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Quotation1 My car's got the latest in stealth technology! You know, twigs and leaves and stuff. Quotation2
Sticks the Badger, "If You Build It They Will Race"

Sticks' car is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a buggy owned by Sticks the Badger.



Sticks' car resembles a brown offroad buggy. While it has a solid beige undercarriage, the rest of its body mostly consists of brown framework. Its main (and only) seat is orange with tiger stribes, and the top of the car is covered by a brown turtle-based shell. This shell has a slim opening up front for the driver to look out of instead of a windshield. It also has thick black wheels with brown hubcaps, and a metallic front section containing the engine. To help it blend into the environment, the car is decorated with twigs and leaves. The nose is also painted in green military camouflage patterns.

Features and abilities

Built for stealth, Sticks' car is able to camouflage itself as jungle flora.[1]


TV series

Season two

Sticks' car database

Sticks' car being designed.

Originally designed by Sticks (with Tails' aid) and created using Tails' extended Build-it Box, Sticks sought to pit her car against her teammates' cars in a race. Eight months after its creation, Sticks used her car in the race on Race Day, during which Amy took out Sticks' car with her own. However, Sonic salvaged it and his friends' cars for parts that Team Sonic used to make a new car which Sonic won the race with.[1]


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