed that Sonic is a danger!
[The President buries his face in his hands. The Director of Central Intelligence takes a phone call.]
Director of Central Intelligence: [On phone] Hello, this is the President's office... [Shocked; Off phone] Sir, we have an emergency! We just lost another Mirror Tower!
President: We have to do something!
Christina: Do you want me to inform the media, sir?
President: Yes. Give them the tape.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[The video is shown to the public.]
Scarlet: There's been a late-breaking development in the Mirror Tower case. A video tape just released by the government shows the towers being destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog!

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Chuck's lab]

Chris: What? No way!
[he stands up]
Cream: Sonic doesn't do things like that! It has to be a mistake!
Tails: Yeah, I'd bet ya that video is a fake.
[Tanaka appears in the entrance.]
Tanaka: An unruly mob is gathering outside the mansion!
Chris: Wonderful.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

[Jerome Wise and the protesters are gathered outside the gates. Unlike before, they are violent.]
Protesters: We want Sonic! We want Sonic! We want Sonic! We want Sonic!
[Chris and the others have gathered just outside their door to watch.]
Chris: What'll we do? It sounds like they're really angry with Sonic. What made Sonic do something so crazy?
Tails: Sonic got pretty upset when he saw Eggman on TV.
Amy: So you think he did it just because he didn't want Dr. Eggman to be a hero? That's an awful thing to say!
Tails: But what other explanation could there be?
Chris: I'm sure he had a good reason.
Tails: Then why didn't he tell anybody?
Ella: They're breaking through!
[The protesters are already climbing the gates. Amy races towards them holding her hammer.]
Amy: Don't worry! Nobody's gonna get past me!
Chuck: Come back! You're only gonna make the situation worse if they see you're attacking!
[Amy stops]
Amy: What else can we do?
[Chuck races towards the protesters.]
Chuck: Let me try to resolve this peacefully!
Chris: Grandpa!
[Chris starts after Chuck. With one mighty push, the protesters break the gate down and storm ther way into the mansion.]
Protesters: Get Sonic now!
Chuck: Can't we talk about this?!
[Chuck and Amy are caught up in the stampede. Tanaka races towards them.]
Tanaka: Leave them alone or you will face me!
[But he too is trampled.]
Chris: [Shouting] Calm down, everybody!

[Scene Change: The Mirror Towers]

[The police are set up around the Mirror Towers as Sonic runs towards one of them.]
Police Officer 1: [On radio] Sonic is charging the tower! What are we supposed to do, pull him over for speeding?
Police Officer 2: [Over radio] Do whatever it takes to stop him.
Police Officer 1: [On radio] But how? Sonic is too fast for us!
[Sonic leaps clear over the officers and destroys the Mirror Tower anyway, covering the officers in ashes.]
Police Officer 1: Uh... My kids all look up to Sonic. How in the world am I gonna explain to them that he's become a bad guy now?

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

[Chuck, Chris, Amy, and Tanaka are being trampled by the protesters.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Base]

Dr. Eggman: Sonic's finally showing his true colors.
[Bocoe and Decoe enter carrying something covered in a red sheet.]
Decoe: Doctor, now that you're the hero...
Bocoe:'s time to make a change.
[Eggman leans forward expectantly as his hench-bots remove the cover, revealing a picture with a modified Sonic X logo, now reading "Eggman X".]
Bocoe and Decoe: Ta-daa!
Dr. Eggman: I love it! [To the viewer] Join us next time on Eggman X when the universe's greatest super genius finally puts the brakes on that spineless speedster Sonic the scuzbag! [He laughs heartily. The episode ends and the credits roll.]