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Classic Sonic in the Statue Room, from the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

The Statue Room is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a secret room in White Space that can be accessed by going to the Collection Room and holding down the "Back" button on the Xbox 360 or the "Select" button on the PlayStation 3.

This room holds statues of various characters and items from past games. To unlock them, a special code for each of one of the 55 statues is required.

Statue codes

Model Name Code
Sonic Generations Sonic Statue.png Sonic the Hedgehog 204 390
Sonic Generations Classic Sonic Statue.png Classic Sonic 171 045
Tailsstatue.png Miles "Tails" Prower 632 951
Ctailsstatue.png Classic Tails 359 236
Amystatue.png Amy Rose 863 358
Knucklesstatue.png Knuckles the Echidna 679 417
CreamnCheese SH.png Cream the Rabbit (& Cheese) 332 955
Sonic Generations Rouge Statue.png Rouge the Bat 888 200
Sonic Generations Espio Statue.png Espio the Chameleon 894 526
Blasestatue.png Blaze the Cat 544 873
Vector (Statue Room).png Vector the Crocodile 868 377
Sonic Generations Charmy Statue.png Charmy Bee 226 454
Sonic Generations Chao Statue.png Chao 629 893
Sonic Generations Omochao Statue.png Omochao 870 580
Sonic Generations Eggman Statue.png Dr. Eggman 613 482
Sonic Generations Classic Eggman Statue.png Classic Eggman 103 729
Sonic Generations Metal Sonic Statue.png Metal Sonic 277 087
Shadowstatue.png Shadow the Hedgehog 262 416
Sonic Generations Silver Statue.png Silver the Hedgehog 688 187
Sonic Generations Big Statue.png Big the Cat 353 012
Omegastatue.png E-123 Omega 601 409
Jetsttatue.png Jet the Hawk 383 870
Sonic Generations Hero Chao Statue.png Hero Chao 507 376
Sonic Generations Dark Chao Statue.png Dark Chao 869 292
Chipstatue.png Chip 309 511
Sonic Generations Motobug Statue.png Moto Bug 483 990
Sonic Generations Buzz Bomber Statue.png Buzz Bomber 852 363
Sonic Generations Crabmeat Statue.png Crabmeat 363 911
Sonic Generations Chopper Statue.png Chopper 639 402
Sonic Generations Grabber Statue.png Grabber 275 843
Sonic Generations Spiny Statue.png Spiny 466 913
Sonic Generations Eggrobo Statue.png Eggrobo 360 031
Sonic Generations Cop Speeder Statue.png Cop Speeder 640 456
Sonic Generations Spinner Statue.png Spinner 530 741
Sonic Generations Gun Hunter Statue.png Gun Hunter 668 250
Sonic Generations Gun Beetle Statue.png Gun Beetle 975 073
Sonic Generations Egg Pawn Statue.png Egg Pawn 125 817
Sonic Generations Iblis Biter Statue.png Iblis Biter 872 910
Sonic Generations Iblis Taker Statue.png Iblis Taker 513 929
Sonic Generations Iblis Worm Statue.png Iblis Worm 711 268
No-image.png Egg Fighter 851 426
No-image.png Egg Launcher 973 433
No-image.png Aero-Cannon 329 494
No-image.png Egg Chaser 200 078
Sonic Generations Sandworm Statue.png Sandworm 548 986
Sonic Generations Yellow Spring Statue.png Spring (classic) 070 178
Sonic Generations Red Spring Statue.png Spring (modern) 537 070
Sonic Generations Item Box Statue.png Item Box 209 005
Sonic Generations Capsule Statue.png Capsule 777 921
Sonic Generations Goal Plate Statue.png Goal Plate 933 391
GenerationsGoalRingStatue.png Goal Ring 283 015
GenerationsRingStatue.png Ring 390 884
No-image.png Chaos Emerald 008 140
Sonic Generations Booster Statue.png Booster 495 497
Sonic Generations Animals Statue.png Cucky/Picky/Flicky/Pecky 249 651


The Sonic Generations statue by Jazwares.

  • Most of the character statues' poses (except Badniks and Iblis minion statues) resemble those from their Sonic Channel 2D artwork. Some of the other character statues also resemble their original artwork from past games.
  • The Sonic Generations Sonic the Hedgehog Commemorative Statue by Jazwares includes ten codes for the Statue Room.




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