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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Subterranean Sonic

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"Subterranean Sonic" is the second episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the second episode, it aired as the ninth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic's Disguises

  • Miner
  • Crossing guard
  • IRS auditor


After fuming about how much he hates Sonic, Robotnik's Deluxe-Highly-Callibrated-Hedgehog-ometer picks up Sonic's presence, being in the Marble Zone. He subsequently activates a Spring that launches Scratch and Grounder there. When they arrive, the Badniks chase Sonic and Tails, but they escape down a geyser which leads to a series of tunnels. Nevertheless, Scratch and Grounder decide to follow them.

Sonic and Tails find a cave full of gold and diamonds. They also meet a mole named Spelunk who thinks they want his money. He tries to blast them with a cannonball, but they manage to avoid it. The cannonball ends up trashing Scratch and Grounder. Sonic and Tails come across minecart tracks which they assume will lead them out of the underground tunnels. They run along the tracks, but are stopped by an angry Spelunk coming straight at them in a minecart. Sonic and Tails try to outrun him when they notice a family of turtles crossing the tracks. Sonic dresses as a crossing guard and stops Spelunk, allowing the turtles to cross the track. Once the turtles are safe, Sonic lets Spelunk's minecart pass. He and Tails once again attempt to leave the tunnels.

Running up a flight of steps, Sonic and Tails have almost reached the surface. Spelunk realizes he's been tricked by Sonic and pulls a lever which smooths out the staircase. This causes Sonic and Tails to slide back down the steps and into a cage. The bars are made from diamondius, the hardest substance on Mobius, so Sonic cannot cut through them. He instead crashes straight into the bars and falls to the floor, dizzy.

Scratch and Grounder return with Dr. Robotnik in drilling vehicles which they plan to use to obtain Spelunk's loot and capture Sonic simultaneously. Angry that Robotnik is after his treasure, Spelunk blames Sonic, saying this never would've happened if he hadn't set foot in his domain and opens a pit in the cage where Sonic and Tails are being kept. Scratch and Grounder use dynamite to blow a hole in the ground. The cave crumbles and a large diamond breaks the cage open, freeing Sonic and Tails. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder fall into the pit.

With the cave crumbling, Sonic decides to escape, but Spelunk doesn't want to leave his treasure behind. Sonic saves Spelunk from being crushed by a falling boulder. He is touched that Sonic saved him, so he returns the favor by leading them outside the tunnels to safety.

Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder, who have somehow escaped the pit, begin to steal Spelunk's treasure. Sonic, who is dressed like an IRS auditor, informs Scratch and Grounder of all the paperwork and taxes they have to deal with for acquiring this large amount of treasure. The initials for the taxes spell 'You are so stupid'. Sonic binds the three villains in calculator paper and sends them up a conveyor belt into Robotnik's Egg-o-Matic. Spelunk then pours gunpowder on the conveyor belt and lights it with a match. Sonic quickly removes the treasure from the Egg-o-Matic before the gunpowder explodes and sends Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder blasting off.

Spelunk says he's never met such greedy, miserly jerks before in his life, but Sonic and Tails point out that he is one himself. Spelunk thanks Sonic for showing him the error of his ways and he decides to use his fortune to buy chili dogs for Sonic and Tails. As they walk, Sonic, Spelunk, and Tails see Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder on top of the rising geysers.

Sonic Sez

Tails won't share his hot dogs with Spelunk and Spelunk won't share his chili with Tails. Sonic explains the benefits of sharing and they make Chili Dogs.

(Spelunk and Tails are having lunch)

Spelunk: "Hey Tails, got an extra dog?"

Tails: "Sorry, this is all I got. Got some extra chili?"

Spelunk: "Sorry kid, this is all I got."

Sonic: "Hey! If we share, why we can turn those ordinary hot dogs into three mouth-watering, tastebud-tantilizing chili dogs! (Sonic turns to the kids) See, guys? If you share, everyone's happy!"


  • When Sonic is about to enter the caves, his arms are blue instead of tan. This error also happens in the shot when Sonic said "Hmm. Maybe you should consider a carreer in politics" and when he's hanging for dear life.
  • In the shot where Spelunk said "I oughta! I oughta!" when Sonic and Tails are running up the hill to the surface, Sonic is wearing his miner disguise when he's suppose to keep wearing his crossing guard disguise.
  • Sonic's crossing guard disguise disappeared when he hits the diamondius bars.
  • In the shot where Robotnik explains to Scratch and Grounder that "they're just going to have to tear the whole territory to pieces", Robotnik's bottom half of his bodysuit is red instead of black.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Podzemni Sonic Underground Sonic
French Sonic souterrain Sonic Subterranean
German Der Geizkragen The miser
Italian Avventure sotterranee Underground Adventures
Portuguese (Brazil) Sonic Subterrâneos Sonic Underground
Portuguese (Portugal) Sonic Subterrâneo Sonic Underground
Spanish (Mexico) Sonic bajo tierra Sonic underground
Spanish (Spain) Sonic subterráneo Sonic underground


  • Spelunk attends Sonic's testimonial banquet in the episode "Hero of the Year".
  • Grounder's drilling machine looks like Robotnik's body from the video games: sphere shaped with a red top half and a black bottom half, with round buttons.
  • In this episode, Sonic keeps his costumes on after his initial use of them.
  • Overseas animation for this episode was done by Saerom Animation.