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Station Square is an Adventure Field that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It takes place within the city of the same name, a heavily populated metropolis famous for its many attractions, a front-row view to the ocean, and train station to some ancient ruins. Station Square can be accessed by boat at the Egg Carrier and the train station in Mystic Ruins. From this Adventure Field, a number of Action Stages and events can be reached.

Station Square eventually became the target of Dr. Eggman, who sought to destroy the city with the power of a deity named Chaos and build Robotnikland on top its ruins. Standing in their way, however, was Sonic and his allies who would duke it out with the villains for the fate of the city.


Map of Station Square: (A) Central District, (B) City Hall District, (C) Station District, (D) Hotel District, (E) Casino District, (F) Twinkle Park District.[1]

Like the other Adventure Fields in Sonic Adventure, Station Square is comprised of a number of distinct areas and a Chao Garden.

Area A - Central District

Map of the Central District: (1) Central Station, (2) Station District Entrance, (3) Hotel District Entrance, (4) Newsstand, (5) City Hall District Entrance, (6) Skyscraper, (7) Twinkle Park District Entrance, (8) Twinkle Park Elevator, (9) Sea.[2]

The Central District[1] (also referred to as the Station Area[3]) is a large coastal area in Station Square and a centrepoint for this Adventure Field's areas.

The Central District has several important locations. This include the Hotel which is accessed through the Hotel District Entrance,[2] the Twinkle Park Elevator[2] which leads to Twinkle Park District Entrance,[2] the Skyscraper[2] which is an impressive skyscraper under the ownership of "Cyber-Net Inc.", and a Newsstand.[2]

The Central Station[2]/SS Central Station is accessible from here through the Station District Entrance.[2] There is also a road leading to the City Hall District through the City Hall District Entrance[2] and a docking pier between Twinkle Park and the Hotel with a boat to access the Egg Carrier in the Sea[2] after it falls from the sky.

The Central District holds a couple of Level Up Items. Underneath the Skyscraper is a sewage system (which can be accessed in the back of Twinkle Park) where a Lure can be found, and in a ceiling hole just above it lies the Jet Anklet.

Area B - City Hall District

Map of the City Hall District: (1) City Hall, (2) Antiques Shop, (3) Central District Entrance, (4) Manhole [Sewer Entrance], (5) Burger Shop.[4]

The City Hall District[1] (also known as the City Hall Area[3]) is a downtown area with a small park. The Central District is connected to this area by the Central District Entrance.[4] Locations of interest are the large government building that is City Hall,[4] the Antiques Shop,[4] the Burger Shop,[4] and a Manhole[4] that leads to the Sewer Entrance.[4] In this dirty underground tunnel, the north corridor leads to the Light Speed Shoes and further ahead to the backdoor of the Antiques Shop, while the south corridor leads to an elevator connected to the glass hallway of Twinkle Park.

On a pedestal in the Antiques Shop lies a golden Chao Egg. To get it, the player must switch it out with a rock in the grass near the City Hall, as the shop's exit will instantly seal should the egg's pedestal be without a weight on it.

Area C - Station District

Map of the Station District: (1) Platform, (2) Central District Entrance, (3) Casino District Entrance.[5]

The Station District[1] (also referred to as the Station[3]) is connected to the Central District and the Casino District through the Central District Entrance[5] and Casino District Entrance[5] respectively, albeit the latter and this district are connected without any loading. From here, the player can take the train on the Platform[5] to the Mystic Ruins.

Area D - Hotel District

Map of the Hotel District: (1) Central District Entrance, (2) Front Desk, (3) Casino District Entrance, (4) Elevator to Chao Garden, (5) Pool, (6) Emerald Coast Entrance.[6]

The Hotel District[1] (also referred to as just the Hotel[3]) consists of a large and extravagant hotel with a penthouse restaurant. This district is connected to the Central District and the Casino District through the Central District Entrance[6] and Casino District Entrance[6] respectively. Despite its medium size, this area contains several important locations such as an outdoor Pool,[6] the Emerald Coast Entrance,[6] and the Station Square Garden's Elevator to Chao Garden.[6] Also, above the Front Desk[6] lies the Crystal Ring.

Area E - Casino District

Map of the Casino District: (1) Station District Entrance, (2) Hotel District Entrance, (3) Back Alley, (4) Movie Theater, (5) Casinopolis Entrance.[7]

The Casino District[1] (also known as the Casino Area[3]) is connected to the Hotel District and the Station District through the Hotel District Entrance[7] and Station District Entrance[7] respectively, albeit the latter and this district are connected without any loading. This district contains the Casinopolis Entrance,[7] a Movie Theater,[7] and a Back Alley[7] where the Ice Stone can be found after beating Casinopolis.

Area F - Twinkle Park District

Map of Twinkle District: (1) Twinkle Park Entrance, (2) Twinkle Circuit, (3) Central District Entrance.[8]

The Twinkle Park District[1] is a small room that is accessible through the glass hallway at the Twinkle Park Elevator that leads to the Central District Entrance.[8] Inside this area lies the Twinkle Circuit and the Twinkle Park Entrance.[8]



In gameplay, the characters can walk around and enter various Action Stages in Station Square. Station Square contains four Action Stages, three bosses, and a Chao Garden:

Action Stages

  • Casinopolis: A casino with a gigantic lobby, and an equally gigantic garbage-containment area. This Action Stage is playable as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, and is entered through the Casinopolis Entrance. This entrance can only be opened by pressing a Switch on top of the neon sign above the entrance.
  • Emerald Coast: A beautiful beach where orca whales and dolphins live. This Action Stage is playable as Sonic, Gamma and Big, and is entered through the Emerald Coast Entrance in the Hotel District.
  • Speed Highway: A number of highways winding through the urbanized areas of Station Square. The first part of the stage is set on high roads and skyscraper rooftops, and the second part is set on the downtown streets. This Action Stage is playable as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Sonic and Tails enter through the Skyscraper, while Knuckles enters through City Hall. Noticeably, Sonic needs the Employee ID Card to enter the Skyscraper.
  • Twinkle Park: An amusement park with Bumper Cars, a rollercoaster and a castle with a hall of mirrors. This Action Stage is playable as Sonic, Amy and Big, and can be entered through the Twinkle Park Entrance in the Twinkle Park District.


  • Chaos 0: Sonic fights Chaos in its most basic form. He is encountered at the front of City Hall.
  • Chaos 2: Knuckles fights Chaos powered by two Chaos Emeralds. He is fought in an exclusive area inside the Hotel District (a banquet room above the main lobby of the hotel).
  • Egg Walker: Tails fights Dr. Eggman piloting the Egg Walker. This boss is fought in the middle of the Casino District.


  • Station Square Garden: A Chao Garden located in the hotel. It is accessed through the Elevator to Chao Garden in the Hotel District.
  • Twinkle Circuit: A mini-game where the characters race along a race course in outer space using Bumper Cars. It can be access through the door to Twinkle Circuit in the Twinkle Park District. While playable as all playable characters, Tails, Knuckles, and Gamma require a cart pass to access Twinkle Circuit.


  • In Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, the city plays host to a cameo appearance of Cream. She is seen flying around various areas at an unreachable height in Sonic's story. She also appears in other characters' stories such as Tails and Amy (in Amy's story she flies close to the ground and one could make contact with her, however it will not impact the game or Cream herself as she will keep on flying.).
  • The statue that can be moved outside the Burger Shop is possibly a reference on statues of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC. This statue has various glitches like falling through floors or teleporting. A little girl in Station Square is familiar with the statue and tells you never to throw it in the reservoir. This is a reference to the Curse of the Colonel, a Japanese urban legend.
    • In the original Japanese release of Sonic Adventure, the statue could be mounted. This unintentional behavior could be exploited to glitch the game (most notably by allowing Amy Rose to enter Casinopolis with proper placement). The statue was changed in the "International" version so the characters can't stand on its head to prevent glitches.
  • On 19 October 2019, a remix of the theme "Welcome to Station Square" by Tee Lopes and Jun Senoue was released on the official Sonic YouTube channel.[9]


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Welcome to Station Square" Masaru Setsumaru, Jun Senoue 3:14


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