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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For Stratford's counterpart from another dimension, see Stratford (alternate dimension).

Stratford,[2] also known as the Walrus Child,[3] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is a young anthropomorphic walrus and the eldest child of Lady Walrus.[1]

Concept and creation

Stratford received his name from the town Stratford-upon-Avon.[4]


Stratford is a small anthropomorphic walrus with lavender fur and blue eyes. He has a small round torso with a gray belly, long thin legs and arms, and a rather large round head. His facial features include a medium-large wide gray muzzle, short white tusks, a black snout and two wisps on hair on his head. For attire, he wears white gloves, a red one strap backpack, large baggy tan socks, and pink-soled dark red shoes.

In the Archie Comics, Stratford's fur remains lavender. However, he also has peach skin, yellow eyes, yellow and purple shoes, and a yellow backpack.


TV series

Season one

Learning that Sonic sought a new sidekick, Stratford came to his sidekick try-outs, but was not selected.[5] In the period that followed, Stratford would come to Meh Burger with his mother,[6] scroll around the Village Center where he saw a confusing street act put up by Orbot and Cubot,[7] and go see a show at T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders.[8]

Stratford cornered with the villagers.

Stratford was later talking with the Walrus Male when Dr. Eggman invaded Seaside Island and rounded him and the villagers up to meet the Mega. Luckily, Stratford and the villagers were saved when Knuckles made the Mega destroy itself with his current bad luck streak when he tried to join Eggman.[9] Another time, Stratford was having candy with the Child Monkey until Eggman fried their treats, and the pair took turns laughing at each other's misfortune. He also went to see a colossal ball of twine where he was saved from a rockslide by Sonic.[10]

In the middle of the night with the villagers, Stratford got attacked by Eggman's Moth Bot, but got saved by Team Sonic. He later attended the trial between Sonic and Eggman when Eggman sued Sonic. When Eggman summoned his Badniks as his fraud got exposed, Stratford was taken to safety by the Old Monkey.[11] Later, Stratford saw Eggman sell tomato sauce which Sonic involuntarily proved to be untainted to him. As Eggman's popularity grew, Stratford would look up to Eggman as a role model and seek out his autograph, though it was soon revealed Eggman was up to no good.[12] Another time, Stratford would hear a painful noise created by Eggman when Sonic ran through the Village.[13]

Stratford later met Swifty the Shrew, who captivated him with his hipness. Stratford thus rooted for Shifty in his race against Sonic, who lost to the shrew and got banished from the Village as per the rules. No sooner though, Stratford was betrayed by Swifty when Eggman revealed Swifty was his robot agent. However, Sonic came to Stratford and the villagers' aid after being brought back, and got rid of Eggman's invading forces.[14] Stratford went to the yard sale at Sticks' Burrow later where he would look at the contents set up for sale.[15] A few days after being at Meh Burger with his mother, Stratford came to the premiere of Eggman's movie at Eggman's lair which ended up a failure for Eggman when the movie failed to enslave the audience with hypnotism.[16]

Stratford playing in the Village.

Stratford eventually learned that Sonic had called Mike the Ox "just a guy." Thinking Sonic was being insensitive, he joined a mob of fellow-minded villagers who reprimand Sonic until he retired. When Stratford was almost trampled by a sheep stampede set loose by the Lightning Bolt Society though, he was saved by Sonic, who stopped the stampede, the Lightning Bolts and a sneak attack from Eggman at the same time, earning back Stratford's respect.[17] Another time, at Tails' Workshop, Stratford got himself stuck in a tree.[18] On New Year's Eve, Stratford joined the party in the Village Center where he participated in a conga line. During this, Eggman used his Slow Motion Machine to slow down time long enough for him to beat Sonic in something before New Year, though Stratford did not see Eggman's victory as it happened too fast for him to notice it.[19]

Back in the Village Center, Stratford had a laugh from watching Tails doing a dance, but ran away as Eggman launched a new attack, which Tails stopped.[20] He later returned to the Village Center to briefly watch the live recording of Bro-Down Showdown.[21] Another time, Stratford came to get the autograph of Comedy Chimp, but he and the Child Monkey were not impressed with Comedy Chimp's outdated headshots. As Knuckles' later became a celebrity for his trash can trend, Stratford would adore Knuckles and pick up his trend himself during Knuckles' time of fame.[22] Joining a tour of Eggman's lair, Stratford would see Sonic being labeled a thief, much to his shock.[23] Later on, Stratford participated in the Robot Battle Royale, but his robot lost to Eggman's in the first round. He continued to watch the tournament though, where he saw Eggman steal Tails' Hypnobot at the end.[24]

Stratford at Puppy Con.

After becoming a Fuzzy Puppies enthusiast, Stratford attended Puppy Con to trade game pieces, but refused to trade his Fancy Puddle when Eggman took an interest in it. As Eggman tried to steal it instead, Stratford noticed him and alerted Team Sonic, who got his puddle back.[1] Stratford later saw Team Sonic beat Eggman's new Obliterator Bot and hailed them as they got the Greatest Role Model of All Time Award. He and the Child Monkey soon after saw them fight Eggman again, but D.B. Platypus restricted their options to have them appear as good role models for Stratford (which he did not agree with). Fortunately, Stratford was taken to Meh Burger by Sticks so Team Sonic could fight back.[25]

Eventually, Stratford came to A Rose Without Thorns, a play put on by Team Sonic. Though he applauded the play, a storm broke out after the finale, and Stratford took Sonic's offer to seek shelter in Amy's House.[26] On his next trip to the Village Center, Stratford saw Knuckles and the new villain Charlie fight, with Knuckles emerging victorious.[27] Another time, as Stratford and the Child Monkey visited the Ice Cream Vendor, T.W. Barker attacked with Octopus Bot, making them run to safety.[28]

Season two

Stratford meeting Tommy Thunder.

When his hero Tommy Thunder promoted his next movie, Stratford came to get his autograph. Although he fled when Eggman attacked, he returned to hail Team Sonic's victory over Eggman. Stratford also showed up to hail Tommy after he "beat" Obliterator Bot.[29] Hearing later that an asteroid would impact the earth, Stratford showed up to buy a spot in Eggman's bunker to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Although Stratford did not get a spot, Team Sonic would stop the asteroid.[30] After watching the opening of the new scissor factory, Stratford would ignore Sticks' news reports at first, but took an interest in them when she started her own podcast.[31]

Stratford later came to Career Day to hear other people elaborate on their careers.[32] While subtly hypnotized by Dreamcaster's TV broadcasts, Stratford angrily faced Sticks when she disturbed him with her unlikely story about Dreamcaster on TV. Stratford soon after became Dr. Eggman's zombie slave, who had him and the hypnotized villagers build a world-controlling satellite. He would later attack Sticks when she came to the rescue, but was freed when Team Sonic foiled Eggman's plan.[33] Stratford later took an interest in Orbot's sale of Fuzzy Puppy figurines.[34] While accompanying his brother and mother to the beach and Meh Burger, Stratford tried out getting Knuckles as a foster sister, but it did not work out after they had dispute between them.[35]

Stratford at the Comedy Chimp Show.

Stratford eventually came to an edition of the Comedy Chimp Show, where he lost the show's give-away prize to Knuckles. Over the next few days, he would also visit Meh Burger a couple of times with his mother.[36] Learning later that their village was named after Sticks' evil ancestor, Jebediah Badger, Stratford began scorning Sticks. Eventually wanting the town renamed, he agreed to a referendum between Amy and Eggman's name propositions at a town meeting. Soon after, Stratford had to be evacuated from the youth center when Eggman attempted to destroy it.[37] The day after he saw Dave the Intern lose his job to one of Meh Burger's new robot employees in a contest, Stratford attended the reopening of the improved Meh Burger. There, he and the villagers got trapped in a force-field and sent towards space in Meh Burger by Eggman. Thanks to Team Sonic and Dave though, Stratford was rescued, along with Meh Burger.[38]

Joining the Science Fair Awards with a last-minute project, Stratford lost to Beth the Shrew. Nonetheless, he gracefully accepted his loss and participation trophy afterwards. He also still got his mother's praise, whom he joined at the movies later on.[39] When Tails later seemingly proved Muckfoot's existence with a photo, Stratford would look up to Tails as a hero and take part in the ensuring Muckfoot Mania. However, he would scorn Tails when the fox showed that his "Muckfoot" was just Knuckles covered in mud.[40] Going on a trip to the beach, Stratford took some time to play in the sand until a Scorpion Bot ruined his work. Afterward, he overheard the Fennec Shopkeeper blame Knuckles for robbing his store.[41] Stratford later went on a picnic with his family, during which Knuckles protected them from a widabit stampede.[42] Shortly thereafter, when the Village got overrun by malware-infected robots, Stratford would cower in fear until Knuckles inspired him to help Team Sonic and the villagers fight the robots. Ultimately, the Village prevailed when the robots withdrew.[43] Stratford soon after became a fan of the Lightning Bowler Society after seeing them beat the Pin Dashers. He thus came to the Lightning Bowlers' next public appearance as the team rose to stardom. He later observed the Chameleon's solo career, but ran away when the Mega attacked.[44]

Stratford in Eggman Tower's lobby.

After checking into Dr. Eggman's Eggman Towers with his family, Stratford would roughhouse with the Child Monkey in the lobby. While at the hotel though, he and his family got taken as hostages by Eggman for an evil scheme. Team Sonic however, ensured that Stratford was freed from Eggman's captivity alongside his family, with Eggman Towers getting blown up around them in the process.[45] When local gossip then revealed that Dr. Eggman was no doctor, Stratford began seeing him as a joke. He thus joined the villagers in mocking Eggman during the scientist's next trip to the Village. When Eggman did earn his doctorate, Stratford watched his graduation ceremony.[46] Another time, Stratford would wait in line during the evening to visit T.W. Barker's Haunted Forest. He would also try to visit Barker's newly-acquired "haunted lair" a few days later.[47] Stratford later went to the rec center where he had a good time. After the rec center got closed, he went to see a soccer match between Team Sonic and Team Cybonic that would decide the rec center's fate. When Team Sonic won, Mayor Fink declared that the rec center would get reopened.[48]

Having shown up when his mother got injured, Stratford promised her that he would take care of her while she recovered. Meanwhile, Sonic and co. would take care of his baby brother.[2] When Race Day arrived several months later, Stratford would watch said event's auto race competition at its site.[49] Time passed, and Stratford eventually returned to Meh Burger. He later almost got lured into a scam by T.W. Barker had Sonic not intervened. Getting into Scrambler after that, Stratford was able to attend an exclusive promotional event through it. When Eggman shut down Scrambler however, Stratford would shower the doctor with contempt.[50] Following that, he took part in the latest pie festival.[51] When D-Fekt and MeBot later did battle, Stratford was kept safe by Knuckles.[52]

Archie Comics

Boom Shaka-laka

Stratford rescued by Tails, from Sonic Boom #5.

Stratford and his mother were among the villagers attending Dr. Eggman's Eggtoberfest, only to find the rides not working. After Eggman fixed them, Stratford joined the carnival until a disgruntled Eggman had his army attack the villagers. Fortunately, he was saved from his collapsing ride by Tails, while the remainder of Team Sonic saved the rest.[53]

Game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Stratford makes a small cameo where he can be seen alongside the tracks in the Village. However, in version 1.6.0, he was removed along with the Village.


Stratford possesses both youthful enthusiasm and interests, along with an energetic sense of playfulness.[45] He has a good sense of sportsmanship, having applauded Beth after he lost to her at the Science Fair Awards,[39] and knows at least to speak courteously, having once addressed Eggman as "mister."[12] Regardless, he still displays a childish lack of manners and sense of mischievousness, namely by laughing openly at others' minor misfortunes and gleefully roughhousing with other children without concern for the damage he causes to others' property.[10][45]

Stratford is perceptive, having easily seen that Team Sonic let themselves lose a battle in an attempt to be better role models to him.[25] He can also be very critical and skeptic, like when he thought Comedy Chimp's headshot was not of Comedy Chimp himself due to how misrepresentative it was.[22]

Like his baby brother, Stratford has a knack for getting himself into dangerous situations.[18]


  • Stratford and Chumley are the first background characters in the Sonic Boom television series to receive new names for the plot of an episode.
  • Being a purple walrus wearing a pocketed sash, Stratford's design bears a certain resemblance to Rotor Walrus.


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