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Steve MacManus drawn by Mike McMahon.

Steve MacManus is a British comic writer and editor. He was the managing editor for Sonic the Comic since the first issues, having been credited as early as in Sonic the Comic #8. He was later replaced with Richard Burton when Burton gave editorial duties to Deborah Tate, although the comics did not credit the managing editor position while Burton served this role.

In Sonic the Comic #119, Steve MacManus returned to his original role as the comics began re-crediting the managing editor. He effectively became the comic's editor from Sonic the Comic #185 onwards, as the comic became fully dedicated to reprints.


  • It could be argued that MacManus was the longest serving "contributor" for Sonic the Comic, editing right up to Sonic the Comic #184 and even to the very last issue.
  • MacManus is the longest serving editor of 2000 AD, being in the position from 1978 to 1987. He also wrote many stories for the comic.

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