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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Sticks' Burrow is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a burrow nestled on the edge of the wilderness of Seaside Coast, and the residence of Sticks the Badger.

Sticks loves spending time in her burrow and returns to it for safety whenever a situation becomes too bizarre for her.[2]


Sticks' Burrow is an earth house incorporated into a small hill. The front entrance is a round door with a small peephole and an overhang made of thin stilts and large green leaves. Her front yard has a lot of objects on both sides which include makeshift tables, baskets of fruits, and junk. It has been hinted that the burrow is surrounded by booby traps.[3]

The main interior of the burrow is a single room held up by arching wooden support beams. It has a dirt floor, moss-covered walls, and is filled with stuff that Sticks has found in natur. The burrow holds mostly living room furniture made of bamboo, animal skin and unrefined wood. It also has a small kitchen desk in the back and a sink.[4] Sticks also claims that her burrow has a room dedicated to slime.[5]

In the furthest back of the burrow lies a lumber room where the only entrance to the Froglodyte Caves lies.[6]


TV series


Years ago, Sticks had a shaman cast a pest-control spell on her burrow.[7]

Season one

Sticks with Buster in her burrow.

When Sticks adopted the disgusting and slime-spewing robot dog Buster as a pet, the rest of her team came to her burrow to discuss whether choosing him was a wise choice. Sticks, however, was sure Buster was the perfect pet for her.[8] Sonic later came to Sticks' Burrow to gather some of Sticks' DNA to cure her of Dr. Eggman's Evil Cookies.[9]

While in her burrow, Tails and Amy came seeking Sticks' help to stop Knuckles from hurting himself to shift the luck balance of the universe, but Sticks had confidence Knuckles could succeed in time.[10] Most of Team Sonic later came to Sticks' Burrow to discuss Sonic, who was driving them nuts over having nothing to do after Eggman had quit villainy. Eventually, they decided to re-motivate Eggman to give Sonic someone to fight, and thus lured Sonic to Eggman when he came to the burrow himself.[11] When Sticks then had to teach Amy wilderness survival skills for a race against Sonic and Knuckles to Hidden Meadows, she took Amy to her burrow for training. Though Amy struggled a little at first, she soon learned enough for Sticks to deem her ready.[12] At her burrow later on, Sticks saw a Cross Eyed Moose and believed her team had been cursed. Once Team Sonic had enough of Sticks protecting them from the curse, they came to her burrow where they chose her alternative to seek out a marmoset to break the curse.[13]

The Froglodytes trying to enter Sticks' Burrow.

Amy later came to Sticks' burrow for a girls' night until she saw all the junk in the lumber room of the burrow which made her start a yard sale to empty it, much to Sticks' dislike. Eventually, Amy emptied enough of the lumber room to unblock its entrance to the caves of the evil Froglodytes, who subsequently swarmed Sticks' burrow and kidnapped Sticks while Team Sonic tried to contain them. However, Team Sonic rescued Sticks and Amy resealed the entrance to the caves from within the burrow with a wooden bookcase.[6] While Knuckles served as deputy mayor, Sticks' Burrow and its property were allowed to be made into the site of a future mall. Awaoken from a nap by construction work, a furious Sticks set off to city hall to fix this.[14]

When Sticks was hypnotized into a Justin Beaver fan, she would decorate her burrow with Justin merchandise. When visiting, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were unnerved by the sight of the burrow and how both Sticks and Amy behaved, and so decided to investigate the matter.[15] Later, desperate for advice on how to talk to his crush Zooey, Tails came to Sticks in her burrow for aid. There, Sticks suggested he put up a traditional dating dance.[16]

Season two

Team Sonic gatering mirrors at the burrow.

When building Tails' Solar Convergence Device, Team Sonic would gather mirrors in front of Sticks' Burrow, with Sticks donating her burrow's own mirror as well.[17] Sticks would later, with Tails' help, convert her burrow into a pirate radio station to broadcast her own news podcast in response to the fluff news. As Sticks' podcast grew in popularity, Dixon would come to Sticks' Burrow and give Sticks her own TV news gig.[4] Finding lots of paint in her burrow, Sticks began painting. She later vented some anger in her burrow when the police came to arrest her for vandalizing Comedy Chimp's studio, prompting Sticks to flee.[18] Another time, a dimwitted Tails clone would visit Sticks' Burrow, where he would drive Sticks nuts with his excessive questioning.[19]

Sticks eventually had a friendly Froglodyte named Og sent over to her burrow, whom she would hang out with until Sonic came with news of a Froglodyte invasion. However, Sonic's attempt to blame Og for unlocking the entrance to the Froglodyte Caves in the burrow got debunked when he found the entrance untouched.[5] Back in her burrow, Sticks would talk with Amy about her frustrations at her ancestor Jebediah Badger. Attempting later to leave town when the villagers scorned her for her ancestry, Sticks was visited by Amy in her burrow, who revealed that she, as Jebediah's descendant, owned the Village, which they used to stop Eggman's latest plan.[20] Sticks soon after got a call from Tails in her burrow, who asked her to help him, their team, and the villagers out of a situation.[21] For Eggman's next scheme, Orbot and Cubot tried dropping FleaBots into Sticks' Burrow though a hole they made in the roof. Although the duo fled when Sticks heard their attempt, the FleaBots still found their way onto Sticks.[7]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

Sticks' Burrow, from Sonic Boom #4.

Sticks was escorted home to her burrow by Amy and Tails after she had used up the power of the Rock of Justice to defeat the Big Boy. After paying her respects to the inert weapon, Sticks casually discarded it in a pile of rocks in her burrow.[22]

Game appearances

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Sticks' Burrow, from Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Sticks' Burrow is one of the locations that can be visited on the World Map of Seaside Coast. It becomes available after clearing Seaside Jungle, although Sticks can first be found there after clearing Seaside Race. In the burrow, the player can bring the Crystal Shards collected from the levels to Sticks so she can reassemble the Lost Crystal of Power. This unlocks a special Token which can be traded in for a unique toy.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Sticks' Burrow, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Sticks' Burrow is one of the locations that can be visited on the World Map of Seaside Island. It becomes available after clearing Tangled Tropics. In the burrow, the player can bring the Junk Parts collected from the adventure levels to Sticks so she can work on a secret project of hers. Once all the Junk Parts have been brought to the burrow, the player will unlock Sticks-bot, a unique Bot Racer for Bot Racing, which will be unveiled in the burrow once the player unlocks it.[23]


  • According to Sticks, she has a secret portal under her couch that will send an object anywhere that begins with a "Q".[24]


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