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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sub-Sonic".

[Scene: Robotnik's oil drilling platforms, day.]

Robotnik: Excellent, Snively.
[Robotnik's face appears on a monitor]
Robotnik: It appears that the probes have found another oil lake.
Snively: It appears that way, Sir.
Robotnik: What are the holding tank oil levels?
Snivley: 36 percent capacity, Sir. By tonight we should reach 50 percent.
Robotnik: Oh, I assure you Snively, you will do better than 50 percent; much better.
Snivley: But, Sir, we've been running at maximum power for 10 days...
Robotnik: We will go on 10 days if necessary. Understood?
Snivley: Understood, Sir.
Robotnik: There is a world of oil down there, Snively, and I shall have it all.

[Scene Change: Great Forest, day.]

Sally: I just don't understand it, Rotor. I calculated the exact proportions of water to sun ratio and energized the soil, but these trees don't respond.
Rotor: Yeah. They look pretty sick all right. In fact, a lot of the trees around here aren't looking so hot.
Sally: Antoine, how are the other trees doing?
Antoine: [sigh] Oh, not so too very good my Princess.
Tails: How come the trees are dying, Aunt Sally?
Sally: Well, I think Robotnik's pollution is spreading farther and farther from the city, honey.
Antoine: Well, I am thinking that maybe they die from this horrible fraternizer. Phew!
Tails: [laughs] Not fraternizer, Antoine. Fertilizer.
[Thunder shows up.]
Antoine: What is this?
Sally: Looks like a storm is coming. Maybe some rain will bring these trees back to life.

[Scene Change: Bridge, day.]

Sonic [singing]: Just put the pedal to the metal and baby I guarantee... You'll be juicin' to the tenth degree. Crank it supersonic. It don't take any fuel, cuz the rocket's in my pocket and I'm wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay past cool!
[Sonic bows to an imaginary audience.]
Sonic: Thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you.
[The fish jumps out of the river and back into the river.]
Sonic: Whoa! Hang on, fish sticks, cuz we're gonna rock 'n' reel!
[Sonic is dragged down the river.]
Sonic: Whoa! This is one tough tuna!
[Sonic continues sliding down the river while hanging onto his fishing pole. As he heads to the log, he lets go of his fishing pole.]
Sonic: [cough] Rather have a chili dog anyway.

[Scene Change: Freedom Fighters' garden, day.]

Sonic: And I'll tell ya, that fish stick was so big, he pulled me right off the bridge and I water-skied behind him for 10 miles. Then he stole my pole!
Rotor: Bummer. I was ready for some fish sticks.
Tails: I bet he was big as a tree, huh Sonic? Bet it was even big as a house, huh?
Sonic: You got it, big guy.
Antoine: Pardonnez-moi, Sonic, but are you thinking we were born tomorrow, hmm?
Sonic: It's all true, Ant. A hedgehog never lies.
[Sonic shakes the water out of his ear, which landed on the flower. The water on the flower makes it bloom.]
Sonic: Whoa! What's up with the old flower?
Antoine: Ah! Fantastique!
Sally: Oh my gosh! Sonic, what did you do?
Sonic: I dunno. I just knocked water out of my ear. Like this.
[Sonic shakes the water out of his ear once again, which landed on the crops.]
Sonic: Guess it wasn't the water.
Tails: Wow! Cool, Sonic!
Antoine: I do not believing my ears...
Sally: Sonic, where did this water come from?
Sonic: The Great River, near our bridge.
Sally: Then we have to get more of it.

[Scene Change: Great River, day.]

Sonic: Very cool boat.
Rotor: Gosh, no big deal.
Sonic: Come on, man; you're totally hot with the ol' hammer.
Rotor: Yeah, but who cares about some nerdy handyman. I'd rather be a superhero like you. Now that's cool.
Sonic: Can't argue that. When you're right, you're right. But it's still a cool boat.
Antoine: Rotor! Look out for the big log!
Sonic: Just chill and enjoy the scenery, Ant.
Antoine: Oui. Oui. [takes a deep breath] I am chilling.
Sally: Look guys. Those trees are dying, just like the ones in Knothole. Somehow, we have to figure out a way to revive them before the whole forest dies.
Sonic: Maybe that weird, green water will do it.
Antoine: Rotor, why are we going too fast?
Rotor: Yeah, the current is picking up speed.
Sally: Can't you slow down, Rotor?
Rotor: I can try.
Sonic: Man, we're really startin' to juice! Hey! What's up?
Antoine: I am not liking this too much, Rotor!
[Everyone screams as the boat enters a whirlpool.]
Sally: My gosh! Where are we?
Rotor: That's what I'd like to know.
Sonic: Looks like some kind of underground lake.
[The Freedom Fighters explore the underground, as their boat travels through it.]
Sonic: Definitely a dump!
Sally: Which means Robotnik can't be far.
Sonic: Get a grip, Ant.
Antoine: Oui. Oui. A grip...
Sonic: [grunts] Crank up the motor, Rote.
Rotor: Check.
Sally: Nicole, check the map file for "subterranean".
Nicole: Checking Sally...No subterranean file exists.
Sally: Looks like we're on our own, guys.
Rotor: In more ways than one. We lost the motor.
Antoine: Lost the m-m-motor? Then how will we getting out of this terrible place?
Sally: Turn up ahead, Antoine.
Antoine: Palace guards are not meant for the rowing of the boot, my Princess.
Sonic: Eww! Check this junkberg!
[Sonic finds a machine part lying in the water, as the Freedom Fighters try to pull it towards them]
Sonic: Yo, Ant! Angle to the right! Ant!
[Freedom Fighters had no success on getting the machine part, causing the crack on the boat.]
Sonic: [sarcastic] Nice move, Ant. Ant?
Sally: Antoine? Antoine!?
[The Freedom Fighters noticed Antoine is gone.]
Sally: Antoine!!
Rotor: I just don't get it. One minute he's here, and then he's gone.
Sally: [sigh]
Sonic: We'll find him, Rote.
Sally: I sure hope so.
Sonic: Man, this is some major mong.
Rotor: Oh, now what?
Sonic, Sally and Rotor: Waterfall!
Sonic: Hang on! I'll give us a little juice.
Sally: Come on, Sonic, you can do it!
Rotor: That's it, Sonic!
Sally: Push, Sonic!
Rotor: That was close. Great job, Sonic.
Sally: Sonic, you are a very, very brave hedgehog. [kisses Sonic on the cheek] Thank you.
Sonic: Any time, Sal.
Rotor: Guys, check out the water.
Sally: Wha? It's boiling! There's nowhere to go!
Sonic: Yeah there is! Grab on, guys!

[Scene Change: Plant-filled cavern.]

[Sonic, Sally, & Rotor are walking through the cavern.]
Sally: Antoine!
Sonic: Ant! Where are you, man?
Rotor: Hey, guys. You get the feeling we're being watched?
Sonic: By whom? The plants?
Rotor: I dunno. I just feel something watchin' us.
Sally: [laughs] You're just paranoid, Rotor. Oh! Look at this beautiful flower.
Sonic: Man! What is that flower? A snapdragon?
Sally: Sonic! Behind you!
Sonic: All right; that's it! Now you're making me mad!
[Sonic drills himself at the snapdragons, tying them up.]
Sonic: That's what you get for being rude!
Rotor: Sonic! Sally's gone!
Sonic: Gone?!
Rotor: She was right here next to me, and then she disappeared!
Sonic: Sally! Sally!

[Scene Change: Deep into the cavern.]

Rotor: Sally! Sally!
Sonic: Man, this looks like some kind of palace.
Rotor: Yeah, but what's with this smell? Just like Robotropolis.
Sonic: Doesn't anybody take out the trash around here? Eww!
Rotor: Wow. Look at this.
Sonic: Wait here, Rote. I'll scope it out.
[Sonic heads off to figure out what made the noise.]
Sonic: Ant? Sally? You guys in here?
Rotor: Hmm...Sonic's fishing pole. [Sonic shouts] Sonic?!
Sonic: Bail, Rote! Warp ten!
[Rotor falls down a trash-covered hole.]
Sonic: Rote! Rote! Lemmie go, man! My main walrus needs help!
Kraken: Look what you have done to my world, surface creature!
Sonic: Pal, I know you're havin' a bad hair day, but I don't have a clue what you're talking about!
Kraken: I will show you what I am talking about.

[Scene Change: Further underground.]

[Rotor lands in green water]
Rotor: What is this stuff? Wait a's that same green water. No wonder this place is so green.

[Scene Change: Pollution pit.]

Antoine: This is terrible. Terrible! I have my whole life behind me! This is all your fault, Sonic the hog-hedge!
Sonic: Hedgehog, Ant. Hedge. Hog.
Sally: Now, why is it Sonic's fault, Antoine?
Antoine: Because...he is the hero, but he cannot get us out of this terrible place!
Sonic: Yeah, because this pollution pit zapped all my juice!
Sally: Rotor!
[A one-eyed gator surfaces and Antoine gasps]
Sally: Sonic! The level's rising! Try again for the power ring!

[Scene Change: Polluted caverns.]

Rotor: Oil. [gasps] Robotnik!
[The ground begins shaking, as the debris falls to the oil.]
Rotor: Whoa! What is that?
Sally: Help! Someone help!
Antoine: Help me!
Sally: [coughs] Help!
Rotor: Sonic!
Sonic: Hurry, Rote! Get the power ring!
Antoine: Yes, yes! Please to hurry!
Rotor: I'm comin' guys! Hang on!
Sonic: Fight it, Rote! Fight it!
Sally: Rotor! Hold on!
Sonic: Way to go, Rote!
Antoine: Hurry! The slime is rising!
Rotor: Go, Sonic!
Sally: Sonic!
Rotor: Gotcha, Antoine!
Sonic: Thanks, Rote. You're a hero, man.
Sally: [kisses Rotor] A big hero.
Antoine: Oui. As one big hero to another, I salute you, Rotor.
Rotor: Aw, it's no big deal...
Antoine: [screams]
Rotor: We gotta jam! It's the Snake Probes!
Sally: Snake Probes?
Rotor: They're laser-powered diggers. Robotnik is using them to drill for oil.
Sally: [sarcastic] Aw, great. We should have known Robotnik was behind this!
Antoine: [screams]
Sonic: Let's juice! [gasps]
Sally: Sonic, what...Oh my gosh!
Antoine: [screams]
Kraken: There is no escape, surface dwellers. You will die from this pollution, as all my people have.
Sonic: You keep talkin', big guy, and I'll just keep on wonderin' what you're saying.
Kraken: I was once king of a beautiful world, but everything was destroyed by you surface creatures. And I [coughs] am the only one left.
Sonic: This is not our pollution.
Sally: There's another surface creature. His name is Robotnik. He's polluted our world as well as yours.
[The snake probes attack]
Antoine: I am making a tasty retreat!
Sonic: Hold it, Ant! We've gotta help the big guy!
[The snake probe fires its laser at Sonic, as he dodged it.]
Sonic: Rote, where are these things comin' from?
Rotor: The surface. Robotnik's drilling platform.
Sonic: I'm goin' up!
[Sonic reaches the surface]
Sonic: Man, this is major!
Robotnik: Isn't it lovely, Snively?
Snivley: A sight to behold, Sir.
Robotnik: Snively, shoo that fly off the screen.
Snivley: I'm-I'm afraid that's not a fly, Sir. It's the hedgehog.
Robotnik: Gah! Sound Code Red!
[The alarm goes off, as the Swat-Bots showed up to stop Sonic.]
Robotnik: Activate all snake probes!
Swat-Bot: Activating all snake probes, Sir.
Sonic: Quick question; can this chair go in reverse? Whoa! Yep.
[The Swat-Bot's chair goes backwards to the door, shutting him inside.]
Sonic: Snake probes...emergency destruct. Yeah! My kinda button.
Robotnik:: No, no, no; this can't be happening. No, no, no, NO!
Sonic: Past cool, hedgehog. Past cool. Now, I wonder what’ll happen if I punch all these buttons. Only one way to find out...
[Sonic presses the buttons, playing music.]
Sonic [singing]: Yo put the pedal to the metal and baby I guarantee... You'll be juicin' to the tenth degree. Crank it supersonic. It don't take any fuel, cuz the rocket's in my pocket and I'm wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay past cool! Uh, oh. I'm outta here.

[Scene Change: Underground.]

Rotor: Well, here goes...
Sally: Oh. It's beautiful.
Sonic: Yeah. Too bad there's not enough for the Great Forest.
Kraken: Take this, Sonic. Maybe it will help.
Sonic: Thanks, big guy. And, uh, lemmie know if you ever wanna go fishing.

[Scene Change: Freedom Fighters garden, day.]

Sally: Okay. Keep your fingers crossed, guys.
Tails: Alright! Cool! Sonic!
Sally: Well, that's a start.
Sonic: Yep. How's it feel to be a hero, Rote?
Rotor: [groans] Exhausting. From now on, I'm happy to be a handyman.