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Quotation1.svg Shoot through a maze of valves and pipes in a world of stardust and music, mind-boggling speed... and danger. Wipe out lightning bugs before they catch you in their currents. Look for certain ways to open passageways and bypass springs. Watch your step! Quotation2.svg
— US instruction manual, Sonic the Hedgehog CD[1]

Stardust Speedway (星くずのサーキット[2] Hoshikuzu no sākitto?, lit. "Stardust Circuit") is the sixth Round in Sonic the Hedgehog CD. It consists of a city region full of lights and colors, located on Little Planet. As with the other Rounds in the game, Stardust Speedway consists of two Zones and a third, shorter Zone that features the Round's boss.



In the present timeline, Stardust Speedway is a highway adorned with musical instruments above an enormous city, which glows with many lights. A statue of Dr. Robotnik can be seen undergoing construction in Zone 2, with girders and incomplete sections.


In the past, Stardust Speedway's background features a Roman/Greek-style city, complete with an acropolis and surrounding towns. The night sky is not as bright as it is in the present due to the lack of technology, but some stars can still be seen. The Zone is mainly entangled by vines as well. It also has a Gothic-styled building in the center of Zone 2.

Bad future

In the bad future, Stardust Speedway has become a corrupted, polluted dystopian city underneath a large electrical storm with a completed statue of Dr. Robotnik in the center of Zone 2. The roads and instruments have become corroded and discolored, and no stars can be seen at all.

Good future

The good future, Stardust Speedway is a giant futuristic amusement park, with bright pink and green colors dominating the landscape. It looks upon a vast bay with bright cities in the distance, and the Dr. Robotnik statue has been replaced by a beautiful cathedral in Zone 2.


In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Dr. Robotnik invaded Little Planet and its regions, which included Stardust Speedway. He installed robot teleporters in the past and infested the city with Badniks. He also put some Metal Sonic Projectors to terrorize the animals that lived there. With this, he managed to conquer the future of the planet and write history to his own image. In Stardust Speedway's case, however, the city ended being ruined as a result of the constant storms there caused by the pollution in the planet.

Sonic racing against Metal Sonic in the Good Future of Stardust Speedway in Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

When Sonic the Hedgehog arrived into the planet, he started to get the Time Stones and re-write history in Little Planet, reverting Robotnik's effects in Stardust Speedway. After Metal Sonic kidnapped Amy Rose, Robotnik left her tied up somewhere in the highways, and waited for Sonic to show himself up to rescue the girl. After Sonic arrived, fixing the future and turning it into a amusement park, Metal Sonic challenged Sonic to a race, with Amy being at the end of it. The hedgehog won, which resulted in Metal Sonic's destruction and Amy's freedom.



Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3


The boss of Stardust Speedway is Metal Sonic, Sonic's robotic copy, who has to be beaten in a race. While in it, Dr. Robotnik will appear in his Egg Mobile, shooting a deadly laser that will kill the player instantly. Metal Sonic will use some attacks against Sonic for his advantage. The objective of the battle is to reach the goal of the race (a room with Amy Rose inside it) before Metal Sonic does.

Robot transporter locations

  • Zone 1: The robot transporter is located near the start of the Zone, in the bottom part of it. It should not be a problem for the player to find it and destroy it, although it is protected by some Badniks.
  • Zone 2: A robot transporter is located in the very start of the Zone, in the bottom part of it. It is found near the first "Past" Time Warp sign, as well as a Shield monitor. It is surrounded by two sets of spikes.


  • Stardust Speedway is the largest Round in Sonic the Hedgehog CD. This is likely because such a speed-oriented Zone would be cleared too quickly if it was normally sized.



Sega Mega-CD

Bad future
Good future

2011 re-release

Bad future
Good future


Bad future
Good future


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Stardust Speedway "P" mix Naofumi Hataya 2:30
Stardust Present Spencer Nilsen, David Young 3:20
Stardust Speedway - Bad Future Spencer Nilsen, David Young 3:52
Speedway To Good Future Spencer Nilsen, David Young 2:10
Stardust Speedway Naofumi Hataya 1:18
Stardust Speedway "B" mix Naofumi Hataya 1:05
Stardust Speedway "G" mix Naofumi Hataya 2:48


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