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Submerged Sonic
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This is the transcript of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Submerged Sonic".

Note: Scenes that were cut from certain reruns are highlighted in red.

[The episode begins with a view of the beach as the camera moves in on the ocean. We see a menacing submersible underwater.]

Dr. Robotnik: [laughs] My supreme sea-going submersible robo-sub is wonderful!

[Robotnik, wearing an admiral's uniform, presses a button and lowers the command chair he's sitting in. Grounder and Scratch, dressed like sailors, are doing their "duties".]

Robotnik: Sea man Scratch! Test torpedoes!
Scratch: Aye-aye, your repulsiveness!

[As Scratch picks up a rod used for firing cannons, he ends up hitting Robotnik in the back of the head as he turns around and walks to the right. Outside the sub, a torpedo launches at an underwater rock formation, destroying it.]

Robotnik: All systems are working perfectly. And best of all, Sonic the Hedgehog will never be able to ruin my plans here under the ocean.

[The scene cuts to Scratch and Grounder, fighting over who gets to pilot the submersible.]

Grounder: Aw, c'mon, feather-head! I wanna steer! It's my turn!
Scratch: No, it's my turn!

[Scratch pushes Grounder offscreen. When Grounder slams into the wall, the lantern above him comes off and falls on his head. A cuckoo sound is heard as the lantern opens up to show Grounder's battered face. Mini Grounders circle around his head to show his dizziness.]

Scratch: Depth: One five zero niner Mobian Meters, Admiral Robotnik! What is our first target?

[The scene cuts to Robotnik looking at a viewing monitor. He pushes the lever that turns on the monitor.]

Robotnik: The undersea city of Labyrinth. And its valuable treasure of Power Pearls!

[The camera zooms in on the domed city of Submerbia in the Labyrinth, then cuts to what is unquestionably the throne room. The king, Saline, is shouting at a young surfer named Surff.]

King Saline: W-w-what importunance! What gall! How dare you even just suggest such a thing!
Surff: Well, like, let's face it, dude. I love her, and--and she, like, loves me, so--
Saline [heard offscreen]: SILENCE!!!

[Surff cringes. Saline turns to another chair in the room, in which sits his daughter, Princess Bubbles.]

Saline: Is this true? Have you, my only daughter, a princess of the realm, been seeing this--this soggy surf rat?
Princess Bubbles: He's not a soggy surf rat, father! He's wonderful! He wants to join the fight against Robotnik!
Saline: He wants to waste his time, you mean. Robotnik will never bother us down here!
Surff: Whoa! Now, that's like, not true, your dudeship! You'll see!
Saline: See? See? I'll see all right, you insolent young wastrel! By the sacred Power Pearls, I'll see you banished from this kingdom immediately!
Surff: Whoa! Cold, Mr. K!

[Bubbles stands up and wraps her arms around Surff.]

Bubbles: No! Please, father! Give him a chance!
Saline: I am giving him a chance. A chance to keep his head attached to his shoulders!
Surff: Oh, wow, man. So that's where it goes.
Saline: GET OUT!

[Saline directs the electrical power with his fingertip at Surff, who narrowly avoids the attacks.]

Surff: Whoa! Bad karma, dude! Better bail!

[Surff and Bubbles run screaming from the room. After the doors shut behind them, they take the time to catch their breath. Back inside the throne room, the electrical bolts bounce off the door and hit Saline in the rear.]

Surff: Man, your dad is like, royally ticked, Bubbles.
Bubbles: I'm sorry, Surff. He just doesn't know how wonderful you are, that's all.
Surff: Whoa. Looks like he won't even get a chance, either. I've been banished.

[Bubbles hugs Surff again.]

Bubbles: Oh, Surff. How could things possibly be worse?
Surff: (glances up) Oh no. You like, had to ask.

[At that moment, Dr. Robotnik's submersible shows up. It smashes the glass dome with one of its exo-claws, causing water to pour inside and flood the kingdom. Bubbles screams.]

Surff: Bubbles!

[Surff watches in terror as Bubbles is swept away. The submersible's exo-claw grabs her out of a whirlpool as a bunch of bubbles transition the scene. Back on land, Sonic and Tails are at a camping site. Tails is doing the dishes while Sonic appears to be lounging.]

Tails: Yeah? When I'm cleaning, you seem to be leaning! I thought you were supposed to be drying these plates!
Sonic: No sweat, kid. Just gimme a towel and watch me howl.

[Tails throws a towel to Sonic. In no time flat, the hedgehog has all the dishes dried and stacked on the shelves.]

Sonic: Ta-da! Wrecked 'em!
Tails: One third of a second? You call this splitting the chores?
Sonic: Ain't the speed. It's the deed, Tee. Now what say we go stop some Robotnik rottenness?
Tails: Yeah!
Sonic: Like I said, if you don't clean up the dirt occasionally, it'll just get worse.
Tails: Let's go!
Sonic: Follow me, Tee. We're outta here.

[Sonic and Tails are off like a shot. They follow the winding trails of the grasslands.]

Sonic: Robotnik's sure been quiet the last few days.
Tails: Maybe he's been up to something we haven't heard about.
Sonic: Tee, the only way I wouldn't hear about something the egg-meister's up to is if he'd fallen into the--sea!

[Tails and Sonic have now made their way to the beach. They are going so fast, they don't notice Surff, who has come out of the water. The duo run into Surff and land in the water.]

Surff: Whoa! Catch your own wave, dude! You wiped me!
Sonic: "Dude"?
Surff: But, like, it's cool, you know. We're all like brothers against Robotnik. right, dude?
Sonic: Uh, right.

[Surff comes out of the water.]

Surff: Say, any of you dudes know where I can find Sonic the Hedgehog?
Tails: Sure. He's Sonic the Hedgehog.
Surff: Whoa! No way!
Tails: Way.
Surff: Sonic the Hedgehog. This is just too awesome! My name's Surff. I've been looking all over for you, dude!
Sonic: You may be a nice guy, but do you have to talk so slo-mo?
Surff: Robotnik's attacking the undersea kingdom of Labyrinth!
Sonic and Tails: What???
Surff: Yeah! And not only that, he's kidnapped my girlfriend, the Princess Bubbles! We gotta save her, dude!
Sonic: Now you're talking my language! Got a way to get us there?
Surff: My paddle-sub. It's right over there.

[He points in the direction of said vehicle as the camera shows it parked on the beach.]

Sonic: Well then, let's get speeding!
Surff: Whoa!

[The scene changes to show the group inside the paddle-sub.]

Surff: Whoa! This is stoked, dudes! With the three of us paddling, we should be there in, like, a couple hours.
Sonic: Better just fasten your seatbelt, Surff, 'cause this sub is about to sail!
Surff: What's he talking about? Whoa!

[The sub suddenly lurches forward. Sonic is pedaling rapidly with his super speed.]

Surff: This speed is totally stoked!

[A goldfish is quick to dash out of the way of the sub. An octopus is fighting a moray eel, and the two combatants are tangled up as the sub cruises past them.]

Surff: There's just one problem, dudes.
Tails: I hate it when he says that.
Surff: Robotnik stuck a bunch of his robot guards all around the kingdom. Look out, buds! We're about to get speared!
Sonic: I get the point. Evasive maneuver time, guys! Feet, do your stuff!

[The sub manages to evade the robot guards.]

Surff: Ha! Ditched those wave-hogs.
Sonic: Don't count on it.

[The robots are still in pursuit. They launch torpedoes at the sub, but miss.]

Sonic: Dive! Dive!

[The sub approaches an underwater archway.] Surff: Going down, dudes! [The sub makes it through as torpedoes hit the archway. The archway collapses on the robots when they try to follow.]

Tails: Yeah! Lowered the boom on them!
Sonic: Now that's what I call a "crushing" defeat.
Surff: And we're almost to the kingdom, buds.

[The scene changes to Robotnik's submersible still near the kingdom. The breach in the glass dome has been sealed up.]

Grounder: Aw, c'mon, your brilliance! Let's finish them off! We could blow up the dome and smash the castle and crush the whole city! Please? It'll be fun!
Robotnik: Don't be stupid!
Scratch: Yeah! Don't be stupid, stupid! Dr. Robotnik wants me to lead the attack! Isn't that right, your eminence?
Robotnik: Knock it off!

[Robotnik presses a button on the command chair, which activates a kicking mechanism. The two Badniks get knocked offscreen. Stars are shown dancing around their heads. Robotnik then walks over to Scratch and shakes him vigorously.]

Robotnik: Why should I waste my energy and my ammo?

[Robotnik tosses scratch offscreen and heads over to Grounder. He lifts Grounder up.]

Robotnik: What good to me is a destroyed city?
Grounder: Gee, I don't know.
Robotnik: NOTHING, you bolt-brained dolt!

[Robotnik slams Grounder to the ground, causing him to fall apart. He then pulls Scratch's hat down over him.]

Robotnik: Why should I bother doing anything when I have the King's own daughter in my evil clutches?

[Bubbles is shown tied to a chair. She's being held hostage.]

Robotnik: The King will have to surrender the city to me. And Labyrinth, with all its riches, will be mine! [laughs] Do you know what the best part is?

[Robotnik grabs Scratch by the neck and shakes him again.]

Robotnik: Absolutely no interference from that meddling hedgehog!

[Robotnik drops Scratch and sits down in the command chair.]

Robotnik: Open hailing frequencies, Mr. Grounder. It is time to issue an ultimatum!
King Saline: If that odiferous egg-belly harms one hair of my daughter's head, I'll-
Grounder: [over the woofers] Attention! Attention! His magnificent malevolence, the majestic Dr. Robotnik calling King Saline!
King Saline: Lower the view screen.

[The view screen is lowered.]

King Saline: What is it you want, you revolting rot of rotten seaweed?

[Robotnik is seen on the view screen, smiling.]

Robotnik: Please. Spare me the flattery, King Saline. I've come to make you a most generous offer.
King Saline: Let my daughter go, you putrid pile of pompous pudginess!
Robotnik: Your daughter is perfectly fine. How long she stays that way depends on you.
King Saline: What do you want?
Robotnik: Just your kingdom and all the power pearls within it!
King Saline: NEVER!
Robotnik: I'm afraid you have no choice, your miserable majesty. Either you hand over your kingdom to me, or you'll never see your daughter again!

[King Saline uses the pearls to zap the screen in anger, destroying it.]

King Saline: [growls] That two-timing tyrant! How dare he?! I'll- I'll...I'll do what he says. I have no other choice.
Sonic: Oh, yes you do, your leadership. You can fight and we're here to help you.
King Saline: What? You again? Guards! Arrest these intruders!
Sonic: But, your majesty! You don't understand! We're freedom fighters!
King Saline: If you're with that no-good wastrel, you're underling free-loading bums! Take them to the dungeon!
Tails: What's happening?
Sonic: I don't know, keed, but this isn't the warm pacific welcome I expected.

[Outside in front of the castle, the submersible arrives; Robotnik laughs.]

Robotnik: Forty-five minutes left! Forty-five minutes until the kingdom and all its power pearls are mine!
Scratch: Oh, you're a genius, your eminence!
Grounder: And you're also real smart, too!
Robotnik: Yes, and with the energy contained in those power pearls, I'll be able to build a giant robot army, an army that cannot be stopped, even by Sonic the Hedgehog! [laughs evilly]

[Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails, and Surff have been thrown in the dungeon.]

Sonic, Tails, and Surff: Yow! Oof!
Sonic: Man, this King Saline could sure use a lesson in guest relations.
Tails: Yeah, I thought you were the princess' boyfriend!
Surff: I am! Bubbles is my bodacious babe, but his dudeship thought I was not worthy. Can you believe that?
Tails: Well...
Sonic: Hmm. King Saline may be my kind of guy after all.
Surff: Look, I know I'm not like Mr. Wonderful or anything. But Bubbles is, like, the most important thing in my life. I don't care what happens to me, dudes, but we gotta save her! Please? [sobs]
Sonic: Hey, not only will we save your main squeeze, Surf brain, but if we pull this off right, we'll get her dad to welcome you with open arms as well.
Surff: Really? That's awesome, dude! But how are we gonna get outta here?
Tails: Leave that to Sonic!
Sonic: Yeah, my triple spin buzzsaw will flatten that door in nothing flat! [Sonic uses his spin to open the door, bringing it down and flattening the guard standing outside while Sonic, Tails, and Surff escape. The guard then sets off the alarm. King Saline and a guard are playing chess when the alarm rings.]
King Saline: What? What now? [He glances out the window to see Sonic, Tails, and Surff escape.] A jail break!
Surff: Why are you pushing me, dude?
Sonic: So it'll look like you're leading this breakout. Now say something brave.
Surff: This way, dudes! Our fight for the kingdom has just begun!

[Despite the drawbridge closing, Sonic, Tails, and Surff make it out.]

Surff: Yahoo!
King Saline: By the sacred power pearls, that young waste tube is more initiative than I gave him credit for. Not to mention the fastest feet in the kingdom. [runs off]

[Sonic, Tails, and Surff head for the paddle-sub. Meanwhile, in his submersible, Robotnik looks at the time.]

Robotnik: Five more minutes! Oh, what the heck? Go ahead and fire, Mr. Scratch!

[An oblivious Scratch rubs his ear.]

Scratch: What did you say, your excellence?
Dr. Robotnik: I said fire!

[Scratch runs, thinking Robotnik meant there's a fire inside their submersible; he runs past Grounder.]

Scratch: Fire! Fire!
Grounder: Fire? Where? Where? Where?
Scratch: Gimme that! I'll do it!
Grounder: No, it's mine!
Scratch: It's mine! Let go!
Grounder: It's mine! It's mine! Give it!

[Robotnik tries to break up the fight, but gets sprayed and sent up in the rising chair where his head gets hit on the glass dome.]

Robotnik: Ohh!

[Scratch and Grounder's fight continues until Robotnik shows up, takes the fire extinguisher and breaks it like an egg. He discards the pieces.]

Robotnik: Now that I have your attention, fire on that kingdom!
Scratch: Aye aye!
Grounder: Aye aye!
Scratch and Grounder: Aye-yi-yi!
Scratch: Right away, your viciousness!

[Grounder notices something on the screen.]

Grounder: Wait! Something's happening! Look!

[View screen shows Sonic, Tails, and Surff.]

Robotnik: What? No! It can't be! It's that blasted hedgehog!
Bubbles: And Surff!
Robotnik: Full speed ahead, Mr. Scratch! Now!

[Scratch runs but bumps into the pole and the chair crashes down on his head.]

Scratch: Battle station! Battle station!

[Robotnik's submersible gets closer as Sonic finishes pumping up the sub.]

Tails: Uh-oh!
Sonic: Looks like ol' Egg Belly spotted us. Let's get movin'!
Surff: Wait! Let's take these power pearls, dudes, and they may be useful!
Sonic: Just move it, will ya? We're under attack here!

[They board the sub and zoom off as the torpedoes fire; one torpedo destroys the area where the sub landed.]

Robotnik: That hedgehog'll not escape me this time! Fire two, Mr. Grounder!
Grounder: Fire to what? To where?
Robotnik: Fire two torpedoes to stop that hedgehog!
Scratch: I'll do it. It's my turn!
Grounder: It's mine! [His tread runs over Robotnik's foot and he yells in pain; Scratch laughs at this but gets pounded offscreen by an angry Robotnik; Grounder fires the torpedoes and one heads for the sub.]
Tails: Torpedo on our tails, Sonic!
Sonic: I'm pedaling as fast as I can, keed!
Surff: The power pearls! You bang them together like this, and they explode in five seconds!
Sonic: Explode?
Surff: Yeah, big blast, too!
Sonic: In five seconds?
Surff: More or less, yeah.
Sonic: Then could I make a suggestion?
Surff: Sure, dude, fire away.
Sonic: Get rid of it!
Surff: Oh, yeah! Good thinking, dude! [Surff opens hatch to discard the power pearls, which blow up the oncoming torpedo.]
Surff: Yeah, what a light show!
Sonic: Yeah, but if I know Robotnik, the show's just beginning.

[The claws in the submersible pinch.]

Robotnik: That miserable mammal will soon learn the price of defying Dr. Robotnik! Mr. Scratch, summon my Robo-Ray!
Scratch: At once, your appalling majesty! [Whistles through megaphone and Robotnik plugs his ears.]
Robotnik: [groans] I simply must come up with a better way to summon my Robo-Ray.

[A speaker from outside Robotnik's submersible sends underwater waves to call on the Robo-Ray.]

Surff: [off-screen] Whoa! What now, dudes?
Tails: [off-screen] I don't know!
Sonic: [off-screen] But you can bet we ain't gonna like it!

[The waves stop and a pair of eyes from the Robo-Ray come forth from an underwater cave and swim.]

Surff: Check it, dudes! Did you hear that? [He looks outside and screams as the Robo-Ray, with a deranged grin, swims their way.]
Surff: Get us outta here and get us off now!
Bubbles: [watching the screen in horror] Oh, no! Surff!
Robotnik: I fear your beamish beau will not even make one bite for my Robo-Ray. [Robotnik laughs wickedly until Bubbles stomps on his foot.] Oww!
Surff: Bad news, buds! I've been checking today's sushi menu, and I think we're on it!
Sonic: Not yet! [runs to hatch] What that mechanical monster needs is just a little touch of indigestion, hedgehog style. [Water gushes in his face, making him cough; goes out to fight the Robo-Ray.]
Sonic: Time for a sharp attack of heartburn! [Sonic spins like a buzzsaw and gets inside the Ray to destroy it.]
Tails: Yeah! Sonic, do it!
Robotnik: [Watching the fight] No!

[The Robo-Ray is sliced in half; Sonic does a thumbs up pose and re-enters the sub.]

Tails: Way to go, Sonic! You sure filleted that flounder! [He and Sonic shake hands.]
Robotnik: Why, that pesky porcupine! I'll pulverize him! Attack, Mr. Scratch!
Scratch: Aye aye, sir! Attack! Attack! [Submersible pursues the paddle-sub, smashing an underwater archway to pieces.]
Robotnik: Mr. Scratch, raise the robot-key chair!
Scratch: Aye aye, boss! [Raises chair too high and too close to the glass dome.]
Robotnik: [strained] Ohh! Lower the chair, Mr. Scratch! Lower the chair, Mr. Scratch! [Chair is sent down.]

[The pursuit continues.]

Sonic: I've had about enough! Swing her around, Surff, and Tails, grab a couple of those power pearls!

[The paddle-sub turns around to face Robotnik's submersible.]

Robotnik: So they want to ram me, do they? Very well! Full speed, Mr. Scratch!
King Saline: Well, I must say, the boy's showing impressive results. But there's no chance, is there?

[Both the paddle-sub and submersible zoom at each other.]

Sonic: Wait for it...

[Scratch and Grounder are seen controlling the submersible and steam poofs out.]

Robotnik: Ramming speed!
Sonic: Now!

[Tails bangs two power pearls together and drops them out the hatch, which head for Robotnik's submersible.]

Robotnik: NO! NO! [The power pearls blow up the submersible, which break it in half; Bubbles screams as she is seen plummeting until Surff catches her, unties her and she kisses him.]

[We go now to the front of the Labyrinth kingdom.]

King Saline: And so, for your courage and resource in fighting the evil Robotnik, I now pronounce you commander of the Royal Labyrinth and Defense Force.
Bubbles: Oh, Surff! I'm so proud of you!
Surff: So, dudes, sticking around for the wedding?
Sonic: Nah, we gotta get back.
Tails: Robotnik's sure to be starting something else pretty soon.
Surff: Well, we're all in the fight together but give me a holler anytime, dude.
Sonic: I'll do that. Welcome to the rebels against Robotnik...dude. [he and Surff laugh]

[Cut to a raft on ocean with Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder on it.]

Scratch: Hey, Grounder, you gorgeous hunk of high-tech, you can have my turn!
Grounder: Aw, no, buddy. You can have my turn.
Scratch: Please! After you!
Grounder: Oh, no, no, no. I insist. After you.
Robotnik: [annoyed] Will you shut up and row? [groans; Scratch and Grounder row separate ways but stretch out the raft; Robotnik growls; Scratch and Grounder proceed to row off]
Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[episode ends]

Sonic Says[]

[The screen irises in on Surff, who is standing atop a cliff.]

Surff: Hey dudes, check this out!

[Surff points to the ground below with his left index finger. Sonic and Tails are sitting on a picnic blanket below a tree, when Tails stands up.]

Tails: Sonic, he's gonna jump!
Sonic: Looks more like he's gonna take a dive to me.

[Surff jumps off the cliff.]

Surff: Totally radical!

[Before Surff can land in the water, he suddenly comes to a stop. The camera zooms out, revealing that Tails has caught him by his tail fin with his right hand. Sonic walks up to him.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: Diving into shallow water won't hurt a cartoon character, but a real person could wind up really hurt, or worse!

[Surff looks up at Tails.]

Surff: Thanks, Tails! That would have been a major bummer!