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Star Posts are objects that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are lamppost-shaped devices which Sonic the Hedgehog can use to transport himself and others between Zones. They were initially scattered all across Mobius until Dr. Ivo Robotnik destroyed most of them.


The Star Posts are orange lamppost-like devices with a post, stretch rod and a thick disk-shaped bulb with a red frame on top. The bulb itself is black and emblazed with a red circle holding a five-pointed yellow star inside it. Their size range from a few meters to almost as tall as a building.

The Star Posts can be activated by Sonic the Hedgehog when he runs around the post at super speed, charging it with Sonic Speed Energy.[1] This creates an energy field around the bulb through which anyone can jump. In this way, the Star Posts allowed instantaneous travel to any other Star Post, as well as access to the Special Zone.


Badnik Sonic ripping off the Star Post from the ground. Art by Ed Hillyer.

As the most common method of access to the Special Zone, Doctor Robotnik attempted to use the Badnik Sonic to round up the Star Posts of Mobius and destroy them after he set up his Special Zone Egg Fortress, but he was thwarted by Sonic.[2] Sonic would later use a Star Post to bring his friends to the Omni-Viewer to explain Robotnik's background.[3]

Following Robotnik's conquest of Mobius, the Freedom Fighters obtained a Star Post for their own use, either as a shortcut between Zones or transport Robotnik's prisoners to safety.[4][5][1][6][7] It was stored initially in their secret underground base,[4] and later carted around with them while they were on the run disguised as Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus.

Robotnik eventually succeeded in destroying all of the Star Posts on Mobius, except for the one carried around by the Freedom Fighters and those on the Floating Island for transporting the rescued prisoners to the Mushroom Hill Zone).[8] The Freedom Fighters' Star Post was also used by the Kintobor Computer to separate Super Sonic's Emerald Energy away from Sonic, which caused Sonic and Super Sonic to split into two distinct individuals.[9]

Later, Captain Plunder also acquired a Star Post, which was affixed to the wheel of his new pirate ship. The pirates used this Star Post to travel to the Special Zone.[10]


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