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Sticky Situation is a boss that appears in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It was a massive robot constructed by D-Fekt from the natural resources in Paleo Tarpits to battle Team Sonic.


Sticky Situation is a giant robotic construction, easily at the size of a tower. Its core figure is basically just a humanoid blob of black and blue tar with no neck or legs and a smooth torso. It has skulls from predator dinosaurs for hands, curved beige bars arranged as ribs and horns, and a round mask with spinning eyes, teeth and a lower jaw. Pierced just behind its forehead is D-Fekt.



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Having failed to stop Team Sonic from closing a fissure on Paleo Tarpits, D-Fekt formed Sticky Situation from a local tar pit he fell into to battle Sonic and Tails. However, the make-shift robot was soon defeated by the heroes, with Tails finishing it off with his blaster. Despite the explosion though, D-Fekt still survived.

Powers and abilities

Having a body made mostly of tar, Sticky Situation can manipulate its own physical tar mass. It can either shoot its own tar as bombs that constrict its opponent, extend it as tentacles over incredible distances for long-ranged attacks, or detach it and move it around on its own before remerging with it. Thanks to its parts, the Sticky Situation's hands have powerful bites which can chomp up rock. It also has quite the powerful breath, capable of raising an entire tar pit's level and create numerous tar bubbles at once by blowing air in beneath it.


Sticky Situation wields a comically large red and white-striped straw. It uses this to channel its breath into its native tar pit, allowing it to raise its tar level and create numerous tar bubbles.


Using its enhanced breath leaves Sticky Situation greatly exhausted, making it vulnerable to attack. Also, since D-Fekt is the one holding Sticky Situation together, harming him causes Sticky Situation's structure to destabilize.


Sticky Situation is the second boss of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and can be fought with Sonic and Tails after clearing Jungle Labyrinth in Paleo Tarpits. The boss battle takes place in a closed-off arena with Air Vents appearing in the second phase.

Boss guide

The battle requires the player to switch between Sonic and Tails. At the beginning, Sticky Situation will drop balls of tar on the arena which will not vanish right away. If Sonic touches these tar spots, he will be immobilized. To free him, the player must press DSB repeatedly. Sticky Situation will then try to lock onto Sonic before attempting to chomp him with its hands, so it is important that the player keeps moving. After that, the tar spots will vanish and Sticky Situation will stretch a tentacle across the arena. To dodge it, the player must skip across the blocks that appear along its tentacle with the Homing Attack until D-Fekt comes into view. Hit D-Fekt to damage Sticky Situation. The boss will then repeat the pattern from the beginning, but will add one tar ball and chomp attack to it for each hit it receives.

After taking three hits, the player will switch to Tails as Sticky Situation pulls out its straw. Use the Air Vent that appears to hover in midair as the boss covers the arena in tar. Touching this new tar pit will damage the player. At the same time, tar bubbles will rise up in different patterns. At this point, the player has to stay in midair until Sticky Situation runs out of breath and collapses, thus returning the arena to normal. However, the Air Vent needed to stay in midair will continuously move from one side of the screen to the other, requiring the player to cross the path of the tar bubbles or they will fall into the tar pit. When doing this, the player can either move between the bubbles or shoot them with Blaster. Once Sticky Situation is vulnerable, hit it with a Homing Attack to damage it. Sticky Situation will then repeat this pattern, but with extended endurance when blowing its straw for each hit. After taking three more hits, this boss will be defeated.


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