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Modern Eggman and Classic Eggman, Sonic Generations (HD version)

The Sun Burst[1] is an attack used by the Time Eater in the HD version of Sonic Generations. It is the Time Eater's final attack where it summons a miniature sun to use against its foes.


The Sun Burst outside the battle tunnel, before being launched.

When performing the Sun Burst, the Time Eater summons the sun-like sphere that revolves around the tunnel in the center of time in front of it and directs it at its opponent. This attack is so powerful that a lone Super State user cannot overcome it. However, it is supposedly a risky technique to use.[1]

In gameplay, the Time Eater will use the Sun Burst after the player lands the second-to-last hit on it. When used against Modern Super Sonic and Classic Super Sonic, the Time Eater expands the Sun Burst into an unpassable wall in front of the Super Sonics, effectively preventing the player from getting close enough to the Time Eater for the final hit. The only way to get through the Sun Burst is to combine the Super Sonics' powers into a combined Super Sonic Boost that can shoot through the attack. To do so, the player has to hold down both Playstation-Button-L1.png and R1ps3.png/Xbox-Button-LB.png and Xbox-Button-RB.png. Failing to do so will repel the player and lead the Time Eater to follow up with another Sun Burst when the player gets close again.


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