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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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"Because we're a team! We got beaten to the punch, or in this case, the kick as a team. We can raise our heads proudly, knowing we've traveled all this way, just to watch someone else finish the job. When we walk down the streets and the people whisper "Those are the ones who couldn't quite save the day, almost, but not quite" we will smile together because we didn't do it as a TEAM! I finally understand teamwork... and it is beautiful."
—Sticks' definition of teamwork, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal
"I knew it. He did have an Obliterator Bot. Why doesn't anyone ever believe me? Its not like I'm paranoid... (turns to her shadow) Stop following me!"
—Sticks when her suspicions about Dr. Eggman is confirmed, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
"I knew you were coming, but you will never obliterate Sticks, because Sticks is un-obliertab... un-oblitab... un-oblite... You can't kill me."
—Sticks talking to Obliterator Bot, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
"Why is the music controlling us? I'm not your puppet, music master. I'm not your puppet!"
—Sticks, "My Fair Sticksy"
"My breakfast is plotting to kill me."
—Sticks, "Cowbot"
"Okay Team Sticks. The first thing you need to know is survival skills aren't about crafting and making things pretty. It's using what you got."
—Sticks teaching Amy about survival in the wilderness, "Into the Wilderness"
"That'll teach you to team up with alien overloads, you robo-trash."
—Sticks in her happy place, "Just a Guy"
"This is just ridiculous! Everyone knows when the roboapocalypse arrives, it's the can openers that would transmit signals!"
—Sticks going over her sense of logic, "Cabin Fever"
"This is either a mirror or the portal to a parallel universe where my evil twin is trapped! Be gone evil Sticks!"
—Sticks reflecting on the properties of her mirror, "Spacemageddonocalypse"
"While I'm loathe to call a halt to this very important dialogue, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out... ALIENS ARE ABDUCTING OUR TOWELS!"
—Sticks interrupting Knuckles' feminist speech, "Eggman's Anti Gravity Ray"
" Hold it right there, giant shiny men! I won't have you interrogating the poor, defenseless villagers! I mean... uh... the village full of kung-fu masters that... uh... shoot bees out of their mouths! Laser bees!"
—Sticks upon meeting the Maverick Hunters, Sonic Boom #8
"Oh, I figured everyone got blasted back to their own worlds. They probably don't remember it at all because of all the time-travel wibbley-wobbley. But you can't mess with the gooey essence of everything like that without changes happening, y'know? I bet there's still Genesis Portals out there! And there's probably even more worlds to explore! And I bet'cha at the middle of it all is some sort of nexus!"
—Sticks theorizing about space-time and the multiverse, Mega Man #52
"Hi, this is Sticks. I'm in the woods right now. If this is a threat or conspiracy, press one."
—Sticks pretending to be an answering machine, "Robot Employees"


  • Sticks has several differences from the other members of Team Sonic:
    • She is the only member who does not wear sports tape.
    • She is the only member who does not wear any gloves.
    • She is the only member who does not wear a Communicator (this is because she does not trust technology[9]). Instead, she uses an old-fashioned telephone.[6][10]
    • She is the only member with confirmed family members.[2][3]
  • Sticks can play the banjo.[11]
  • Sticks claims she only owns one outfit.[12]
  • It is said that Sticks cannot cook.[13]
  • Sticks claims that she never sleeps,[14] although that is not entirely true, as there has been instances where she has been seen napping.[15] More likely, she just has long periods where she does not sleep at all.[16]
    • When Sticks does goes to sleep, she wears a metal cap in her bed.[17]
  • Sticks is the only person in Hedgehog Village who does not own a television, mainly because she believes they are a conspiracy to control minds.[14]
  • Of all the robots she has come to hate, Sticks dislikes Orbot the least.[18]
  • Sticks has several times demonstrated her own battle cry, which is a high-pitch shrill.
  • As of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Sticks has seen a total of twelve ancient cities in her life.
  • Sticks bears a very strong resemblance to Marine the Raccoon. As such, many fans initially mistook Sticks as a supposed Sonic Boom incarnation of Marine until she was revealed to be a new character to the franchise.
  • Sticks bears a resemblance to Aika from Skies of Arcadia and Cham-Cham from Samurai Shodown. Both characters have similar hairstyles and wield boomerangs as their main weapons. Cham-Cham and Sticks also grew up and live around nature. Her resemblance to the former was hinted in Sonic the Hedgehog #275.
  • Unlike the other main characters, as seen in the opening of the Sonic Boom television series, Sticks is associated with the color green and not the primary color of her body.
    • However, in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal she is giving an aura based on her primary color like the other characters.
Sticks Sonic Channel

Sticks' profile image on Sonic Channel.

  • Sticks is the first character not made by the Sonic Team or from the main Sonic the Hedgehog video game series to get her own wallpaper and profile on Sonic Channel.
  • Sticks is currently the only character exclusively in the Sonic Boom series to appear in a game outside of her franchise.
  • Sticks is the only main character from the Sonic Boom franchise who is a new character. All other main characters are new versions of their mainstream counterparts.
  • Despite the fact of Sticks being a great friend of Sonic and Amy, ironically in real life her species (badgers) are the main predator of the hedgehogs.
  • Sticks claims that she is incapable of using the spin attack.[19] However, she is clearly able to perform it in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. This is likely because the characters in this game all use the same basic moves.
  • Starting from season two of the Sonic Boom television series, Sticks would wield a new weapon in many of the new episodes she appeared in. Series' producer Bill Freiberger has explained this was implemented due to a desire to add new and interesting elements to season two.[20]
  • Ironically, although Sticks has a horrible singing voice, her English voice actress, Nika Futterman, is actually a very talented singer.


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