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Stormtop Village at night.

Stormtop Village was a small Mobian settlement in the Dragon Kingdom located near the base of Mount Stormtop.


The villagers suffered under the tyrannical reign of the Iron King and Queen after refusing to accept their rule. The Iron Queen set Mt. Stormtop on fire using her magic, which forced the villagers to suffer water shortages. Li Yuen and his family, including his granddaughter Li Moon, had lived in the village their entire lives and did not wish to leave. (StH: #60)

During their world tour to hunt down Ixis Naugus, Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower arrived in Stormtop Village, seeking water to hydrate themselves. They learned from Li Moon that the Iron Queen was responsible for casting the fire of Mt. Stormtop and that only the Fan of Fen Xing could put out the fire. The two heroes embarked to obtain the fan, and after a brief-fight with a spell-bound Monkey Khan, the three worked together and defeated the Iron King and Queen, as well as put out the fire using the Fan of Fen Xing. Arriving back in the village, Li Yuen explained their village told legends of a "Monkey King", possible referring to Monkey Khan. Following this, Sonic and Tails left to continue their chase of Ixis Naugus, while Monkey Khan remained for some time before returning to his home village of Kar Leung. (StH: #60, #71, #86)

Stormtop Village and the rest of the Dragon Kingdom fell under Tobor's area of Mobius to monitor as a member of the Brotherhood of Guardians. During a meeting of the Brotherhood, he mentioned all was peaceful in the region with the exception of Sonic and Tails' visit. (KtE: #16)

In 3237, Sally Acorn mentioned to Monkey Khan that they should coordinate their efforts to depose the Iron Queen with Freedom Fighters in Stormtop Village, to which Khan sadly replied there were no resistance groups left at all in the Dragon Kingdom. (StH: #201)

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