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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the version of this location after the Super Genesis Wave, see Station Square (Archie).

Station Square, also known as the Hidden City of the Ancients to outsiders, is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is a city-state of the United Federation, and was thought to have been the last populated human city on Mobius. It is located on the continent of Soumerca, near the Mystic Ruins and País Misterioso. Station Square's technological levels are on par with Dr. Eggman's, making it as much a target as Knothole or New Mobotropolis. It originally featured an artificial environment which came to be powered by two Super Emeralds. However, following the Chaos incident and the Xorda attack the city has been exposed to the outside world and forced to find alternative sources of power.


Hidden City Initiative

Just prior to the Xorda's attack on Earth, a number of small cities were hastily built in concealment underground to protect a small population of humans from the Gene Bomb strike as a part of the Hidden City Initiative. A self-sufficient city was established deep within the mountain that would later be home to Station Square, complete with an artificial sky and climate control. Upon the completion of the city's largest building, the Savage Skyscraper, the city was named "Station Square".[1][2]

At some point in time the humans discovered the Super Emeralds and used (at most) two of them to power their newly constructed city.[3]

The Chaos Incident and Aftermath

Perfect Chaos rampages through Station Square.

Centuries later, the residents of Station Square first came into contact with Mobians when the Knothole Freedom Fighters travelled there to warn the locals about the threat posed by Dr. Eggman, who was attempting to resurrect the water-beast Chaos.[4][5][6] Dr. Eggman's schemes were nearly foiled, until Chaos managed to gain access to a number of Super Emeralds and transformed into Perfect Chaos, flooding the entire city. Ultimately however, Perfect Chaos was stopped by Super Sonic beating out Chaos' negative energy, and Knuckles using the city's power to electrocute the water beast. Chaos was then returned to the Black Emerald along with Tikal and the seven server Chao, and Station Square was left to rebuild.[3][7][8][9]

Following Chaos' defeat, Dr. Eggman decided to use Silver Sonic v2.0 to exact revenge on Sonic and his friends. The robotic duplicate arrived in Station Square during Mayor Bullyani's farewell celebration for the Knothole Freedom Fighter's help. After destroying a building and injuring Tails, Silver Sonic v2.0 was defeated by Sonic. Due to it having an unlimited power supply, and with the city still open to future attacks, the robot was reprogrammed by Nate Morgan to act as the city's defender from Dr. Eggman. When Eggman returned to Station Square, he was surprised to see Silver Sonic v2.0 already rebuilt, and was soon chased out of the city.[10]

Some time later, Shadow the Hedgehog was released by Dr. Eggman. The Ultimate Lifeform went to Station Square's bank and stole the city's Chaos Emerald. Silver Sonic II arrived on the scene to apprehend Shadow, but was quickly destroyed when Shadow used Chaos Control. Chief detective J.J. Moto investigated the incident, and believed Shadow to be Sonic the Hedgehog due to their similar appearance. Thus, G.U.N. was dispatched to capture Sonic. After a brief showdown, the G.U.N. agents apprehended Sonic. While flying over the city however, Sonic managed to escape from the G.U.N. helicopter and evade capture.[11]

Refugees and Dragons

After rescuing the Overlanders from Robotropolis, the Knothole Freedom Fighters travelled to Station Square in the hope of persuading the President to accept the seventy Overlander families. The cultural differences of the Overlanders prevented them from resettle in Knothole and Princess Sally offered up all tactical information on Dr. Eggman in exchange for accepting the Overlanders. Later the President would reveal his reluctance on accepting the Overlanders when the city came under attack by a dragon. Sonic offered to take care of the dragon in exchange for accepting the Overlander Refugees, an offer that the President accepted.[12] Sonic, Tails and Bunnie would join forces with Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 from G.U.N. and traveled to the Dragon's Lair on Pyro Island where they discovered Dulcy and her abusive boyfriend Zan. A battle would break out between Sonic and Zan resulting in the death of Zan and the acceptance of the Overlanders.[13]

Nuclear Strike

After downloading the data provided to them by Princess Sally Acorn into the mainframe of the city's Outer Threat Immobilization System (OTIS) the device changed its command protocols and launched a nuclear strike against Robotropolis. Warning the Freedom Fighters of the impending attack, Sonic and Tails raced off to get Eggman to shoot down the missiles as the destruction of Robotropolis would destroy Knothole as well. Eggman refused since his force field would protect the city from the attack forcing Sonic and Tails to sabotage the controls and made their escape. Discovering that the force field controls had not been tampered with Eggman erected it just as the missiles entered the city and detonated.[14]

Xorda Conflict

When the Xorda returned and began attacking the planet in 3236, the mountain which Station Square existed in was heavily damaged, exposing the city to the outside world.[15] This left it vulnerable to Eggman's forces, something G.U.N. Commander Hugo Brass reminded the President of the following year, when Eggman threatened to launch a nuclear missile against their city.[16] The city also attempted to destroy the Xorda's Quantum Dial by launching nuclear missiles at it, but the Dial's defenses made the missiles fall apart once they came within close proximity.[17]

War with the Eggman Empire

Station Square officially allied themselves with the Kingdom of Acorn against the Eggman Empire sometime during Sonic's one year absence.[18]

In 3237, Station Square became the location of a new casino run by Renfield T. Rodent. The President hired the Chaotix and Rouge the Bat to investigate the casino, which turned out to be a front for one of Dr. Eggman's schemes. The slot machines scanned in genetic information, which would be used to create a new model of Auto Automaton. This was eventually discovered by the Chaotix, and Renfield was taken into custody to stand trial in a Station Square court.[19]

Note: From this point, Station Square's history continues from its new existence in the altered timeline.

Armed Forces

The Guardian Units of the Nation is the city's primary defense. The standard G.U.N soldier is outfitted with green camouflage clothing, flak jacket, a helmet and a firearm, these brave men and women serve the military needs of its government to the best of their skill with the addition of specialized strike teams where ordinary troops are insufficient.

The Federation is also in possession of technology that is on par with that of the Eggman Empire which has allowed them to enter a Cold War of sorts with it, from highly advanced computers to destructive nuclear missiles they have proven themselves a serious threat to the imperial forces.

Points of interest

G.U.N. Headquarters

The city of Station Square is protected by a branch of the Guardian Units of the Nation. Their main base of operations was outside of the city, located on Prison Island. When the people of Station Square mistook Sonic for the thief of the city's Chaos Emerald, G.U.N. was dispatched to capture and imprison him. Sonic subsequently escaped while being taken to Prison Island. The island was later destroyed by Dr. Eggman when he tried to steal the Chaos Emeralds hidden inside the island's vault, and detonated explosives to finish the job. G.U.N. then built a new base of operations.[11][20][21]

Bank of Station Square

The Bank of Station Square was where the city's Chaos Emerald was kept. The city's artificial environment and power was partially supplied by the Chaos Emerald, in addition to what their solar panels obtained. It was protected by the reprogrammed Silver Sonic v2.0. At one point, the city's Chaos Emerald was stolen by Shadow the Hedgehog, who destroyed Silver Sonic II using Chaos Control, though it was later retrieved by Sonic.[11]

Geographical and other information

A diagram of Station Square.

  • Location: Southern hemisphere beneath a continent[1]
  • Surface Size: 139.92 sq. metrons[1]
  • Highest Point: 1.35 metrons from street surface to cavern ceiling[1]
  • Climate: Constant 70 degrees fahrenheit (due to artificial environment)[1]
  • Population:
    • 73,856,427 humanoids (Humans/Overlanders); additional domestic pets and wildlife[1]
    • 75,200,000 humans and overlanders[1]
  • Points of Interest:
    • Savage Skyscraper (tallest building: 86 stories plus a mooring mast)[1]
    • Elerail System (main means of transportation)[1]
    • President's Residence[1]
    • Power Plant[1]
    • Station Square Hotel[1]
    • Shopping Mall[1]
    • Mayor's Office[1]
    • Police Station[1]
    • Casinopolis[19]




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