Starlight Carnival is the second or third stage in Sonic Colors, depending if you choose it or Sweet Mountain first. It, like most of the levels, has a carnival or circus like theme. The place is set in space surrounded by a fleet of spaceships with colorful neon lights and decorative
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neon boards. There are also many lighted statues, such as a Greek god-like man with a bow and arrow strung (it is used to traverse certain parts of levels in the DS version) and a bull. Much of the gameplay focuses on Sonic running on a purple translucent energy path and Quick-Stepping to avoid enemies.

There is a lot of homage in this level, such as Motobugs from Sonic 1.

The boss of this stage is a large, armed spaceship. Sonic must run on one of the above-mentioned paths and dodge gunfire from the spaceship's turrets.

Wisps Used


  • Cyan Laser
  • Green Hover
  • Pink Spike
  • Blue Cube
  • Purple Frenzy


  • Cyan Laser
  • Orange Rocket



A ship called Orcan

Eggman's Quotes

At various points during the stage, Eggman's voice is heard in the background over a loudspeaker. He says the following phrases:

  • "If you experience explosive decompression, please try to avoid staining the seat cushions. Those things are expensive!"
  • "Attention, the anti-gravity toilets on this level are out of order, we are sorry for this inconvenience and hope you can hold it for another 20,000 light years."
  • "Please note that this ride is not safe for children under 12, or over 13, it is also not safe for 13 year olds."
  • "Remember for your safety please avoid-- as well as-- never under any circumstances-- as it is a living being and will bite your face off."
  • "Attention ladies and gentlemen, please make your way main viewing area where the Light Speed Electrical Parade is about to begi.. oh and that concludes our Light Speed Electrical Parade."
  • "Just a reminder, please refrain form pushing buttons on the starship, occasionally one might eject you into space, if that happens your next-of-kin will be built by the replacement hacth."
  • "Please refrain from peeling the space polymer holding the starship together, it may look and feel like duct tape, but its not, its called... er... space tape! Very advanced stuff. Thank you."
  • "Attention, the muscle acrothry simulator is not open today, we apologize for this inconvenience as we could not find the strength to open it."
  • "We seem to be losing pressure on level 17, hold your breath through the vaccuum of space until you pass from oxygen starvation, after that you won't care. Enjoy the ride!"
  • "The Hyper-Sleep Ride is now open! Remember, the Hyper-Sleep Ride is not recommended for pregnant women, or anybody who isn't willing to be asleep for 3 years."
  • "Please note any mutant powers came from riding the attractions here at the park, are the express properties of Eggman Industries, and must be used in the service of Eggman and his schemes."
  • "Rocket your way to the lunch pad for a fine dinning experience! You'll have a blast! It's fun for the whole family. Please no old people or children."
  • "Attention guests, if any one here who has experience with aerospace technology, specifically upper orbit theme park gravitational control systems please, report to the main office immediately! Thank you."


Wii Version

DS Version

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