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"Strike!"[3] is the sixty-second episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It aired on 14 January 2017 in the United States and on 8 April 2017 in France.


After a very humiliating defeat at the hands of Sonic and the gang, Eggman returns to his lair and takes out his frustrations on Orbot and Cubot. The robot duo has finally had enough! Down tools! They're going on strike!



Races and species:






In the Village Center, Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot are attacking in the Egg Tank, while Team Sonic are on the scene to stop them. Sonic and Amy are facing the Egg Tank head-on while Tails is scouting from above in his plane. As the Egg Tank fires a timed grenade at Amy, Amy knocks it away with her hammer, but accidently hits Tails' Plane, much to Tails' annoyance. Though Amy apologizes, she accidently does it again when Eggman fires at her once more, irritating Tails' further. Inside the Egg Tank, Eggman rudely orders Orbot and Cubot to load the cannon faster. In response, Cubot asks for the "magic word", to which Eggman says "pawnshop", prompting the robots to load a grenade. However, Sonic grabs the grenade that is fired and throws it back into the Egg Tank's cannon, destroying the vehicle (and almost hitting Tails' Plane with a flying fragment in the process). As Team Sonic celebrates their victory, Orbot suggests to Eggman that he should have used grenades that explode on impact instead of after they are fired. Although Orbot does not say it (regardless of how true it is), Eggman believes he is being blamed for his own defeat. As punishment, Eggman leaves Orbot and Cubot to get home on their own while he departs in the Eggmobile.

As they try to hitchhike home, Orbot and Cubot ask the Gogoba Chief for a lift in his wagon, but the chief guilt-trips them to let him go. The duo then tries asking the jetpack-riding Soar the Eagle for a lift, but Soar deceives them into meditating while he gets away. No sooner, Leroy the Turtle passes by in his postal scooter and splashes Orbot and Cubot with mud. In disbelief over how Eggman has abandoned them, Amy asks Orbot and Cubot about how they can put up with Eggman's mistreatment, to which they reply that Eggman is not so bad and that he cares about them in his own funny way. As Sonic then arrives on his Blue Force One, he declines Amy's attempt to make him give Orbot and Cubot a ride home.

Eventually, Orbot and Cubot are forced to make a raft and paddle their way back home. When they arrive, however, Eggman is at the lair's entrance complaining about their absence before sending them back to the Unnamed Village to get one hundred decorative rocks for his garden, much to Orbot and Cubot's disappointment. Paddling back to the Village, Orbot and Cubot meet Amy again as they drag sacks of rocks through the settlement. Had enough of this pathetic behavior, Amy tells the robots to stand up to Eggman by going on strike if he keeps this up. Orbot and Cubot, however, do not think it is a good time for this since Eggman told them that he needs his rocks. After eighteen hours of being underway, Orbot and Cubot finally bring the rocks to Eggman in the lair, only for Eggman to tell them that they took too long and orders them to return the rocks. Exhausted, Orbot and Cubot want a break, but instead, Eggman threatens them. Deeming this the final straw, Orbot and Cubot proclaim they are going on strike.

As Orbot and Cubot protest outside the lair, Eggman confronts the duo, who is dead-set on striking. Eggman, however, is not concerned, believing they will not last long, and leaves them to their poor protest rhymes. Watching Orbot and Cubot over surveillance, Eggman insists they need him more that he needs them. However, when Eggman drops his coffee mug, he realizes he does not have Orbot and Cubot to clean it up. He tries having his other robots clean it up, including Burnbot, Ballot Stuffer Bot and Fire Bot, only to insult them when they fail (as they are not designed for this), prompting each of them to leave Eggman and join Orbot and Cubot's strike. Eventually, all of Eggman's robots have left him to strike alongside Orbot and Cubot. While Eggman remains adamant in the face of this group, he secretly realizes he cannot run his lair alone, and so decides to break this strike by hiring new minions.

Back in the Village Center, Eggman hosts a job fair in front of the villagers where he tries highlighting all the (small) benefits of being an Eggman Industries employee. When that does not work and they all leave, Eggman offers "ludicrously high salaries", catching the interest of Wolfie, Mike the Ox and Fastidious Beaver, who all want some "Wonga". Dismissing their term for money, Eggman hires the trio. Watching Eggman leave with his new employees from afar, Sonic and Amy wonder where Eggman is taking the villagers. Assuming the villagers are being kidnapped, Sonic and Amy decide to go save them.

When Eggman arrives at his lair, all of Eggman's robots scorn Mike, Wolfie and Fastidious and throw trash at them as they enter the lair. Regardless, Eggman has the trio clean up his shattered mug, which they do efficiently, much to Eggman's pleasure. Arriving at the lair where they see Eggman's robots strike (using a much better protest cry provided by Rhyme Bot), Sonic tries to storm the lair, but Amy tells him not to so they do not disturb the robots' strike. Just then, Eggman exits his lair with Wolfie, Mike and Fastidious, proclaiming to his robots that he is taking his new employees out for ice cream for a job well done. Surprised that the villagers are actually working for Eggman out of free will after asking Mike, Sonic decides to leave since there is no need for a rescue.

Back on Seaside Island, Eggman and his new minions are visiting the Ice Cream Vendor's cart. When Fastidious cannot decide what to do, Eggman encourages him to just destroy the cart and steal the ice cream. Instead, Fastidious and Mike question the proper procedure and purpose of this, much to Eggman's dismay. Back at the lair, Eggman's robots are losing hope. While Amy attempts to keep their spirits high, Orbot worries they have been replaced and are bound for the scrapheap. As such, Cubot inspires his fellow robots to start practicing their groveling in hopes that Eggman will take them back. In the meantime, Eggman tries ordering Wolfie, Mike and Fastidious to destroy the cart, only for the Ice Cream Vendor to attempt bribing his way out of this with ice cream, making Eggman discuss with him about how it undermines his evil behavior. Sonic then arrives as Eggman scolds Mike for talking back at him, and Eggman orders Wolfie, Mike and Fastidious to attack him. However, the trio refuses to fight Sonic since he will kick their butts, making Eggman realize they are the worst minions ever. With a glare, Sonic scares the trio off, prompting Eggman to flee in terror.

Back at the lair, as Amy and the robots see Eggman returning, Amy tries encouraging the robots to stand strong against Eggman. Instead, they are prepared to beg him for forgiveness. To the robots' surprise however, a weeping Eggman apologizes for what he did and begs them to come back. In response, Amy makes Eggman negotiate the demands for his robots' return. Acting as spokesmen, Orbot and Cubot ask for better privileges which Eggman agrees to. However, Amy adds that Eggman must also provide his robots with better care, better motor oil, usage of the Eggmobile for cross-water transport, and respectful treatment. Wanting to be reasonable though, Orbot rectifies that they will scratch the final demand if he agrees to everything else. Agreeing to the demands, Eggman has a tender moment with Orbot and Cubot before sending all his robots back inside his lair in his usual brash manner. As Amy waves goodbye though, she realizes she has no way of getting back home. As such, she is forced to paddle home on Orbot and Cubot's raft.



  • The shade of Cubot's yellow color scheme differs between his body and gloves.
  • During Team Sonic's fight with Eggman in the beginning, when Eggman told Orbot and Cubot to launch the grenades they wanted him to say please,. However, in "The Meteor" they stated that they "are programmed only to obey orders after being threatened."
  • Soar's eyelids are slightly brighter than they should be when in the shadows.
  • In the scene where the robots are chanting that Rhyme Bot joined their strike, Cubot's body can be seen clipping through a Motobug.
  • When zooming up to Mike at Eggman's lair, Sonic does not give off his usual running sound.
  • When Sonic speeds out of Eggman's lair, his running sound returns, but his usual speed trail disappears.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Arabic الإضراب Strike
French En grève ! Striking !
Italian Lo sciopero dei robot Robot strike
Polish Strajk Strike
Portuguese (Brazil) Greve! Strike!
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Latin America) ¡Huelga!
Ukrainian Страйк!
Russian Забастовка!


  • Eight days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[2]
    • Unlike other teasers released by Freiberger, this one was released before the previous episode aired.
  • This is the first episode where Sonic is seen using his Blue Force One vehicle as all previous episodes have only shown it parked outside Sonic's Shack.
  • This episode marks the second time Orbot and Cubot got fed up with Eggman's behavior, the first time being in "Let's Play Musical Friends".
  • Although Eggman stated that the Mega is bigger than his other robots in "Unlucky Knuckles", this episode depicts Obliterator Bot as being larger than the Mega.
  • This episode featured the largest number of different Eggman robot models in one episode in the Sonic Boom television series to date.
  • This episode implies that Eggman is very wealthy, which was stated by Bill Freiberger in season one of Sonic Boom.[5]
  • This is the first episode in the Sonic Boom television series to depict banknotes; before then, the only currency shown were coins.
  • This is the first episode in the Sonic Boom television series to show Wolfie without his backpack.
  • The music that plays during the raft scenes is based on the main theme of the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia.
  • Sonic's spinning symbol in this episode is a reference to the 1966 Batman television series.


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