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The Staff of Power is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Comic series. It is Set's primary weapon of choice.


The Staff of Power is a golden rod adorned with a bird-like head on one end. It has the ability to fire powerful energy blasts.[1]


The Staff of Power was used by Set during his reign over anicent Egypt as a false deity. When Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy arrived from Mobius, Set used his staff on Sonic when he doubted his title. However, the staff was stolen by Sonic, exposing Set as a mortal. Retrieving the Staff of Power, Set blasted his comrades with it before following Sonic and Amy to Mobius and zapping Sonic with the staff, only for the staff and Set to get sent to the Limbo Dimension by Tekno the Canary via the Ring of Eternity.[1]


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