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You may be looking for the Stealth Bombers or Stealth 'Bots from Archie Comics.

A Stealthbot from "Sonic Boom".

A Stealthbot[1] is an aircraft that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is an armed aircraft built by Doctor Robotnik


Stealthbots can be unmanned or operated by two Swat-Bots. They are used to destroy targets of opportunity, flying around at heights above twenty feet. They have minimal ability to find cloaked targets on their own, but when spotted by another they can cause massive damage over a wide area. Equipped with mounted lasers and homing missile launchers, these craft are known for "carpet bombing" areas where a Freedom Fighter is suspected to be hiding.


Robotnik once launched a single Stealthbot to find Sonic the Hedgehog in the Dark Swamp. It fired a homing missile at Sonic, which Sonic had to run to keep ahead of. When the Stealthbot came to rest over a hollow tree, Sonic managed to destroy it by running up the inside of the tree, so that the homing missile flew out of the opening in the top and collided with the Stealthbot, destroying it.

Later the same day, Sonic, Sally and Antoine infiltrated a Stealthbot hangar and reprogrammed all of the Stealthbots so that they would explode when recalled. When Robotnik saw Sonic on surveillance footage, he launched all of the Stealthbots. However, Sonic then used a floating camera that he had captured to send Robotnik a live video of the Stealthbot. Confused by the video feed, Robotnik ordered the Stealthbots recalled, leading to them exploding in mid-air.[2]


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