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Sumi-eSupersonicNeedle SegaStoreBanner

Promotional banner for the merchandise from the ebten Sega Store.

Sumi-e Supersonic Needle is a Japanese pattern style for Sonic the Hedgehog series merchandise by Sega. The style is based on sumi-e ink wash painting intended for an expressive and dynamic look, similar to the 2D artwork for Sonic Adventure and the artwork for the 2019 wallpapers and calendars for Sonic Channel.

Merchandise of the style was first available at the Sonic Birthday 2019 event in Tokyo Joypolis to commemorate the twenty-eighth anniversary of the Sonic series. Merchandise included T-shirts, tote bags, and clear bottles.

  • T-shirt Sonic (2,800 yen)
  • T-shirt Shadow (2,800 yen)
  • Tote bag Sonic (1,500 yen)
  • Tote bag Shadow (1,500 yen)
  • Clear Bottle Sonic (1,600 yen)
  • Clear Bottle Shadow (1,600 yen)



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