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Stop the Train

Stop the Train (暴走列車を止めろ Bōsō ressha o yamero?, lit. "Stop the uncontrollable train") is a Stage Clear Mini-Game for Riot Train in Sonic Shuffle.


Stop the Train occurs at the end of Riot Train. In Stop the Train, the train is out of control and all four players has to push it to stop. When the train has the blue light on, repeatedly press DreamcastB. If the red light is on, mash button DreamcastA. If the player do not press the correct button or any button, they lose Rings. However, if they do mash the right button, they will win rings depending on how fast they are pressing it. If everyone refuses to push, the train will eventually stop right where the track ends. The time it takes to stop the train matter on how good people's button mashing is.

Whoever wins the most rings by the time the train stops wins the game.

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