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Quotation1 Noble travelers! If you want to reach the Meroke Crystal, you must answer three riddles, and overcome three obstacles. Quotation2
— A Stone Guardian, "Blackout"

The Stone Guardian[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a mass-produced model of automatons created by the Ancients. They serve as the guardians of a death trap in the mountains on Seaside Island which once held a Meroke Crystal.


The Stone Guardians are humanoid stone figures so tall that Sticks can barely reach their knees. Their design is highly blocky, with an almost cube-shaped head (which is fairly large compared to their body) and torso, and slap-like feet. They are also designed with thin collars, small shoulder pads, pelvis plating, wrist bracelets, and a triangle on their chest. Finally, their eyes glow blue and they emit blue flames from the top of their head.


TV series


Originating from the Ancients, the Stone Guardians were stationed in an Ancient temple on a snowy mountain on Seaside Island to guard a Meroke Crystal, which could only be claimed by travelers capable of answering the Stone Guardians' three riddles. For each riddle, the Stone Guardians would introduce a deadly obstacle that would claim the travelers' lives if they did not provide an answer fast enough.[2]

Season two

In the present day, Team Sonic came to the Stone Guardian' temple seeking the Meroke Crystal. A Stone Guardian thus welcomed them and left three others to oversee the team's trials, the last of which involved several Stone Guardians attacking them. Thanks to Knuckles though, Team Sonic answered all the riddles, and the Stone Guardians let them take the crystal.[2]


Noble, yet impartial, the Stone Guardian are solemn and stoic guards. Though capable of emotional quotes, they are strictly devoted to their job. The Stone Guardians are thus fair in their judgement, but they do not intervene with the trials they present unless their duties dictate it, even when travelers are about to perish from their obstacles, making them cold and ruthless in their prosecution. They also speaks in rhymes for their riddles, although some of them are better at rhyming than others.[2]

Powers and abilities

The Stone Guardians are highly durable and practical immovable; not even Sonic's spin attack can scratch them or make them budge an inch. They also possess powers like teleportation and intangibility.[2]


Some of the Stone Guardians carry very large stone spears which share their owners' blocky design.[2]


"Cool. See ya."
—A Stone Guardian's response to Team Sonic's acceptance of their trials, "Blackout"
"Noble travelers! To continue on your journey and move this slab, tell me, how many sides does a circle have?"
—The Stone Guardians' first riddle (whose answer is "inside and outside"), "Blackout"
"Noble travelers! I pass before the sun both high and low, and yet I cast no shadow."
—The Stone Guardians' second riddle (whose answer is "wind"), "Blackout"
"Noble travelers! Try as you might, no sound it makes. When you speak its name, it's so fragile it break."
—The Stone Guardians' third riddle (whose answer is "silence"), "Blackout"


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